Saturday, September 8, 2007

"yeah....I have no idea where I'm going with this...."

I like to cook.  Actually, I love to cook.  There, I said it.  But......I'm incredibly self conscious about feeding people outside my own family.  I mean....what if I give them food poisoning or something!

I think I am slowing coming out from that irrational paranoia..........because I had my mom, brother, and sister over for dinner a few nights ago, and they were raving.  (My mom had two big plates and then said "The bad thing about this food is that I could keep eating til that second where you realize you've made yourself sick."  LOL)  The night before that, I made some new recipes.  The family raved about that.  So, then I thought to myself 'Why don't I cook more often?'.  Something to ponder, I suppose.

Moving along.....Jesse bought....a memory foam mattress topper thing.  Bliss can not even come close to describing this thing.  I laid down last night and didn't move at all the whole night.  Slept like a baby.  Dead to the world.  In a coma.  (okay, we get the idea)  So.  If you've been thinking about getting one, here is my resounding approval to you.  Get it.  GET.  IT.  Of course, the whole memory foam mattress set is really cost prohibitive, but the topper gives you the same feel for a little over $100.  You will be thanking me, your lucky stars, and the Powers That Be for getting this thing.  This concludes my PSA for today.

The kids are all better......Ryan still has a couple hanger-on cooties, but I'm making her drink drink drink in the hopes that it's just dehydration.  I keep telling her to stop with all that Coke, but aurghhhhhh..... "At least I'm drinking though...right?"  Tsk.  Whatever.  Guzzle a damned glass of water and then I'll hand over the can of Coke I just took hostage, kid.

I think that's it for my random rambling for the day.  Maybe. 

Oh....yeah, no, I forgot.  I'm addicted to........

Drumsticks Ice Cream.  Yesterday, I ate three.  THREE, PEOPLE!  What in the hell am I thinking?!?!?  Theycall to me......there in the cold misty freezer...."Amy....Amyyyyyy....we're freezing in here....take us ouuuuuuttttttttt"  and how can I refuse, you know?  I mean.....I just can't say no to helping......[myself?  indeed.  LOL] I'm done.  (Is it obvious I'm on my third very large cup of coffee?  Nobody suggest I switch to decaf, because that really isn't even coffee, ok??!?!?!)



  1. Good morning, Amy. I see you've had your coffee!! Hee hee
    Ooh, Drumsticks are bad, very bad...I can't resist the one with the slurp of carmel sauce in it. Bad, bad Drumsticks! --Cin

  2. I know where you are coming from Amy when you say you love cooking food.  
    I enjoy cooking buffets or barbeques for friends but for some reason or another I baulk at inviting them to a sit down meal.  I just worry that it's going to go wrong  whereas I can cover up or leave something out if its a buffet.
    I entertained my DIL's parents before my son married her.  I did steak and jacket potaotes with salad selections and a steak sauce of my own concoction. (That should have been B/bqued but the weather changed..huh!) I love experimenting.  I asked the butcher how long his meat had been hung as I wanted it real tender.  He promised it had been hanging for five weeks.  Good!  But I still worried until it was served and appreciated.  I don't like going thorugh that emotional wringer of approval.  I am always worried the meat will be tough or something...and my trade was as a!
    Tried your memory foam mattress topping on my sons bed when we stayed there last...It is very comfortable!  So good to hear the kids are on the mend too.  Loved your hostage threat....hahahahaha!  There are vays of making you drink..ho! ho!
    Sweet Dreams..

    Jeanie xx

  3. I love to cook too!  I made burritos and tacos night before last.  My family raved about how good they were.  The burritos I do my own special way, but the tacos I just followed the directions on the box, lol.  I won't tell if you won't.  Hee............let them think Carrie and I slaved over them for hours.  So glad your family enjoyed the meal you prepared.  You have talked me into it.  I will be there tonight with bells on for supper.  ::wink::  Glad the kids are better.  Tell Ryan to drink lots and lots of water.  It naturally detoxifies your body.  Mmmmm, ice cream, but I am supposed to lay off the sugar per my doctor.  ::sigh::  Time to clean this nasty house.  :-P

    Love ya,


  4. Amy, I'd come to your house in a flash to eat your cooking. I'm not into it at all! Margo

  5. hmmm i think i need some memory foam

  6. No, decaf isn't really even coffee.  YUCKY.
    Drumsticks aren't allowed in my freezer, for the very same reason.  They won't  leave me alone.  
    Glad the kids are feeling better.
    Have a great Sunday!     Smiles,  Leigh

  7. I heard those memory foam ones can later cause bed sores, friend of ours had that happen so watch out. I want the Select Comfort bed so much...the one by numbers. I'm saving up for it. I love cooking but don't always have time to. I love drumsticks myself.

  8. Eating drumstick ice cream and sleeping in a comfortable bed?  YOU ARE IN HEAVEN!!  Did you go into the light and not tell me??  Damn, girl!


  9. Tsk, sometimes being a Brit is like speaking another language. What are drumstick ice creams? I have been thinking of chicken drumsticks, sure not chicken flavoured ice cream?
    Gaz ;-)

  10. Dear Amy, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to cooking for others outside of my immediate "family" (those being Cindy and the boys lol) I get terribly selfconcious and I watch every bite almost another person takes. It's like I'm expecting something to be wrong ~ all I know is that by the time I'm through cooking I don't want to eat LOL.
    Been thinking about getting one of those foam rubber mattress toppers also - our mattress is really starting to bother C's and I's back and I thought that might help some, will check into it further.
    Glad your kids are better :)  I luv drumsticks to! <going to have to go to Gaz's journal and explain to him what they are ROFL>

  11. Glad the kids are feeling better!
    I personally know some drumsticks....tooo good. But it's nice to hear that you're getting them out of the
    I will have to look into the memory foam topper for Jeremy..He is the only 21year
    old that I know that has an interest in
    Have a good week.

  12. What exactly are "cooties"?
    And Drumsticks Ice cream?
    Its not like Chicken Drumsticks is it?
    You dont eat Chicken flavoured Ice cream do you?

  13. LOL ... it is 6:30 pm, and I am on the seventh, eighth, ninth cup of joe... So glad you got that new topper for the bed.  Sounds like absolute heaven!!  Where do we buy this????  Sounds like something Rob and I could really need.  But how is sex on this?  Do you get stuck in it?  LOL.  Let us know if it is conducive for more than just sleeping?!  LOL.  Hugs,

  14. glad all are getting better. WOW hopeyou can come share your cool food with me. I love to cook but hate being rushed anymore to cook . still waiting on house pics. How much was the memory foam mattress ????

  15. I do the same thing when I cook for people.  Especially large occasions.  Like the christening?  I was flippin about the food that I made but it earned raves.  Now I'm doing the catering at Tiff's wedding and I'm still anxious!  Killing 114 people is not in my agenda.  -Dawn-


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