Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Linkage, house hunting, and other randomness

That's it.  I've decided to live as a gypsy.  Screw this house buying crap.


Not to have somewhere to put my stuff, don't I.

No reason for this entry, really, except to share some links...

The first one is Guido's journal where he talks about UK visa applications rejected - for wanting to come on holiday .

WTFH?!  Okay, who do I have to show my hooters to in order to get a damned approval stamp?!  Ridiculous bunch of idiots, they are.  (Uhh....the Visa Office, not Guido.  LOL)

and then, because I am so very food obsessed, another link on  What the World Eats | Photo Essays | TIME

This link was so very interesting to me since I always wonder what other people in other countries eat.  What was also of interest was how much they spent on a weeks' worth of groceries.  Wow. 

Unrelated to links, we're looking at more houses tonight.  I think I should slam back a shot or two of tequila ahead of time, so I don't accidentally kill the realtor.  (What number are we on anyway?!  How hard can it be to find a reliable and organised realtor?!  Apparently pretty hard.)


  1. heck, I think I can do a better job than they have done and I have no idea what I am doing!!!!

  2. All the best tonight Amy.  Good idea about the tequillas.  As for food?   I just tried out some Cajun spices for the first time tonight and I didn't like it.  I didn't follow a recipe and I just sprinkled it on top of my chicken breasts along with some garlic cloves.  (I love garlic!)  It burnt my mouth like a hot curry so I had obviously put too much on it.    That'll learn me!   Lol!  Now my mouth feels like I have just had my last lot of awful chemotherapy.   That used to burn the mucous membranes just like a chilli or  a curry.  Not niiiiiiiice!  I must check out a proper recipe next time.  I looked in on Guido earlier on and I just guffawed in disbelief when I read his entry on the Visa Officialdom.. Nuts....absolutely nuts!  Jeanie

  3. Good luck with the house hunting.
    Love Sylvia xx

  4. I'm pullin' for ya, Amy.  Hope you find the house of your dreams TONITE!~

    Love ya,


  5. Too bad you don't have my realtor.  She had me looking at about ten or twelve house per week, sometimes 4 or 5 in a day and kept us moving pretty quickly.  Very organized lady.  Hugs,

  6. Hey, that food phot essay is so cool. I'm going to show it to my family tonight.

    Sending good vibes for ya...find a house tonight. Hell, we flew out here and told a realtor that we needed to buy a house within 5 days. He had us this one with less than 3 days. I'm going to kidnap him and stuff him in a your mailbox. --Cin

  7. Hiya hun,

    Thanks for visiting my journal! Thought it was about time I returned the favor. Interesting journal you've got here. Can't wait to read more!

    Hope all's well,

    Lv Ste

  8. good luck, hope you find the perfect house really soon.

  9. what the world eats is neat. YOU have to have a house I pray so hard so soon its very frustrating t o me I can t imagine you

  10. lol happy hunting

  11. One Tequila , Two Tequila, Three that house looks good to me.....LOL! Couldn't resist. Good Luck and Wishes coming your way with the house hunting tonight. (Hugs) Indigo

  12. The things you find on the BBC website... thanks for the mention, Amy.
    Hope you find the home-sweet-home of your dreams sort of soon.


  13. "shelter" is overrated and gypsy men are hot.  I see no problem with your decision.


  14. What an interesting link about what people eat. I could feast in Cairo, there food looked appealling.

    It seemed the less people the more they ate didn't it?

  15. 14 comments and nobody even mentioned The Dong family of Beijing.

  16. hestiahomeschoolJune 21, 2007 at 3:55 PM

    I am thinkingseriously about moving. I want to move far out into the country.
    But I know Dave wouldn't think about leaving this house.

  17. I don't know.. RV living and becoming a wondering gypsy is sounding pretty good to me right now.. stuff can be stored or sold and really do we need that much stuff to get by on lol  less up keep and things to get us entangled in.

    Much Love,

  18. LOL at the flash your hooters things ROFLMAO

    Ps..Just wondering where are u from?

    Thanks for keeping up with me :P

    Hope your doing good,

  19. You need to take an appointment with your Ambassy, no?
    I can see that the house of your dream has not yet come close... very very difficult... The house I am in now was in some ways the house I dreamed to have (for 9 years)... todya, it is not anymore... a house is most of all how you feel living in it.
    Speak with you soon,

  20. There is no obvious reason apart from one day when I asked him if he could do something as his dog was barking from 7 am to 6 pm, not only barking but crying locked up all day... and he did not like it, telling me that his wife was on holiday and that it would be like that for two weeks as he works... since it has been a nightmare, enjoying destroying the fence, sending some rubbish over, planting a tree just at the hedge of our fence meaning that when the tree becomes bigger it will destroy another fence, it is basically stuck to it, pulling his tongue at us, shouting "hello neighbour" when he sees me outside but in a very insulting way, and as I do not respond to him he shouts I am racist...puts that in the heads of the kids who seem to have taken him as a leader... basically he has made my life hell since that day... he also bullies his other neighbour, and my son heard him saying to his other neighbour that if he does not give him the money by tomorrow 10 am he will fuck him up. He is a bully, and if you don't obeye to him or fall under its law (of surely drugs and behaviour), if you are different and living a normal life, then he wants you to go. Basically he told me he wants me to move away and I think he is using intimidation as to his plans. This is crraziness, but most of all, reality for us, and there is nothing we can do to stop him apart from making sure he is locked up...

  21. he has a lot to hide I think, I am not sure he is who he says he is, I have a doubt on his nationality, and I believe he does things to the kids in the area. He is a danger to this area, nobody else would do such a thing to us, and the projection of such an empty bottle on us, if it's not him, it's the kids, but even if it were the kids, it would have to come from him indirectly. I believe that the person living there before me did everything in her power to leave this house that remained empty for one year before I came. There is something wrong with this guy and his abuse against us become regular every 3 weeks. There is nothing that the police will do here until there is no physical hurt, there is nothing to do.


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