Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stupid paperwork...



I'm conflicted today.  It's great that after a long search, we finally decided on and signed a contract on a house.

However, not much has really changed beyond that and I'm still stuck in a less than wonderful situation. 

I don't understand how or why paperwork must take such a long time.

Additionally, I don't like to pretend to be smiley and happy when I'm not. 

That being said, todays very frustrated conversation with Jesse ended with 'God...just freaking be happy!  You're never happy about anything!'  Um.  What?

I'm happy to have signed a contract on a house, but I'm not going to be jumping for joy til my situation has changed.  Makes sense, doesn't it?

Or am I wrong?


  1. Honestly, men just don't "get it".

  2. Makes sense to me! WAITING is the worst part. Don't men know anything? Jeesh. --Cin

  3. Poor you!  Time can't go fast enough so that you can move in and get back to normal.  I'm not surprised you feel the way you do. Men sometimes sing from a different songbook to women.....don't they?  Hang on in there it won't be long now.
    Hugs...and a big (((((cuddle)))))  from me.  xxxx   Jeanie

  4. Total sense, we gay guys are like gals, we know these things!
    Gaz ;-)

  5. Let's see Jesse gets to go to work and get away from the house situation as it is, he's the one that gets a break more or less. Tell him I said back off or he can take your place day in and day out and try to be happy. I totally get why things are still down for you. You have a house, but you can't do anything with it till all the paperwork if finalized. You haven't had your own home in , I don't know how long......Doesn't a guy get patience is NOT a woman's best virtue? (Hugs) Indigo

  6. men are just wired differently. we really as women wont feel sure till we get it fulfilled. you wont feel happy nad like its real especially afte r the stress of it all till you step in that house with your own stuff. !!!!!
    Yup the paper work does take too long should not take more than a week to me heck a few days it hsould be done especially on a house that has been this long sitting  {{{{{{{{{AMY}}}}}}}}

  7. Waiting is so often the hardest part. And as we all know just one little glitch in paperwork and it could take longer. I understand why you are not jumping for joy til its all done and final.

  8. Yeah...I don't wear a false happy face easily either.  But go easy on Jess.  I'm sure he's ready to get out of the current situation really badly too.


  9. Makes perfect sense to me!

  10. makes sence to me, that is nerve racking on its own.

  11. It's the good things that are worth the wait, Amy :-)

  12. You are not wrong.  I think you have done remarkably well under the circumstances.  I pray things move along so you can move into your new place.  Hang in there!~

    Love ya,


  13. I totally relate... after spending about 6 weeks too many in my sister's family room and spare bedroom and extra diningroom and office... all in all not too bad to have four rooms to ourselves... which were in a basement (did I mention I hate basements????)  I totally can relate... all of us sharing one bathroom... being told what I can do, where and when... I was absolutely beyond beyond to get out.  I couldn't help with dishes because she is really picky about that.  I couldn't scrub the bathroom because I was scared of it.  I couldn't stand having to share the phone that I needed for business purposes with teenagers who just wanted to blab to their boyfriends.  While I was losing money they were talking love mush.  My children were not allowed upstairs after 9pm... good Lord we don't even go to bed til after midnight around here... kids maybe if we are lucky by ten.... I was the happiest woman alive AFTER they handed us the keys and not one minute before.  Not to mention I had to deal with their bad day at work moods.... geesh... it was frustrating.  Then they handed us a list of rules, typed, on paper.  I about flipped.  I was so freakin' glad to get the keys.... you hang in there!!  Then just don't call or visit for about four months.  Then you'll wanna see eachother again.  Maybe.  Sometimes it takes six months.  LOL.  Hugs,

  14. I well know the agro involved in buying a new house. It's a pain but usually worth it in the end.

  15. hestiahomeschoolJuly 7, 2007 at 1:22 AM

    It will be over soon...and then things will be a new normal.

    I was going to pick you for the Rocker award but you already got picked!

    love, Kas

  16. I never truly get excited about stuff.
    At christmas or birthdays when people give me presents they always expect me to look really happy when I unwrap their gifts and then they get a little annoyed at my bland expressionless look.
    Well Im soooooo sorry. A pair of underpants and some soap isnt something to get excited about.
    Nor is a friggin Stephen King book.
    Or a set of mugs, a DVD of Back to the Future, socks, or anything else.

    You want me to be happy, surprised or excited? But me a friggin manor house in the country in 50 acres of land!
    Well then, sod of and let me be miserable.
    Bloody relatives!!!

    Ok. Rant over.
    I feel better now.

  17. I got a rockin girl award too! Yay for you! lori

  18. That makes sense, but perhaps it is perceived as if there is more... perhaps he would just like to see you happy now that you've got it, or singed the papers... time and patience, give it time and don't worry too much. This is stressful I think.


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