Wednesday, June 6, 2007

::mumble:: got to be kidding me...::mumble mumble::

When I get up in the morning, I don't speak much til after my very large cup of coffee is almost empty.

Today's first words were "Are you freaking serious?!"

Why?  Because just as I logged on, an email showed up from our realtor.  It reads to the effect of....

I am very sorry to have to communicate this to you. My seller has informed me that she is unable to sell her home as she has  had unforseen change in events. Please accept my sincerest apologies as this has blind sided me as well.  I am truly sorry to have wasted you and your clients valuable time, as my client has done to me. Please feel free to call me at your convenience.

What......the.....fricken'.......oh, nevermind.


  1. Damn. WTF is with San Antonio? Better spike that coffee.
    :( Cin

  2. well I told you it was  nice house but no trees like you like there just has to be something out there for youBUT Im sorry truely sorry. I pray there is something for you

  3. Oh my word, that's not very nice. Well, it wasn't to be, Amy. Chin up, keep smiling, put on that hat with hooks that pull up the corners of the mouth, yes there you are :-D

  4. Well, perhaps a good sign that this was not the one meant to be.  This reminds me, I've been driving by a house in our neighborhood on the corner since we moved in that is for sale... I thought it was an attractive home until today, when I found out it has less bedrooms and goes for 50K more than ours.  Hang in there, take your time and you'll find it!!!!  Hugs,
    Lisa : )

  5. Wow, that's terrible.  But I KNOW you're going to get your house, and soon!

  6. Oh Amy you got to be joking! are you kidding us and enjoying it all?
    Put an advert and let them call you when they want to sell.

  7. huh???  ok...where is the punch line......she has got to be joking!!!

  8. Oh my gosh!!!  How frustrating and annoying!  Never mind ... take a deep breath, sit back and wait ... I'm quite sure that God must have a really special place in mind for you!  You'll see!!

  9. Huh?  This is bad, but I think you have reached the end of this freaky bad luck!  I really do!



  10. aw man, that bites! maybe you should be a realtor and then get your pick of the litter!
    thank you for the comment on my blog, i'm starting to feel better. let me know when the 'aha moment' hits you. Maybe if we all align around the next full moon...

  11. Being a humble Brit, a realator? Is that what we call an estate agent?


  12. Ames, don't make me curse the entire population of San Antonio (except for you and yours, of course).  I do think it would be bad for my karma.

    Gawwwwd, how do these things keep happening to you?

  13. K, that does it, the realtors out your way are fricking off the wall, looney bin certified.
    Take a deep breathe hon, we don't really want to go on a shooting spree do we? K, not the best scenerio, deep breathing excersizes.......(Hugs) Indigo

  14. Oh, Amy, I'm sorry. Damn. Maybe you should abandon Texas and move to CT-we have humongous taxes, but lots of great houses, begging for good people who don't deserve to be jerked around like you've been. Margo

  15. It's about this time that all pets run for cover.

  16. You have a realtor?
    Are you looking to buy a house then?

  17. octoberyankeerosJune 8, 2007 at 1:16 PM

    That sucks! :( I'm so sorry.

  18. hestiahomeschoolJune 9, 2007 at 11:36 PM

    Move up here and hang out with us, really. There are lots of cool houses and we would like it so much!

  19. It just wasnt meant to be.
    There is a plan out there for you, you just wait and see. ;)

  20. Oh Amy, I am so sorry.  I do believe you will find just the right place.

    Love ya,



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