Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blah blah blah and then blah blah blah all confused with the varying font sizes in the journal entries, so sorry if it's super huge.  I was trying for size 12 but I keep getting 14.  pfft.

Anyway, all sorts of randomness today:

*Ghost Hunters is back on with new episodes, so I can oogle Grant all I want now.  (see my About Me section and click the avatar of the foxy dude.  you know you wanna.)

*I've found some new music.  I dig it.  Pink Martini  <--clickety clickety.  I heard her on Public Radio last night.  She rocks.

*When Jesse and Ryan came back from England, they brought a coffee and sugar canister set from John Lewis for me.  Wasn't I hoity with my English canister set.  Well...every time I would pick up the coffee canister, my hands would smell....weird.  I was like 'What the heck?'  Then Ryan says to me yesterday "Well, it's stainless steel, Mom.  You know...wash it."  ::blink::  Right, then.  I told her I was afraid I was going to wash the Englishness off it it, so that's why I hadn't washed it.  She said "That's not Englishness.  That's dirt."  Oh.  LOL  (although, she does still have grass stains from Stonehenge on her tennies......what...we can't wash those but we have to wash my canister?!)

*and also....Lori has questions for me!  I read the questions and I'm thinking my answers are going to suck. 

Have you ever gone skinny dipping, and if so, when, where, and with whom? ........and my answer  never.  I'm wicked shy.  WICKED shy.  We're lucky I wear a swimsuit in public sometimes.  Surprising answer considering the raucous woman I am, huh?!  LOL

What was your first pet when you were a child?  As a kid, Iwasn't allowed a I was16 before I got my first pet.  A cock-a-poo.  I named him Boo Boo and he was the love of my life.  My first 'baby' before babies...  the dog I compare all other dogs to.  He was a saint, not just to me, but Jesse and the kids as well.  Jesse used to play hit me, and BooBoo would come flying at him barking ferociously, fangs bared.  Ain't nobody messes with mama, now.  :)

Who is your favorite author?  Oh my gosh...I don't think I have one.  You all know I'm a book junkie, but as for a favorite author?  Hmm...  I really love books where the author writes how they actually speak (much like I do)....and I love books that make me laugh....but no author comes to mind.  I'm favoring decorating books lately.  I say 'favoring' but it's more like a sad, sick addiction.  Damn you, Amazon!

Anyhoo....that's it for my yammering for the day, I think.

Oh!  I watched a DVD....The Man.  See it.  Way funny.

Also, we're looking at houses again this evening.  And so goes it.



  1. Hope ya find that house tonight!!!!! YAY! Hugs,

  2. she has a very 50's sound and a very old timey sound and she looks it too. cant wiat for you to see the houess nad get a new one It has to be the house tonight !!!!!!!!

  3. have fun house looking tonight.....

  4. I'm groovin' to your Pink Martini!
    Nope. Can't wash the Stonehenge off the shoes. That would be bad. But DO wash your canisters.
    I like your blah blah blah...hope you find that house tonight. --Cin

  5. I've got so much to catch up on!!! I'm missed my blog reading. I've missed my Amy-girl!!!


  6. I'm having Lexapro withdrawals........helllllppppp..........

  7. I'm with you on the Ghost Hunter's and Grant! :o) Good luck with house hunting. :o0

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh, I din't know they jus tGOT BACK, from Blighty! I laughed at you talking about the canister set from JL if its stainless steel, it may have been wiped over with oil, to keep its shine!
    Gaz x

  9. Good luck with the house hunting....Did Jesse and Ryan have decent weather whilst over here in England? Last week was brillliant here in the Lakes but it has rained for two days now and we are in for more!  I hope you get lots of hoity toity pleasure when reaching for you canisters each day when you make yoursef a brew.   Enjoy!    Jeanie

  10. I love LOVE that Grant guy -- even though Ghost Hunters mostly bores me.  You want a book where the author speaks very, very "real"?  Try Cruddy by Lynda Barry.  The words on the page are almost audible.  Seriously.


  11. Does that mean if I wash too often I will wash my englishness off?
    Thats it. I am not washing this weekend at all.

  12. Yayyyyyyyyy TAPS is back!!! dang it... I have to remember what night they are on??? any suggestions?  I'm still waiting for "Most Haunted" to start their new season also AND of course "The Ghost Whisperer" I love those shows!  I want a English Caddie set too <pout> I collect old stoneware etc. (bowls, salt cellars, salt & pepper shakers etc.).  (((((Huggin' you up Amy))))) Teresa

  13. Meg brought me some water from the Thames in a small blue bottle nearly 20 years ago and l still treasure it, though all that is left of the Thames is sludge at the bottom of the bottle. England would be my first choice to move to after I'm rich! margo

  14. I think those were great answers!!

  15. I like the idea of not washing something as a way to hold on to the memory. The grass stains made me chuckle.

  16. I just recently got hooked on Ghost Hunters, and my DVR is now filled with episodes I haven't had a chance to see yet.

    I also like to watch the Travel Channel's "Most Haunted" (based in England, mind you!).  But while I like Most Haunted for a good laugh and the occasional cheap thrill, Ghost Hunters is a somewhat more believable experience enhanced by some very nice testosterone-infused eye candy.  ;-)



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