Tuesday, August 14, 2007

not M.I.A.

Where the hell have I  been, right?

Well, all those boxes don't unpack themselves, and I've been a little tired from the new meds, so there have been some naps in there....

Add in a few family parties here at the house......and nieces sleeping over.....and people coming to visit.......and furniture shopping......and.....okay, you get the idea.

(We found most of the furniture we want, so now we are waiting til Labor Day to go buy it when they have the Labor Day sales.)

The thing that I wanted to share most with you guys though.....well, okay, most of you have been with me from when I had the car accident a few years back, and most of you know that I have not driven more than 3 or 4 times since then.  When I would have to, I was white-knuckling it the whole time - - nauseous and sweating....you know?  Well.  I've been on the anti-anxiety meds for a week and a half now.....and Sunday....I drove the car.  I wasn't freaking out.  I wasn't nervous.  As a matter of fact, I was singing along to the radio with Ryan.  So.  Yay, ME!  Of course, this is just a baby step in the right direction, but at least it's a step, right?  I know Jesse is going to be relieved at the possibility that he may not have to take me everywhere now.  I'm not going to get too far ahead of myself, but I was excited for myself...so I wanted to share it with you guys.  :-D

(Here's the entry from the car accident:  The 411 <--)


  1. Your car accident is news to me Amy. I was sorry to read that aobut you and hope this is now signs of better things to come for you.
    I'm so glad to read that you are making progress since taking your anxiety meds. That must make you sigh with relief to think that you can now be a bit more independent.  That's a big obstacle to overcome.   WELL DONE YOU!  
    Jeanie xxxxx

  2. yayyyyyyyy ammmyyyyyyyyy Im glad you had a good driving experience. maybe after being on the meds for a while you wont need them if you keep getting good experiences behind you. NOW GILR when you get that furniture you better share pics and show us how it looks in your new home.

  3. Yea! You!  Wow, didn't know about the car accident.  I can understand your reluctance.  I was hit by a car while directing traffic and it took me a while to get behind the wheel again.  Small steps are the best!  They get bigger and bigger each time.  Remember Rudolph and the Abominable Snow man?  "Put one foot in front of the other."

    You go girl!

  4. Holy cow.....I think I would be a little weary of driving too. Im so glad that you guys were ok. I think its great that you werent nervous about driving. Just take it slow and dont force your self to jump in all at once. Best of luck toyou!!!

  5. You've done well getting back behind the wheel, Amy. I thought boxes did unpack themselves...

  6. I'm really proud of you, too.  That's a huge thing.  Pat yourself on the back.

    Also, boxes DO unpack themselves, as far as my kids are concerned.  They left for school with rooms full of boxes, and came home to a "home."  LOL

  7. Wonderful news getting behind the wheel. I went and read the post on the accident. No wonder you were nervous. Your on the right track now it seems. As for the boxes unpacking themselves. That's what we have kids for isn't it? (Hugs) Indigo

  8. Oops...just reread & the accident was 2005 which I was not aware of. HA! I don't think I was journaling then. I'm glad to read about it now. I'm glad you are doing better. Did you journal on what ever happened to the girl??

  9. That's a really big step. Congratulations!  Glad to hear you are alright as well.  I was getting worried because we hadn't heard from you!

  10. Victory! well done

  11. YAY you for getting in the car and doing some driving!!!!!  Hope you are feeling better.  Sounds like you have been busy and unpacking and looking for furniture and the parties sound the best!!!!  labor Day will be right around the corner and then new furniture for Amy!!!  YAY!!!!   Hugs,

  12. I am soooooooo proud of you!  You go, girl!  Waiting on pics!  Hurry Up!~

    Love ya,


  13. I'm not dead.  Just really, really tired.  But YAY for you!  I would hate being afraid to drive... driving and being able to get where I want to be is the only thing that keeps me same some days.

    Hey, are you guys gonna get hit with T.S. Erin in the next day or two?  

  14. Holy crap! I wasn't "with you" back then so I didn't know about all this. No wonder you don't want to drive. A collapsed lung. That's wicked! And now you are lifiting and unpacking....you take care of yourself. One box at a time. --Cin

  15. Baby steps Amy, baby steps. We are right behind ya!
    Hugs, Gaz xx

  16. Ohmygosh! :( I'm so sorry you were in that accident! Congrats on braving driving!! I'm proud of you! :)


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