Sunday, June 3, 2007


This weekend has been super busy - with my in laws visiting (like they do once a month) from Mexico, my nephews' graduation (he's going to Baylor with a crapload of go, Zach-o-riffic!), a graduation party, and random work and.....we went to go see Shrek 3.

To add to the mix, we're putting an offer in on a house come Monday.  Y'all dance naked in the living room with your intentional candles or whatever you gotta do, ok?  (Mary.  ROFL)

and....because it's's a link.  MySpace Videos: LeAn LiKe A cHoLa  I laugh because I know girls who are cholas. 

(a definition of cholo/chola from Wikipedia:  Cholo - Wikipedia's definition)


  1. Should I know what an "intentional candle" is?  Is it a catholic thing?  


  2. My week before Memorial Day was very busy.  My MIL was hospitalized for a couple of days, a niece got married, and CJ's 15th birthday party where seven young ladies spent the night here at my house!!!!!!  We went to see Pirates of the Carribean At Worlds End.  I think Captain Jack is very sexy, CJ goes for Orlando Bloom.  Hee.....Got my fingers crossed on the house and saying a prayer or two....or three.......or four......or........well, you get the picture.  ::wink::

    Love ya,


  3. I spent the whole weekend trying to recuperate from having to work all Friday night!  It's a bummer but hey!  The boss is gone now so I can play!  (every cloud has a silver lining!)

  4. going to watch that video but doing all kinds of waves and crazy dances to keep the winds blowing in your favor on this house. send me the link. We did not take to any of the houeses yesterday for one reason or another. even looked at one that we just drove by. its just for that pirice I expect to not have to do anything. I mean one hada basement leak. lovely on a 350 K home. NOPE not for me. I ll print a pic of your home and pray over it at the table  and think of if all day. I so want you to have a home of your own again. I just cant wiat. Me Its no big dela I dont find one but you NEED ONE and I want for you to get THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!

  5. sending good thoughts and prayers for the house

  6. if I dance naked anywhere I would scare people. LOL. Sounds like you are very busy and go Zach. That's awesome.  

  7. seraphoflove9001June 4, 2007 at 6:43 AM

    Doing a big dance for Zach!!!! :o)~ Congrats to Zach!

  8. Candles...check

    Get that house! --Cin

  9. should I don blue butt glitter as I dance nekkid?????

  10. I'll do the hoopla dance, light candles and sing a song to the moon...hoping your offer goes through!

  11. Is that song for real, that kid, looks like a drag Queen! Dancing naked now!
    Gaz ;-)

  12. Your always on my mind with good thoughts hon! Hope the offer goes through. If it does your going to be doing the happy dance yourself by the light of the moon. The chola little girl was scary! (Hugs) Indigo

  13. WOW... another house in the plans! Good... hope you both like it. Your week end is going to be a mixture of joy, reunion, laugh and happiness with your relatives... some dancing... the fiesta is in the cards...  I did not know anything about cholo and chola. It obviously marks a social class, poverty perhaps and way of expression demanding for recognition. Make up is an art and can be applied in many ways, all depends on the message one wants to conveye; kids do use it as well here in the UK when playing princesses, and I believe some are applied as well on young children in the US when they try the catwalk. I personally love make up and I think it does suit us humans who are ever so creative with our brains. It goes beyond being natural for it is natural for us humans to better ourselves; I wished we had a beautiful fur like animals. Humans are beautiful and an intelligent species. I love colours. Thanks for that info. I am now more knowledgeable.


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