Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, I don't know where that leaves me, but...

We put an offer on a house three days ago.

They countered the offer today.  (No, really..take your time, people.)

They offered $700 off the original asking price.

The hell? 

Anyway.......I think we might just take it but I don't know.  I'm not exhaling just yet.  I learned that the hard way.



  1. hoping you get the house at a price you want!!!

  2. Good Luck!!


  3. well I would maybe say........... 1400 off you can alwys come back to the 700 off. At least give it a try BUT THEN AGIN I would not blame you for taking it as is!!!!!!!! you need to get in something asap. I think when you look at over the period of a life time the extra bucks will be ........... minmal to have the enjoyment of your home. and congrats on which ever way you go

  4. If it makes ya feel any better, we didn't get the seller to bite on our first offer either ... they had put some money into the new carpet and stuff so they needed a certain amount out...but we are fairly in love with our home and though we paid the price they asked for it, I thought it was worth more in the first place than what they wanted or we wouldn't have made the offer... so we think it was a win win for us all.  So go for it girl!!!!  Whaddya waitin' for?!??!!!!!  I'm sure if you made an offer on it there is mostly all good about it and very little you don't like.  Hugs and I'm startin' to get happy bout this for ya!!  And I would tell them they have to respond within 24 hours or no deal.  Hugs,

  5. Buying or selling a house is torture. This is only the 2nd house I have ever "owned" and I dread doing that buying/selling deal again. I feel for you! --Cin

  6. The way your luck has been rolling lately, umm can't help but say if you like the house take it for that. You've been looking long and hard. It's time something went your way. (Hugs) Indigo

  7. Tell your relator it is a BUYER'S market! 700.00 isn't jack s_ _t. Sounds like they know you are deperate.

  8. 700.00 that isnt even a mortgage payment

  9. But do you LIKE the house?  Is it giving you some good vibes?  If you like it enough -- MOVE!!!  GO!!!  



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