Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eh. It's....there.

We put in an offer today on a house.

It's.....a house.  Eh.  Whatever.

A fixer upper, but it's affordable(ish) and the neighborhood doesn't seem that bad, so.....

Usually I can envision how I would like a room to look when I first step foot inside, but I really can't with this one.

House hunting is wearing me down, I suppose.

Anyway, there it is.  We shall see.

I think I need antidepressants again.  ::sigh::



  1. Does the toilet smell?
    Because thats the only thing i was worried about when i bought mine.
    Other people bum smells. Ewwwww

    When i bought my house the bedroom windows were nailed shut.
    The bedroom smelled like a prostitutes laundry basket.
    Not that i know what that would smell like.
    It just smelled wrong!

  2. I had meatballs and mash potato for dinner.

    he he. I dont know why i keep telling you what i had to eat.

    I need a job!

  3. Just think of it as a blank canvas that you can put your mark on!  Wonderful!

  4. Paint works magic on "fixer uppers." Luckily you have a fixer kind of guy to do all that for you :-)
    I'm more into location than house so I know how you feel about wanting to be somewhere NOT yuppied up. Y'all will have some fun no matter where you land.

  5. I think your just tired of the whole house hunting adventure. When you actually have a house that is going to finally be yours, I have a feeling you will bounce back and put your mark on it. Hang in there kiddo, the end to this little adventure is in sight. (Hugs) Indigo

  6. awww.....I pray you get  the house your heart desires..and soon!

  7. so which one is it???? the one on C road or T road???????/ and yes I think your just worn plain down. !!!!!!!!!

  8. seraphoflove9001May 17, 2007 at 12:23 PM

    Oh you poor thing! It sounds like you're worn down. Looking at so many different house will do that....then they will all start looking the same. I wish you the best of luck hon! :o)

  9. I agree with Marie, think of it as a blank canvas you can put your mark on!  Best Wishes!~


  10. Aww honey that must be the most depressive description of a house ever but think of it this it will be yours and you'll finally have some privacy. Think lost of candles and throw pillows, LOL love you i wanna see pics!
    Hugs. Marina

  11. Give the house a chance and then give it a little love -- it might be the house that really needed a lively brood like the one you've got.  Antidepressants couldn't hurt either.  And beer always helps.  And sex.  


  12. well good luck with the house. I know if you get it you will make it your own and hopefully love it.

  13. Antidepresssants may enable you to see the house as it should be, and give you energy to get it into shape. Meanwhile, hope they take the offer! (I would be unable to move in any direction without antidepressants. They are indeed my life saver.) Margo

  14. Are you going to post some pictures of your new house?

  15. Wait to know your neigbours, in fact check on them before ... (joking)

  16. Oh I am so sorry it didn't work out.  Hugs,

  17. There is no shame in  going back on antidepressants for a while, if they make a difference. Of course, it is really finding a house that will help the most. There is a house out there for you, I am sure of it. Margo


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