Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All sorts of randomness

OK....so I finally got some pictures.  I haven't included the bedroom set yet because that room is a mess. 

I included some random snaps of Ryan, the dogs, blah blah blah....'cause....uhhh.....'cause I can?  Hee....

That coffee table?  I waited 17 years for the right one, and here it is....I love love love it.  (No, seriously, I haven't owned a coffee table in 17 years.)



  1. Beautiful pic's Amy (((((hugglez))))) love the furniture, Ryan is beautiful, the dogs are great!!  lol  Hugz and Brightest Blessings!  Teresa

  2. I was reading over your entries and wanted to comment on your furniture...it is beautiful!!! I so want to steal some of your ideal..LOL! I loved your daughters wall in the other pics. I will certainly be returning to your journal if you dont mind. Huggs, Robin

  3. It's about time, woman!  I love the new furniture and the pics.  Ryan's hair looks awesome, both Carrie and I love it.  The fur babies are always too cute!

    Love ya,


  4. Plus, picture 13 is stunning--she looks like a movie star!!

  5. Oh, I love the airmore and the coffee table...I need your new addy to send you a housewarming present...blessed by our household to yours.

  6. love the needy dog photo
    great taste in furniture too.

  7. I'm so happy for you!  By the way, your daughter is gorgeous!

  8. Ooh, I like all the black furniture.
    Your daughter sure is beautiful!

  9. I had a cast that did that too and even drank milk with her paws. i love your dining set and buffet Great choices!

  10. who needs a coffee table??? the coffee mug never leaves my hand!  LOL love the house!!!

  11. I have not owned a coffee table in probably that long either!!!!! I love your furniture but how in the world will you clean between the abrs on that mirror!??!?!?!? ryan is beautiful and I love your dogs you know paco is my fav!!!!!!!!  yeah i have heard of cats that eat wtih thier paws its awesome cute. can you take a video of that???

  12. Your daughter is STUNNING!  My cat used to eat with his paws too!!!  I think you and I should move in together!  Our furniture would totally compliment each others!

    hugs Rosemary

  13. Out of all those shots, I was most impressed by the awesome TV!!  I may be gay, but I become totally het when it comes to home electronics and gadgets.



  14. Amy- your furniture is absolutely beautiful. you must be thrilled! my cat eats out of the bowl.....but she drinks with her paw, has since i brought all 1 1/2 pounds of her home. sticks her paw in the bowl...scoops out some water, and slurps it out of the paw. aren't they so much fun? i just love the little furballs. and your dogs are just gorgeous....as is your daughter, of course :)

  15. Oh Amy I love your home and your taste in furniture, especially the coffee table!  Quite simply gorgeous, as is your girl!  Quite like her mom I expect!

  16. Amy...your home is just YOU!  I love your furniture but most of all I love your daughter's hair colour.  It's seasonal...she is wearing all the colours of Autumn in her hair.  And as for your 'babies'  ooohhhh!   They are absolutely adoreable.  And on the bed too!  Get 'em off!   Hahahahah!

    Fabulous table!  My husband is saving up for one of those wall mounted flat screen TV's.  At least the monster we have now will be gone and I might have some space for another piece of furniture....hmmm?  I wonder...any ideas...lol!

    Ryan has the most gorgeous eyes...just like her Mum's.

    I had a friend whose cat could press down on the lever handle to her flat and let itself in...cats are a lot cleverer than we think.

    Hugs to you and all the family...including fur babies....Lol!  Glad youare settling in now.

    Jeanie  xxxxx

  17. CRAP................ posted my comment on the wrong one

    LOL... im coming to england, england wasnt where yall are stationed and Stealing that Tv and bringing it back to the states LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!



  18. Yay!!  This is what I've been waiting for!!  The pictures!!!!  Outstanding!  Girl you  have DIVINE taste in furniture!!  Love that coffee table, that mirror and those bar stools and everything!!!!  I am so sitting on those recliners when I come to visit!!!  I like the colors you have gone with so far and everything is lovely!!  Great pictures... love the hair and the puppies!!  Still happy you have a spot for me to put my coffee cup next to the recliner!!!  Hugs,
    Lisa : )

  19. Amy: You have a beautiful house and Ryan is beautiful, too! :)

  20. Ohhh, I love your sense of style..I wish I could have seen the mirror better..
    My dining room set is alot like yours. I used to have the country theme going on,,have now left that behind,,Thand goodness...I am leaning more towards the black furniture..

  21. Wonderful! I love the photos of dying hair! I tried that on my daughter and we got orange hair in the process! Scary!

    Your home looks wonderful!

  22. Amy! you have spoiled yourself!!!... what beautiful bar stools!
    I love it all... hope we'll see more of it

  23. Some of your furniture is way cool. I like that coffee table and hutch especially. Cool finds, I must say. No, we've never met.


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