Sunday, July 22, 2007

The 'I' in me meme. and no, I'm not practicting my notes

Lyn, from Brits blog did this meme, and I liked it, so I borrowed it.  (I'll give it back when I'm done with it, Lyn...  :-P)

The "I" in me....

I Live: in Texas

I Work: hard at being a good mom

I Talk: too much

I Wish:  I had unlimited amounts of money

I Enjoy:  wild thunderstorms, cuddly dogs, scooting up to the husband at night when I'm cold

I Look: tired

I Find:  stuff my kids can't.  like a missing shoe.

I Smell: with my nose.  nothing special, really.  stop the applause, you're embarrassing me. 

I Listen: with my whole heart

I Hide:  my feelings...

I Pray:  I don't pray.  I do 'hope' alot, though....

I Walk:  too much

I Write:  notes to myself because I'll forget otherwise

I See:  what people want to say but don't

I Sing:  rarely.  I lip sync more

I Laugh:  when things are funny.  laughing at random moments is generally worrisome to most people

I Can:  cook - but I'm very self conscious about it.  I don't know why.

I Watch: my dogs play

I Yearn:  to be able to spend as much time as I really want with my husband

I Daydream:  very infrequently.

I Fall:  in love with baby animals

I Want:  to be happy at the end of the day

I Cry:  all the time.  I have stock in Kleenex, so it's okay

I Burn:  when I forget sunscreen

I Read:  books.  magazines.  pamphlets.  tabloids in the supermarket.  captioning at the bottom of the TV.

I Love:  my family

I Rode:  a bike when I was a kid

I Sometimes:  nap

I Hurt:  too much

I Fear:  lots of stuff

I Hope:  my kids grow up happy

I Break:  nothing, I hope!

I Eat:  too much.  But food is so gooooodd....

I Bathe: never.  But I do shower.

I Drink:  in order to keep from getting dehydrated.  'cause I get dehydrated alot.

I Stop:  in the name of love?

I Save:  things my husband brings back from his TDY trips

I Hug:  my kids every day

I Meditate:  but not often enough

I Play:  with my dogs.

I Miss:  my first dog

I Hold: hands.  and hopefully hearts

I Forgive:  but I never forget

I Drive:  if I have to

I Learned:  to guard my emotions

I Dream:  rarely

I Have:  a pretty decent life

I Don't:  hit my kids

I Made:  3 beautiful kids.  However, I did have some help.

I Believe:  in faeries, ghosts, and other things that nobody can explain

I Wait:  patiently

I Need:  romance

I Owe:  nothing except my mortgage

I Hate:  a couple things.  But hate is a strong word and one should use it with the right intent.

I Feel:  everything.  and it is very draining.

I Know:  that some people think I'm crazy

I Wonder:  if I really am.

I Applaud:  people who think before they speak

I Love: little baby ducks, old pick-up trucks, slow-moving trains, and rain.  and I love you, too.



  1. Why is it that Mom is the only one who can find those "missing" shoes? Where'd you take your shoes off..."Right here" the child will say...and yet, the shoe is two rooms away.  We blame the cat.
    Oh and that "I love" part...I hate that song. Hahaahaa. But Looooove YOU, Amy!

  2. well I Hate my father LOL
    And I cray all the time too. What is up with that? Maybe I should take up stock too LOL. Hugs, and have a good night!!
    ~ Marina

  3. Loved your answers Amy!  I wonder if Lyn will mind if I borrow it after you?

  4. Forgive:  but I never forget  
    I am like that too

    I love the last one old pick up truck........... I remember that song.

    I think these are great little get ot know yous

    what about your old house in florida???? was wondering about that the other day

  5. Very nice.  :)


  6. Thinking before you speak.  I need to do more of that and I would get myself into LESS trouble.  ::sigh::  I doubt I could come up with answers to all of that like you did. I seem to have brain farts daily anymore.  ::big sigh::  Growing old sux.

    Love ya,


  7. I also did this one

  8. I love the You in Me.  Ahhh, ok, that didn't sound right.  I love the Me in You.  ummm, nope I'm not certian that is working either.  OK...I enjoyed You in I.  Ok... that just doesn't seem to work either.  (and I am afraid I may be adding to someones fantasy now)  How about this.  Todays blog was great!  I liked getting to know you!

    Hugs, Rosemary

  9. Wow!  That was a LONG meme!!  And very dog-centered-- which is cool.


  10. you talk too much? but what do you have to say? teach me, I think I don't talk enough

  11. Oh yeah, I'm worrisome....I laugh at random moments just to laugh and let it all out. (winks) So far it's just my animals that have noticed. They tend to get in on the act and start acting goofy themselves. Laughter is the best medicine! (Hugs) Indigo

  12. I loved your answers...

  13. Your'e not crazy, your'e lovely!
    Hugs, Gaz xx ;-)

  14. I totally love your answers... but I think I am late getting here... Hugs,


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