Monday, June 11, 2007

Amy talks about herself, Part Deux

You've got questions, I've got answers.


Cin asks "Are you an unschooler or does your day have some sort of plan to it?"  I am an unschooler through and through.  No rules.  We run willy nilly.  I mean, don't get me wrong....if the kids want to know something, we run into it til we're bored with it, and move on to something else.  But, if they don't want to do something, we don't.  Period.  It WILL all work out in the end. many of you remember calculus?

Have my children ever attended a public school?  Ohhhhh yes.  All of it was not bad.  Some of it was okay.  But there came a point where the kis were making up lame illnesses in order to not go to school, and a few other things that I'll save for another rant....and I just thought "You know....I can't do worse than these 'teachers' who have barely graduated....don't have spelling or grammar skills...and have 40 kids to every one of them."  and so it began.  Adrian, though, has never attended public school.

Cin also asks "Where is your favorite spot in San Antonio?"  Brackenridge Park.  Take the train.  It'll be worth it.  The Guadalupe River is pretty awesome as well.  When it's hot outside, all you need is an inner tube and a bikini.

Linda asks "How did you decide to become a homeschooler?"  which follows the previous questions, but I'll add more to it.  In my young parent days, the only homeschoolers I heard of were the deeply religious parents who wanted their kids to get religion with their curriculum, and that wasn't for me, so I gave it no thought.  Then when I started becoming interested in homesteading, I found that regular everyday people were homeschooling their kids and it was just because they wanted to.  Flash forward to my kids with their not wanting to go to school for whatever reason, and I knew I could do it...  or rather, I knew WE could do it.

"Do your kids prefer homeschooling?"  They do.  We give them the option every year if they want to go to public school and they always decline.  I think one of the reasons is that none of them are morning people and that waking up at 6 AM thing doesn't work well for them, but also, we like the freedom we have as a familiy and individuals to do what WE want - not what someone else says we have to do.

then she asks "Where do you get your sense of humour from?"  and honestly, I have no idea.  My parents/grandparents aren't THAT funny.  Occasionally amusing, but not funny.  My ethnicity is English/Irish and their known for their sharp wit so maybe it's ingrained in my DNA or something.   I learned as a kid that making people laugh is the best way to make friends, though.

Rachel asks "Which is scarier..the thought of running out of toilet paper or coffee?"  This one is a no brainer.  There's ALWAYS something to wipe yourself on.....napkin, paper towel, kleenex.....but there is no substitute for coffee.  Coke just doesn't cut it.

"What would be the perfect ending to the perfect day?"  she also asks.  and my answer a nice cold air conditioned room with all of my family strewn about around me.  pets included.

and in a bout of total randomness, she asks "What brand of tennis shoes do you wear?" to which I blankly stared at my shoes and then laughed.  I'm not a brand snob on most stuff.....I just want it to be comfortable and not look too dorky.  

Lisa asks "What kind of house are you looking for (ie; how many bedrooms, older or newer construction, neighborhood, modern or traditional, etc...)? and my answer is....we're hoping for three bedrooms with a gameroom...OR a four bedroom.  Not too picky there.  The square footage would hopefully be around 2,000 square feet, but we're flexible.  older or new construction isn't a concern, much as lot size it.  AT LEAST .16 acres.  I don't have too many requirements, though.  I hope, but I don't have too many must-haves.

She also says "What does your husband do (career)?  I know you mentioned before but I can't remember...and the answer is....he does HVAC as his career, but he knows pretty much everything of a mechanical nature.  He's my Mr.  Fixit.

Then she takes a deep breath and says "What grade are all the kids in... and all their first names again??? and are you home schooling now and do you like home schooling?  I think it would be awesome to home school !!  Ryan Elizabeth is 17 - a junior in high school.  Alex is 15 - a freshman in high school, and Adrian is 8 - and in 3rd grade.  I should say though, that we don't really classify them by their grade.  They could be studying English on a college level and math on an 8th grade level, and that's okay.  It will all work out.  So the final question would I like homeschooling.  No.  I don't like it.  I LOVE IT.  :)

Gaz asks "Is it true that women don't pass wind?"  Wha?  What woman have you been talking to, because she's telling you lies.  Although, most of us run to the bathroom or another unoccupied place to do it.  We don't compete for how rank we can be, unlike many men.  Also, we buy air freshener to cover up any trace of what may or may not have just happened.  LOL

Then he asks "If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be?" and this answer is easy.  An end to suffering and intolerance.  of any kind. 

"Is money or happiness more important?"  He says.  Well, Gaz....the people who say money can't buy happiness are flat out liars.  You give me a couple billion dollars and I will show you one happy biotch.  If somebody gave me the option of one or the other, I'd take the money.  Happy and poor....or sad and rich?  That's what antidepressants and liquor are for.  :-D  Of course, everybody is different, and some people will just be miserable no matter what, but I can pretty much guarantee that money will make me way happier in life.

AND THENNNN.......Susan ends the questions by asking "How'd ya get so witty?"  and......I don't have an answer.  I have no idea.  LOL  Although, I will say that my favorite comedian has always been Paul Reiser.  He never fails to make me laugh with his wit.

She started out with a light question and then went in for a deep question:  How is it that you are such an old soul for your young years?  You always know just the right things to say to me to make me feel better, but I am not so good at it when it comes to you, and you have wisdom beyond your years.  So, I sat here trying to think of an answer.  The only thing I've got is that I think and react with my heart.  When my friends need me, I'm there with whatever I can offer.  It's just that simple.

and the final question is......How come C thinks you are the cool Mom and I'm not?  She thinks you're cool.  Why else would you let her be WHO.  SHE.  IS. no matter what 'anybody else' says?  'Cause you're cool!  But also, she thinks I'm cool because I'm down with my fabaliciousness. 

and this concludes the Q and A for today.  You all know that you can email me anytime with your weird random questions, right?!  RIGHT?!?!  okay then.



  1. I so agree with your homeschooling answers.
    But I love all your answers.
    I love your witty answers also

  2. Ha haa..when I was dating my now-husband, he made the remark, "Women don't fart; they 'fluff'." Yes he now knows...we totally FART! --Cin

  3. great answers and I agree making someone laugh is a great way to make friends.

  4. Damn!  Did I miss the alert for when you solicited questions??  I must have.  It's a shame because I totally had some Dr. Philesque queries at the ready.  SIGH


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  6. Really great answers!!  Thanks for sharing!!  Hugs, and I hope ya find that house!!  I know how hard it is living with family and home schooling on top of it all too.  I was working from home so I never got away from the relatives during that time unless we went somewhere or I was picking up the kids from school.  My husband is also a certified HVAC tech and he works for an apartment complex currently but I bet he'd make more money going straight HVAC.   Hugs,

  7. Wow! What a great job! :o) You're such a sweet person. :o)

  8. Loved your answers!  Sorry I repeated a question!  Just goes to show how observant I am!

  9. Paul Reiser?
    Wasnt he in Aliens?
    He's a comedian?

  10. We love ya Girl!
    Hugs, Gaz xx

  11. 2 very interesting entries Amy! wow... I did not know what I was missing. Yes, you are fun, have lots of hunmour and people want to be friends with you... do not change :D

  12. This is fun, Amy, thank you for sharing yourself. Sandra Bullock is VERY high on my list, too. Margo


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