Sunday, June 24, 2007

Late night conversations

The most fun time to talk to Jesse, by far, is the time right before he hits a good sleep.

Last night, we were laying there, with him almost asleep and me waiting for the Sleep Train to stop and pick me up.

He just barely started to snore and jerked awake and looked at me.

I looked back at him.

"Did I just fart?" he said.

I said "I don't think so, but I'm not going to lift the covers to find out."

He looked at me again.  "I thought I heard a noise."

"You were snoring?"

"I was?"


"Oh.  G'night."

"Okay then."

::big snore from Jesse::

(We're looking at houses Monday night and then putting in an offer.  I'll report back if anything good happens.  It's a nice house, but the yard is a little sad.  Oh well....after we've looked at over 100 houses, I've found I'm not going to get everything.)


  1. LMAO you crack me I loved this entry HAHAHA

    Good luck tomorrow babe!

    Hugs, Marina

  2. well send me th elink I got to see the house IM laying it on the table abd praying over it.
    that was so funny the story yo9u shared.
    Wiat till you see our camping video and pics you will pee your pants there were many pranks and fun

  3. Ha...mine will wake himself up with a snore and tehn deny that he was ever asleep yet. But he has never mistaken "the noise" for a fart. That cracked me up. Now go get that house. --Cin

  4. Wow.  That was like a scene from a romance movie on Lifetime   *sob*


  5. You are' batty'  but I like you!  What would we laugh at if you didn't think the way you do.....a magical little 'time capsule' from your world to ours.  Excellent!  Holding my breath...not because of the fart...but because I want you to get the house.   Hugsies   Jeanie  xxxxx

  6. Are you sure it wasnt you that farted and woke him up.
    Are you trying to cover your tracks?
    he he
    Good luck with the housey stuff.

  7. praying you get the house!!!!

  8. Are we sure Doc and Jesse aren't related? Lol! As for the house with a sad yard. Sad yards can always be nourished with love and kindness to produce the most beautiful gardens. I know, I'm working on my own little slice of sadness outside (winks) Indigo

  9. I bet you will turn it into a charming yard and it will end up being the best on the block... so pictures please right away girl!!!!! :)  I am starting to get really excited for you!

  10. That's a hilarious story!!!

    Here's how it goes at my place:

    Katy:'re snoring.

    Mark:  No, I can't be snoring, I'm not even asleep yet.

    (heavy sigh, brief pause, horrendous snoring resumes)

    Katy:  Sweetie...Honey...HEY!  Wake.  Up.

    Mark: Snort...huh?  Why does everyone keep waking me up?

  11. Does he know you are writing about him fartin' in your journal?  ::snort::  I am sure you would have that yard lookin' great in no time.  Best Wishes!~



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