Friday, July 13, 2007

It coulda been worse, but....

Oh.  Come.  ON.



Oh....y'all didn't walk in the door like I a clear indication that my dog has separation anxiety. 

The following picture, while not my own dogs, is a fair indiation of the mess I came into when we got home from dinner out.


.....only it wasn't toilet paper.  Oh, nooooo.....that would be far too easy and inexpensive.

My dog only has expensive tastes.

Ryan cried a the sight of.......her very chewed up and no longer working.....

mp3 player.

I know we paid a pretty penny for that dog, but I'm about to take him out back and poke him with a stick.  (that he would most likely grab from me and run away with.)

So....I suppose I know what I'll be shopping for this weekend.  Tsk.... damned dog.  ::Amy glares in the general direction of the blonde furball::

I think I need Cesar Milan to make a house call.  Yeah, baby.  I MEAN.....strictly for the well being of my know.  Not for my own personal.....I.....ok, I'll be quiet now.




  1. Oh gosh!  Poor Ryan!  We are very lucky with our dog. She never chews anything up, thank goodness!  We did have one once upon a time though that chewed everything, and especially loved people's chews and if they were real leather, well that was just a bonus!  She once chewed my sister in laws new leather shoes to bits one time when she was visiting!  Needless to say, she was not amused!

  2. Our dog chewed through the enamel of a brand new fridge, washer and dryer then started to burrow through the floor.
    He's dead now............NO, I didn't kill him, he had a heart attack at 2 years old cos he was barking mad!
    Gaz ;-)

  3. I have a list that would go on for ever of our late dogs boredom threshold mischiefs.  Too long to go into here. the time you get back home the damage is done and they have forgotten all about what they have done so you can't tick them off.  Only cry out oud in dismay!   Been there....bless them all!   You 've still got to love them...yes?   Lol     Jeanie

  4. I love you.  Don't hurt Gordo... your mom's prolly driving him nuts.

  5. Here is how they tell you to cure separation anxiety.  Get ready to go out and go but only for about two minutes, then come back in.  Do it again and this time stay out for five minutes then come back in. Do it again for ten minutes, then fifteen, then twenty, gradually increasing the length of time you are out. Do it every day if you have to until the dog realizes that you are always coming back. However, it usually works pretty fast.  Yes, it is a lot of work and effort but it does the trick in 99 per cent of cases.  The dog learns that if you go out for any length of time you ARE coming back.  Also make sure there are always plenty of dog chews and toys around the place.  Hope this helps.

  6. my parents dog hated me.
    When i lived at home it once did a runny dump on my bed, then when i left home and went back to stay over christmas it would crap outside the bedroom door at night. I stepped in it once.

  7. oh naughty naughty
    are the songs coming out of the dog when he opens his mouth?
    if not turn his head to the right and point his tail to the left.
    to choose a different song just point his tail to the right.

  8. LOL.  Thank goodness Sadie isn't a chewer.  Her hyperactivity is enough to make me totally bonkers.  

  9. OH NO! poor Ryan
    Have fun shopping lol
    ~ Marina

  10. dang dog... ;-)
    Isn't Cesar amazing??...he trips me out... are there teeenager whisperers out there i wonder???

  11. That's not nice of Cesar. Tsk.

  12. OH MY MY MY!!!!!!!! when mommas away dogs will play!!!!!! can we say bad dog!!!!! OR GOOD DOG what done a bad thing!!!!!!!!! yeah amy shops this weekend I shoped all friday the 13th but I wrot eyou on myspace about that lol

  13. UGH!   Maybe the blonde fur ball just wanted to listen to music and coudn't figure out how to get the darn MP3 player to work.  LOL


  14. Oh that hurts!!  The mp3 player?!  I can almost hear it crunching under the doggie's teeth.... I hear ya... I'm still lamenting the cost to replace the basket for my roses... and the purse handles on not one but two purses.... one I am able to still use as an everyday purse but the other one definitely died.  I replaced it with a white summer purse... but just the same.... it is scary to think I can't leave my pups alone in the house.  They've been eating the bathroom cupboard door.  Sigh.


  16. An MP3 player? Now that's a dog who will chew anything! Bad, bad dog. (Or maybe he just didn't like Ryan's choice of music.) --Cin

  17. oh yes dogs, lol they can get into so many things. My Ozzie who is 5 has never chewed anything. One in a million, I lucked out.

  18. Poor Ryan.  My Mom's dog did a mess like that one in the photo in her house because of separation anxiety, only it was her pretty redbird pillows she had on the sofa in her living room.  He chewed up all four of them and drug the stuffing all over the house.  What a mess we came into!  She was so mad at Rambo.

    When we first got Mary Jane and we were still living in our two-story house in Colorado, I had to leave one day for a little bit, and when I got back, she had chewed through the blind in Carrie's room and bent the screen trying to get out the window.  Did I mention her room was on the second floor?  From that time on, I made sure all windows were down when I left.  She would have hurt herself badly if she had jumped from that far up.  Thankfully, as she got more and more used to us and attached to me, we have had no more incidents like that!

    I swear sometimes they are just like children, or worse, lol!~

    Love ya,


  19. Sometimes, to get Lucy to chill out, we put away all of her toys out of sight.  If we forget to get them out again before leaving, she'll chew things up...once she ate 3 bills before we paid them!  If her toys are out, she's pretty good, though.

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  21. LOL!  Poor Ryan!

  22. Ohhhh, those little ones can be a handful..and then they look at you with their sad little
    Umm, Cesar Milan huh? I love the sound of his voice........
    I'll bet he will age just fine...ha-ha...

  23. Thank God my dog don't do that any more..boy he has torn some stuff up though..he tore up our boat seats...and the baby swing I had bought ....Needless to say the boat seats didn't set good with Mark!...Just popped in your j to take a peak..hope ;you have a great have a very witty j and enjoyed my visit!  Hugs,TerryAnn


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