Monday, June 11, 2007

'cause Amy likes to talk about herself....

Lori asks:

What will you do if you don't find a house soon; will you move to another state?  My answer is......if I don't find a house soon, I will more than likely have a nervous breakdown.  It is THAT bad.  I know I joke alot, but enough is enough and I can only pretend for so long.  But will we move to another state?  Probably not.  The main reason we came to Texas is because that is where our family is and Jesse really wanted the kids to know their grandparents.  Better to come for a party instead of a funeral, you know?  My next move out of state better be across the pond.  The Big Pond.

She also asks "When are you gonna post some pictures?!"  and honestly, I've been so bummed lately that my heart is just not in pictures very much.  I have some but whenever I go to do an entry, I either forget or something.  So, once the Happy Bug comes to visit me, I'll find some o' those pictures for you. 

and her third question is......."What one dead person in your family would you like to see and why?"  Dead people in my family?  Nobody, really.  Early on in my life, I learned not to make close connections, because people will <word that rhymes with duck> you.  Family is no exception.  So, the only person I would want to bring back isn't a person at's my old dog, Boo Boo.  That dog was the love of my life, bar none.

Questions from Psychfun:  If you were a nut, which nut would you be, and why?  You mean I'm not a nut?  Heh...ok....I would be.....a black walnut.  It's tough to get through to their inside, but once you do, it's totally worth the work.

Her next question is "If you were an animal, what would you be, and why?"  .......and it's a really hard decision, because all animals have some suffering.  If you're a dog, you might get stuck with some F'd up owner who sticks you outside in 90 degree heat with no water, food, or shade.  If you're a wild animal, you gotta hunt for your own food, and watch your own back at the same time.  I have often said I want to come back in my next life as a dog in my own family.  We pamper our pets.  Right now, as I look to my left, there is Gordo...sprawled on the couch - naughty bits exposed for all to see, in a dead sleep, with a smile on his face.  His life ain't too bad.

....and her final question is......"Who do you admire, and why?"  Easy one.  I admire my husband.  He is everything I aspire to be.  He is..... ::smiles::  He just...IS.  He moves mountains, molehills, and everything in between to make us happy.  And....he's not too shabby to look at, either.

Marie asked a question that someone else had asked, if I could be any animal, what would I be....and I already answered that, so I'll skip on to her next one, which is "You only have 24 hours left on earth.  What will you do with your time?"  My answer is ... I will make sure my family knows how much they mean to me.  They are my EVERYTHING.  I would write them each a letter to keep with them for always, so they always remember.  and also...I'd tell them not to forget to feed the pets.  That's it.  All my time would be spent with them.

and her next question is....."You can be any character in history - fictional or real.  Who would you be, and why?"  Wow.  That is a hard one.  Hindsight is always 20/20, is it not?  I think....I would like to be one of the ladies in waiting for royalty.  All of the perks with none of the hard stuff.  I recently watched Marie Antoinette and loved it, so that era would be cool.  Their clothing was amazing.....

........and then BrainWhispers asks me "What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?  My friend has eaten emu and crocodile, anything as strange as that?"  and my answer is Yes.  I've eaten alligator.  It realy does taste like a gamey chicken.  All of the other odd stuff I've eaten, I've blocked out of my mind.  I will say, though....that seaweed makes me gag and I will not eat sushi. 

He also asks "If you were single, what would my chances be?"  Pretty good.  You're pretty nice to look at, you make me laugh, and you wouldn't say anything if I bathed our pet sheep in the bathtub.  Additionally, the English accent raises your desireability considerably.  (What?  Like I'm gonna lie.  hee hee...)

Then, the cheeky man asks "Handcuffs or rope?"  to which I say whichever you can get first.  If they're both easily accessible, then I'd hope you had the foresight to at least get the fur lined cuffs. *wink*



  1. Great answers but if you come to KY i ll be your sister and my parents who Im an only chld too will spoil your kids rotten and buy them all kidns of stuff and  my dad would spoil you too!!!!!!! so does that entice you?????

    I love the dog answer bringing boo back.

    Here Im giving you some happy juice now post some pics !!!!!!! But I can understand your streess i hope you have some houses planeed to look at .

  2. I know what you mean about missing Boo Boo...but not anyONE else. Looking forward to the rest of your answers and some pics. --Cin

  3. love the last three

  4. Tell Mr. Mountain-Mover to take over the househunting and get you OUTTA THERE!!  Have you told him how you are close to that "nervous breakdown" in the words you've used here?  He needs to know.  stat!



  5. PS AND definitely the FUR cuffs!  LOL

  6. I totally love the fashion from the Marie Antoinette period... and yes a lady in waiting to royalty would be ideal!!  All the perks and none of the hard stuff.  Great answers!  Hugs,

  7. LOL...Love the last answer! :o)

  8. He he. I am cheeky arent I.

  9. Over the pond? You mean you are coming here?
    Gaz xxx

  10. I want to come back as your dog. I am absolutely sure of it, so if I shuffle off rthis mortal coil soon, and a new dioog appears on your doorstep, please take me in! Margo


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