Wednesday, August 22, 2007

::grumble mumble::

My internet seems to be spotty at best no, I'm not dead or serving jail time for killing the cable/internet tech........

Supposedly, someone will be out here tomorrow.  When Jesse talked to one of the techs last night, the tech said "Yeah, something is wrong with your signal....the signal range is between -10 and +10, with zero being optimal.  Yours is showing a -19."

-19?  WTMFH?  How does that even happen!?!?!?  aurghhhhh........

Anyway, cross your fingers for me.  I'm getting tired of cleaning the damn house.....I need my internet back.  hee hee....




  1. We miss you and I hope they get there soon and save you from the housework.  I let mine pile up a bit to do journaling a lot... bad habit but an enjoyable one.  But now I've had too much journaling and am looking around for something I should do..... I feel kinda computer dazed. Hugs,

  2. hope so and hope you get back soon to us so i hope its fixed for good

  3. Same thing happened to us.  Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact we live down in a hole? :-P

    Hope it gets worked out soon!~

    Love ya,


  4. you know you can only clean so much. Praying that you get the internet all fixed tomorrow.

  5. Go ahead...kill the internets guys for me. We have "problems" here, too. But, of course, that doesn't decrease the bill any. Grrr.
    Stop cleaning and relax with a book. Now that you are inn your own house, you can do anything you want. Go ahead. Only the kids will know. --Cin

  6. You can come and clean my house if you are tired of cleaning yours.

  7. Oh heck!   We can't be having a spick and span house Amy.  You will show me up!  Just leave those fluff balls alone...they look good where they are!!!!

    Hope to see you around soon.

    Jeanie xxxxx

  8. Hope your line is back up to scratch again, Amy

  9. I am sorry your internet balances out somehow. -19 sounds cold and intractable. I am still around a bit, just rarely commenting, too busy trying to expand my horizons ouside my house. Love, Margo

  10. It's hell to be at the mercy of the frustrating....
    I went to your entry about your car accident...I'm glad it wasn't any worse than what it was..Although I'm sure at the time you didn't think it could be much worse.. I don't know why ever state doesn't have manditory insurance laws..Maybe that's a cause I need to get into...
    It's amazing how long a car accident can affect your life..Glad to hear that you're feeling better about getting back in the drivers seat...

  11. Damn!  I go bonkers when my interweb machine isn't working!  Hope you're a "0" soon!  :p


  12. Fingers crossed!  I feel your frustration!

  13. ill even cross my leggs...gee I hope babyboy dont mind. ;O

  14. J-land need our favorite woman back into the fold! I have my fingers and toes crossed! (Hugs) Indigo

  15. Don't sound too good to me!


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