Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just what I needed...

San Antonio probably has the highest stray animal population anywhere.  I don't like it, it pisses me off....but it is what it is.  You can't change most people when it comes to their opinions on animals.  I just do what I feel is right with mine and if a stray comes my way, I do what's right for them, too.

This morning, I was having my coffee and reading journals......and heard this clacking noise.  I got up to see what it was and got a glimpse of a black furry behind disappearing around the corner.  A dog snagging one of the dog food cans from the recycle bin.  (Yes, I know....I stil feed them raw food but it's harder while I'm here at my moms...)  Soo....I went outside and saw a big black dog laying in the grass on the side of the house licking out the remains from the empty dog food can.  Now, there's only a small space to get through between the houses so I thought I'd better make sure the dog wasn't going to rip my arm off when I came to retrieve the can....so I baby-talked her...and her ears went down and her tail wagged a mile a minute...and then I saw her flea collar.  Clearly not a stray, but still...here she was looking for food....  so y'all know me...I feed anything that looks at me. 

I went and got a bowl of food and some water, and made a friend.  I loved on her, she licked me...we had a moment.  Heh..  I left her to her business on the front porch, and she promptly ate, drank, and curled up to nap in peace.  Every once in a while, I'd go out and scratch her tummy or sweet talk her..... and then go back in to tend to stuff....

Adrian said "We should make Lost Dog signs for her...."

I mulled that over for a bit while making a sandwich....and then I saw a car driving slowly down the street, and suddenly it swerved into our driveway and a kid and a mom jumped out yelling "Lucky!!!!" and 'Lucky' jumped up and ran towards the car, jumping in like she was nuts.  The mom and kid were loving on her....so I came out and said "I hope you don't mind.....I fed her and gave her water......"

....and the mom looked at me and burst out crying.

I knew that feeling.  oh my god, did I know that feeling.  My beloved BooBoo had gotten lost once and it was so awful....it's like losing a child.

I just pulled her to me and hugged her while she cried.  She leaned back "......thankyousomuchshe'sbeenmissingsincesunday"

I shushed her and let her cry on me some more til she calmed down.  All the while, the kid and the dog are in the car jumping around and hugging each other like crazy.

Then *I* started to cry.  Then we both cried a little more.  Then she said "We just moved and she was supposed to be in my mother in law's back yard, but she got out.....she's been missing since Sunday.  Oh, it was so awful.....Oh!  My name's Veronica."

I looked at her and said "Honey...it doesn't matter.  You just got your dog back."  :)

She smiled this teary smile and I said "Go on..." and nodded towards the car.  She hugged me again and ran back to the car....

and I.......went back in the house and smiled a little myself.



  1. awwwww waht a sweet story . Im so glad you gabe that dog attention so it stayed and felt comfy till the owenrs cam.e I love stories like tihs you are one sweet person

  2. I think we have a responsability to take care of anything or anyone that comes into our path and clearly needs taking care of.  That is the price we pay for having as much as we have.  We must give back if we possibly can.  You will be blessed for all your kindnesses 100 times over.  I loved reading this story.  It really warmed my heart.  We all need to read things like this every day.  It shows us that all is nto dark in the world.

    Bless you

  3. When I had a dog, he took off down into the swamp behind the house once and stayed out all night. There was a highway on either side of that swamp so I was so scared and cried all night...his mud-covered morning return is still remembered as a high point in my life. haha. Damn dog. I don't think he ever did it again. I still miss his old hide and he's been gone a dozen years. He was a stray, too. Same with the cats. Strays just break my heart.
    You rock, ya know. --Cin

  4. This was a story to warm any old heart Amy. I am so glad Lucky was reunited with its owners. Sadly, it is not always the case, my little girl and her boyfriend were followed home from the park one day with an old dog who had obviously been abandoned. We have cats who cant abide dogs, so they had no option but to take the lovely dog to the police pound. They only keep them there for 3 days, and if not claimed they are destroyed. I so wish his owners did claim him.
    When I lived in Kuwait, it was quite normal for ex pats to abandon pets when they returned to their home countries. I must have fed dozens of cats and dogs in my time there. Like you say, folk have a responsibility to their animals. One of my cats got shut in an empty house for 2 weeks, we actually had no idea where she had vanished to. Needless to say she was immaciated when she returned, followed by an anxious man who had discovered her in his property. Most of my cats have been strays we have taken in, I dont think my concience would let me know there is a poor starving animal out there. So, keep up the good work Amy.
    Blessed be, Cathy.  xx

  5. omg you almost had me crying.

  6. I love happy endings.

  7. OMG, I was so teared up till she told you her name, Veronica? Oh gawd, Who TF named her that? LOLOLOL
    Your answer was priceless!
    Gaz ;-)

    PS I take it, that was a joke? I'm a Brit, we laugh at stuff like that! LOLOLOL

  8. I know how that feels.  I am glad you were there for Lucky.  That is how I got all of my cats, they turned up at our door, but had no signs of previous ownership attached.  We are a dumping ground in the country for unwanted pets.  Makes me so mad.  We have a 24-hour dropoff for unwanted animals.  You did a great thing, Amy Lou!!!!~

    Love ya,


  9. Awww, great story, Amy :-)

  10. riverdaughter196June 5, 2007 at 2:22 PM

    OH that brought tears to my eyes.  

  11. Amy that is a wonderful thing you did today!!  And what a great reunion!!!  So happy for the family and the doggie.  Have you had a chance to go to the San Antonio riverwalk yet?  My Nick was born at the Methodist Hospital there.  Had my first Sangria ever on that beautiful riverwalk.  Hugs,

  12. A happy ending.  Not many of those going around these days.  Good for you and the very lucky black dog!!!


  13. You should've said that you had adopted it and if she wanted it back she would have to buy it for $1000!!

  14. As another animal lover who takes in the strays and at times feels overwhelmed, Thank you! It makes it all more worthwhile when you read of someone else doing what I would of done and realize your not on a mission of one LOL! Beautiful story with a very happy ending. I hate the stray situation with a vengence, but as you said it is what it is, unfortunately we can't save them all.  (Hugs) Indigo

  15. Now that's definitely an Awwwwww story!

  16. awwww................

  17. I'm smiling now. I just hope every dog I ever lost(all 2 of them) somehow ended up on your front porch, so I can know where to come looking. Thanks. Margo

  18. hestiahomeschoolJune 9, 2007 at 11:37 PM

    AWWWW!!!!  This one made me tear up!!!!

  19. Nicely done, Amy...you're a hero!


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