Friday, August 17, 2007

My dog... definitely a candidate for the Bad Dog Page-A-Day Calendar .

Gordo.  He's a sweet boy, but Mother Of Everything Holy, he tries my patience.

I know you all want to know what he did, so let me set the scene.

I was asleep in my nice cozy bed with the ceiling fan on high and the covers tucked under my chin.  I heard somebody running up the stairs, so I open one eye....and into my room trots Gordo.

With a gallon baggie full of chocolate cupcakes hanging out of his mouth.

I sat straight up and looked at him in disbelief and he came over to me and dropped the baggie in my hand.

Jesse looked at me and said 'It's official.  We have the dumbest dog ever.' and went back to sleep.

Soooo.....I gave the dog a dirty look and went downstairs to put the bag of cupcakes in the fridge.....only to discover when I got downstairs, that he had already eaten the other bag full of cupcakes (cupcake liners and all) AND the rest of the Cheetos left in the bag.  They were both on the counter, so clearly, I cannot leave anything on the counter.

Now, honestly, this dog eats well.  He eats alot.  He's a big boy.  I'm okay with that.  But getting food off the counter because nobody is around and he can ?  ::shakes head::



  1. Chocolate? I recently read that stuff is lethal to dogs.

  2. Hey, he just came up to SHARE with you. Good dog! I had a lab who could eats pounds of chocolate. Why do some dogs drop dead on it and others eat it up? --Cin

  3. LOL I can just see him enjoying those cupcakes, licking his chops and actually smiling afterwards... heh, heh, heh!!  Did he eat the plastic bag too???  Cheetohs... yep, I can see Maggie and Brownie just LOVING those too.  So far they like every single thing we give them.  Dogs aren't all that picky are they?  Used to have a mini schnauser who loved Hershey's kisses... would eat them in the wrappers... we had to get her an operation because of all that chocolate and those wrappers though.  But then she was a little dog.  What gets me is how did that little dog of mine get up on the fridge?  This was not a big dog.... LOL.  And this happened guess where?  Yep, in San Antonio way back when I was married to ex.  I miss that dog, LOL but not the ex.  Hugs,

  4. He was just comfort eating...poor innocent angel that he is!   See!   He wasn't being selfish.  He brought you some to eat in bed.   How kind is that?   Drawing him  shivvering looks must have made him feel could you?    hahahahaha!

    Been there with our old dog. Now gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Enjoy making memories in your new home Amy.
    Jeanie xx

  5. Hmmm....sounds like my boys.....LOL

  6. I hope the other cupcakes weren't chocolate!  Chocolate can be very bad for dogs!  My Dad's dog did that once with steaks my Dad has just grilled.  He set them on the counter and left the kitchen.  I didn't know if that dog was gonna live or die, lol.  My Dad was sooooooooo mad.  Rambo lived to a ripe old age, however.  Cancer took him out.  ::sniff::.....not my Dad.

    That Gordo!  Hee........

    Love ya,


    P.S.  I am so lonesome.  My baby girl is in S.C. for the weekend.  ::sigh::

  7. My ex has an uncle who had a cat.  Said cat got into his, ummm, "stash" under the bed.  Let's call it oregano, shall we?  Said cat freaked out, then died.  My dogs haven't gotten into anything potentially lethal yet, but give Hawkeye time.  He loves everything edible (so do I.)  (mental note to put things away off the counter.)

  8. lol at least he saved you some

  9. For the past twelve years I've put all foodstuffs in places that are "out of Bongo reach".  I'll still be doing it long after he's gone.  Damn hound.


  10. We are so lucky, our Jess doesn't touch anything we haven't told her she can touch.  Well, at least so far anyways!

  11. We had a dog like that called Sam, anything, ANYTHING he would eat if left around. He even ate a bag of fresh chillies from the market, extra hot too! You can imagine the mess afterwards!

  12. oh my my my!!!!!! ateast he was gong to share th esecond bag with you TODD said lol hope you snaped a pic so you can get some money from it

  13. Have you read the Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar? That is hysterical!

    LOL about Gordo's healthy appetite :).

  14. On the bright side Gordo's eating food.  Sasha consuming change!  Yeah, damn dog ate a penny!  -Dawn-

  15. Oh my God, that's so infuriating...and hilarious.  Of course he has no clue chocolate could kill him!!  And yet, isn't it nearly impossible to be mad at the little beast?

    I recently discovered my boys have been pulling styrofoam peanuts out of a box they've been sleeping on, and now I have to wonder if that's the real culprit in a recent rash of what I THOUGHT were hairball incidents.  

    Is there anything they won't eat???

  16. I'm with Jesse, I can't believe Gordo implicated himself. Pickles I don't have to worry about it's ......... my cats that are the culprits. The tiniest one Feather once jumped into the garbage can pulled out chicken bones and dragged them up to Pickles to try to lay the blame on her. It was priceless. Been missing hearing from you lately hon. (Hugs) Indigo

  17. Oh, but he brought you some of the second bag to share with you, didn't he? lol  At least he's not greedy!

  18. How can you call him dumb? He wasn't the one that left the cupcakes on the counter.
    ::DUCKS AND RUNS::  Lol love you!!
    ~ marina


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