Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There's no rhyme or reason here, folks...

Randomness from me today...

First, I think I'm changing my mind about my furniture selection for the new house.  Me and Jesse went to a crapload of furniture stores and found the 'oooooh' and 'ohhhhhh' furniture that we liked.  and now I'm not sure I like it.  The bedroom set?  It's this massive beast of a setup.  I guess I better make up my damn mind before I spend the money, huh?!

Secondly, I have had The Headache That Ate Manhattan for about 4 days straight.  I was laying there crying and nauseous last night....waiting for Certain Death by my head exploding.  Every once in a while, I get these headaches and eventually they subside but it sucks very much when they occur.

Third, yesterday was my brothers birthday.  At 15, it's always hit or miss with a boy.  'What does he love more than anything...' we thought.  Money.  Anyway, I made him play Pin The Tail on The Donkey.  AND....we did the Mexican tradition of Cake In The Face.  (neither of which he expected....<smirk>)

and finally, Dawn from Carpe Diem - Seize the Day pulled another meme out of her..........sleeve (what??!!?  behave yourselves, people)  and here's my attempt at it.....

the Tuesday Twelve!

I say ______ and you say______!

Girlfriends -  sharing makeup, clothes, weight loss tips, mom advice, and gossip

Here to stay  -  pets.  We'll always have at least one..more than likely more...

Call me  -  Blondie....was Dawn's answer and I'm keeping it...

Frustrated  -  not having my own house

Public school  -  SSSSSSSSSSAAATTTAAANNNN  ::cough::  ooops...what?  eh?  What was the question again?

Glitch  -  Lilo and Stitch.  Stitch Has A Glitch, you know...

Mystery  -  Murder, She Wrote.  I loved that show.

Cheese  -  equals love.  I always have SOME kind of cheese kickin' around.  (and none of that fake sliced stuff!  That's not even cheese, people!!) 

Director  -  chair.  I have no explanation for that one.  LOL

Twist  -  Tropicana Strawberry Banana.  I love Strawberry Banana anything. 

Exclusive  -  celebrity paparazzi....'cause they get the 'exclusive pictures' and all that we care soooooooo much about.  Or possibly not.

Ninja  -  penguin.  What....y'all have never seen the ninja penguin?

The end.  I may have to lay off the caffeine just a bit today, yes?


  1. well that is a neat new game.  how ever my mind is endlessly blank!!!!! and beat it all I talkedto Rahcael about jason and she actually seems to be taking it better than me!!!!!! she just said crap happens. she said if we get back we do if not then he can have his momma. !!!!!!
    share pics of the bedroom suits you likeand tkae a vote then pick the one that looses that is what happens th e majority vote I alway go the toher way. lol yes about pets always more than one!!!!!!!  make your mind upsoon and no wonder you got a headache!!!!!!too many decisions

  2. Ooh, sorry about the headache. I used to get them many many years ago and would be out of it for at least a full day afterward. Bad, bad head.

    Ninja penguin? --Cin

  3. im tiiiiiiired.

    Over here, we have a chocolate biscuit bar called Pengiun.
    They are really nice.
    A lot nicer than a real penguin would be anyway.
    I hear their meat is very fatty and greasy and horrible.

  4. Sounds like you're an average woman, Amy [hides under desk].

  5. That's the trouble with having too much time to think about something.  If you could buy it and bring it home like a pint of milk or a loaf of bread there and then, then their would be no probem. The deed is done then.   Given time... when you want things to be just right.....is asking for the headache you have been suffering from.  Decisions ...decisions!  Can you not just choose the bed first, move in and then make a decision? Lol!      Just a thought...does the store have a bedroom designing  programme on their computers like some kitchen designers have?
    Just trying to help poor you.  I wish I could truly be of help to you.
    You have given me ideas about my grandsons 8th birthday which he will be celebrating this weekend with us.  He wants money so he could do pin the tail on the donkey too.   Nice idea which I might pinch off you.
    It will all come together soon....just hold on to that thought. Take it easy angel...Hugs   Jeanie  xx

  6. love what you did to your brother...lol

  7. Your brother is the same age as my daughter, lol.  Scottie and I were like that.  He was born when I was 17.  Nah, don't lay off the caffiene.  You are funny when you are on the big C, ROFL.  Ummm....I would definitely make up my mind before I spent the moola on the massive bedroom set. ;-)

    Love ya,


  8. LOL I love your answers to these.... we women are entitled to change our minds about furniture... we will be stuck with it for a while.  Hope you get what you really want!  Hugs,

  9. You are a funny sister he must love to accept playing games with you and forget money for a little time. My son is the same. By the way, is he good at amking money by liking it so much? is it rewarding?

  10. I am like you with the deco, I could change my mind several times, look into google images, perhaps it can help you form a clearer image of what you want. Once you are in your house, it will be easier.

  11. damn!!  hope your headache disappears soon!!


  12. Love the meme!  Hope your headache is all better today!  I always have trouble making up my mind about things like furniture.  when I dont' have the money to spend I see all kinds I like, but when I do...well, I just cannot make up my mind!  There's just no winning!

  13. I hope your headache is gone.  I hate to have ones that last for days like that!

  14. Tense, nervous headache? You need anadin!
    Gaz ;-)
    I hope you are ok now?


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