Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yay! It's Ticked Off Tuesday!

Heather has a very awesome weekly list, similar to the Thankful Thursday.   Now I don't do Thankful Thursdays because I just am not the kind of person to be able to say I'm so thankful for this or that.  If I'm thankful, you know it.  So anyway, when Heather finally delurked and invited me to her journal (LOL....Hi, Heather!!), I found the awesomest list.....

Ticked Off Tuesdays.

Here's how it works: It's just the little annoyances that we don't really think about when asked, and maybe not  often enough be called Pet Peeves, but make us groan and shake our heads when they happen.  List as many or as few as you want.

Oh, y'all know I'm there.  TOO EASY....lol....

1.  When talking to someone who knows I let my kids do _____________, they say "Oh, I would neverrrr let my kids ______________."  What?  Who asked you?  and furthermore, screw you for the implication.

2.  A couple nights ago, we were out to dinner at KFC.  Some Puerto Rican mother just full on flipped out on her 6 year old (for nothing....I was looking at him 'cause he was so cute) and started whaling away on him.  WTF?!  I said "Jesus Christ!" and she realized her dumb ass was in public.  My mom said quietly "What did he do?!"  They were sitting directly behind her.  I said loudly "Nothing that deserved THAT!  THAT was UNNECESSARY." and I know the biotch heard me and I was HOPING she would turn around so I could lay into her.  Stupid cow.  Kids are a gift, as far as I'm concerned and there are some people who just don't deserve them.

3.  Paperwork for the new house.  Guys, it's 2007.  Fax machines abound.  Get the corn cobs out of your asses and finish the damned paperwork!  (This one is in reference to my lenders.)

4.  Knowing that so many other countries have health care taken care of by the government (like the UK) while I'm parked here hoping that I can find a doctor who isn't going to ask for a kidney in return for payment.

5.  Smelling like smoke (me).  My mother is a heavy smoker.  It's her house, so what can I say....but we reek like smoke, we can't breathe....even one of our old realtors thought we were heavy smokers.  Me and Jesse?  I don't think so.  We never have and never will.  Anyway, that's getting to me.  The smell has permeated everything we own and are storing here.  ::sigh::

I should stop now.  Now that I know I can do this venting every week.  Gyah, Heather...you rock for doing Ticked Off Tuesdays.



  1. venting i sgood it real is it lets you get it out. man this one here
    5.  Smelling like smoke (me).  My mother is a heavy smoker.  It's her house, so what can I say....but we reek like smoke, we cn't breathe....even one of our old realtors thought we were heavy smokers.  Me and Jesse?  I don't think so.  We never have and never will.  Anyway, that's getting to me.  The smell has permeated everything we own and are storing here.  ::sigh::

    that would drive me nuts I dontnkow if I could take living there. YUCK!!!!!!!! and it will tkae forever to get that smell out. There is a thing that is used by auto detailers it gets smoke smell out of cars and its steam like. YOu may need to get it done and take it to renting that machine or buying it and steam lall your stuff!!!!! man that sounds so terrible I dont know how you took it

  2. 4.  Knowing that so many other countries have health care taken care of by the government (like that UK) while I'm parked here hoping that I can find a doctor who isn't going to ask for a kidney in return for payment.
    if they take you IF they take your insurance some take no new patients

  3. You know, I don't do politics so I won't get into that in your space (or mine for that matter--LOL), but I just recently found out that insurance that is supplied by the government comes at a high cost. In Canada for example, they use monies earned from ciggys to pay for it. They are someting like 10 bucks a pack there. Hey wait. That may work in your situation...

    Anyway there was this whole big problem with the government being involved with healthcare. It was crazy.

    I LOVE it that you are playing along with us. Like you, I am so much more a "Tuesday" than "Thursday" kind of gal. ;)

    Paperwork for new houses? Girl. Don't get me started.


  4. I'm with ya on these, sista!~

    I cannot stand for someone to imply they are the better parent cuz they don't let their kids do what I might let my kids do.  

    I called the law to a woman in Wal-Mart who was beating on a child.  Thing is, she kept beating him and then telling him to be quiet?  WTH?  Turns out, she was his aunt, not his mother.  

    Hope the paperwork goes through soon for you cuz I hate living with cig smoke.  Did it for 19 years with my Dad, so I can relate.

    Thing that worries me about health care taken care of by the govt. are waiting lists.

    Vent on!~These are legit beefs!~  :-P

    Love ya!~


  5. Im with you on all of those but the first one is a biggie.

  6. Yep, I would say those are pretty good reasons to be Ticked off on a Tuesday. I just like you with the parents that mistreat there young children. If I see it, I say something. I used to work along a busy Main Street traffic wise and see Mother's expect there young kids to manuever the traffic behind them by themselves. I would yell out the window of work, pay attention to your kid please, how hard is it to hold their hand when crossing the street. That is of course the polite version (winks). (Hugs) Indigo

  7. Hang in there and sooner or later it will close!!  I remember those were some of the hardest days waiting... waiting... waiting... I thought I would bite off the finger tips after my nails.... prayers that it happens soon!!!!!!!!!!

  8. well loved  your tick off Tuesday's. I hate the smell of smoke. It just gets everywhere and it's hard to get rid of. That mother at the KFC how awful, I wonder what she does when she is not in public. Poor kid.

  9. The smell of smoke bothers you, but KFC odor doesn't??  ;)

    Can't wait 'til you move into your own place!


  10. haha Ticked off Tuesday!  I'll have to remember that next week!

  11. Bankers and lenders are never in a hurry with paperwork.  And most of them have a condescending attitude for you, while you wait.  Grrrr.

  12. Good list.  I agree with you on the health care thing.  I'm going through hell right now trying to get medical insurance and as for the mother I'm with you.  My gripe was with mother's who won't scold their kids but you don't wig out on them either.  Something in the middle of no discipline and too much is good! -Dawn-

  13. Good list Amy, I hope everything turns out ok with the house cos YA REALY DESERVE IT!!!!!!
    I know what you mean about ciggie smoke, yeeeekkkkkk
    Gaz xxxx

  14. Taking a sneaky peek at your comments ( I had to read the hubby your list). LMAO at Russ'


  15. Whoa...Ticked Off Tuesday! I am so THERE next week.
    I'm with you on #2. Really freaks me out to see that shit. I saaw a mother holding her child's face so tightly (while she "spoke to him") that it was all squished up. Looked painful. When she was done, he said, "I think I'll go with Dad." Yeah. No kidding. I think I'd "go with dad" too. --Cin

  16. I see...you are ready to go Amy! fed up no?... I know what you mean with the smell of smoke for I smoke...but I still like it...I smelled worse than the smell of smoke...and certainly do not trust the UK and their health system; you could be horrified by the facts and their level of education that makes you stay home or look on the internet for a remedy rather than using that free service... no, the grass is not greener here. Better paying your doc who knows what he is doing than queuing for nothing at all; In France we pay a bit, but we are sure to have a specialist who knows his job just by clicking our fingers and without checking if it is true on the internet. I guess, the solution in the US is to have a good insurance.

  17. Catching up on alerts...Oh man I go off on them too. I totally agree with you! I don't let them get away with it! Pick on someone your own size!


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