Monday, June 25, 2007

SO totally gipped...

I was supposed to be here.

Naked mud could only be Glastonbury | the Daily Mail

.....only not doing the naked mud wrestling part....

Ah well...maybe next year.  Hopefully by next year, there won't be torrential rain.


  1. There is always rain at Glastonbury, it is tradition lol

  2. ah I bet a torrential rain woould show the nake butts well lol how about the house girl???????

  3. Okay, now this seems entertaining but I would hate to get so dirty.... LOL I am such a girlie girl....

  4. Quote..Hopefully by next year, there won't be torrential rain.
    Pigs might fly!  Amy.  Its freezing here in England.  We've had to put the central heating back on again and its blowing a hoolie again!  I have had to rescue some plant pots off the side of our pond as the wind was throwing them about.   Brrrr!  British summer....huh!    Jeanie  xxx

  5. I would go with you, rain or no rain. Actually the rain is the best part. Umm k, yes I do sound like an old hippie. I was going to festivals and spending my weekends partying up till like 4 years ago lol! I believe 1/4 of them where mud disasters. Loved every minute of it. The idea is think like a kid and it's a blast. (Hugs) Indigo
    (Hugs) Indigo

  6. Sounds like Hepatitis Haven to me. Poopy water....ummm, no thanks. --Cin

  7. Ewwwww, I don't like to be dirty.  Count me out, lol.

    Dang it, dang it, dang it.  I thought I had you on gipped.  I thought it was gypped.  You have always been a stickler for spelling...........I thought I had ya.  Turns out either way is acceptable.  ::sigh::

    I am not a stickler for spelling.  Am not!  Am not!  If ya believe that I got some desert land here in Alabama I'll sell ya!  ::wink::  I have totally pissed Bran off going into his journal and fixing his spelling, rofl.  Me?  Obsessive?  Why whatever do yo mean?  Hee.........

    Love ya,


  8. What Cin really don't want mud (especially FOREIGN mud) getting all up in your "places".


  9. I used to do "the festivals" when i was younger.
    Never went to Glastonbury though, its full of weirdo's


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