Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am so embarrassed

Last night, Jesse and I watched Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (linkage: on TV, and I am embarassed to say.....I'm dumber than a 5th grader.  OMG, I thought all this time that I was smart!  What the hell, people!!!!  I need to go buy the What Your ____ Grader Needs To Know series (E.D. Hirsch).

Oh!  and then we watched K-Ville.  I LIKE IT!  I've no idea why though.  Maybe I just dig New Orleans....

It's shaping up to be a quiet Saturday, which is fine by me.  We need a lazy day or two.  Jesse is feeling a bit better.  His sinus and throat is still a bit raw, but the fever seems to have disappeared.  It's finally cooling off a little and we are supposed to get rain (YAY!) so the day is fine for laying around with a cup of coffee.  I've found Vanilla Macadamia Nut Kona coffee, and it.  is.  good.  You must try it.

Anyway, I guess that's all I've got for this morning.  Afternoon?  What time is it?  Eh...whatever.



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my journal. I will be reading yours from here on out....I'm glad Jesse is feeling a little better...seems everyone is getting sick from this hot to cold weather we are having...hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend........June:)

  2. Omg....I love TAPS...and I can't get it anymore because I don't have cable:(  But one way or another I'm getting cable back..somehow I will find a way....LOL....June:)

  3. I am in your class.
    Though I beleive evey age is bright and has something to teach.

    That TV program sound interestng?

  4. ah man I need a slow day the last two have been bsuy but now im preparing hot wings for the wedding Im a bit worn out being on my feet for 12 hours for three days now cept to stop by here now and then and typ out something

  5. Amy,
    I'm just through watching a game show in which a university graduate made a total ass of herself.

  6. awww!   Your man is on the mend again.  That's good to hear.  Keep running up and downstairs after him.  its doing him the world of good....Lol!
    5th Graders?
    I wouldn't want to sit at the same desk as a 5th grader nowadays.  They already know more than I ever did at  their age.

    Take care and enjoy your new flavoured coffee.

    Jeanie xxx

  7. Oh, I am NOT going to watch that show. I already get out-smarted by my 4th grader on a daily basis. By the time he is 5th grade age, I'll be just the drooling idiot he calls Mom. --Cin

  8. I love that show, but if it makes you feel any better, I am also dumber than a 5th grader.  Hee......glad Jesse is on the mend.  Coffee?  Yuck!~

    Love ya,


  9. Umm... I have those books.  I think I have every one from K-6 (which is, I believe, where they stopped).  I used to use them as a guideline when I was still an anal retentive homeschooler.  BTW, I still look at them from time to time.  

    I'm willing to share, if you don't mind the odd coffee stain on the covers... oh, who am I kidding, that'd just make y'all feel right at home, wouldn't it?  Hee.

    P.S.  I still feel like sh*t.  I think I overused the decongestant nose spray, so I decided that this weekend I'd stop, even though I knew I'd probably get major rebound stuffiness.... and. I. am.  Uggghhh.  

  10. Don't feel bad I'm dumber then a preschooler.  When I was in high school the vociational school ran a preschool and I remember this little girl Erin wanted to playin on the computer and I didn't know how to turn one on!  Serioulsy!  So, I mouthed to my teacher,"How do you turn this on?"  and I guess Erin heard me because she looked at me, smacked her forehead and said,"Miss Dawn, the on button is here on the tower and the screen on button is right here on the screen!"  Yeah, and this even applies now.  Apparently Collin and Austin are both far smarter then me.  I just laugh because I think someday they'll be dumb like me and I can stop dilluting myself.  -Dawn-

  11. That isn't so bad. Someone who reads my journal emailed me that Gore had been President 'for a while.'  Okkkkay.
    The coffee sounds great. I have some gingerbread that is pretty good also. ~Mary

  12. Watch "Reaper".  It's so very kick ass!!!  


  13. LOL You made me laugh with this.  I have a re-occurring nightmare in which I am at school and they sit a math exam down in front of me and I can't answer any of the questions.  I  wonder who makes up these tests and things?  I think I am dumber than a first grader in math, although I could probably run circles around one in English lit!  Look Dick look, See Jane Run, Run Jane, Run.

  14. Don't worry, I cant even recite my times tables!
    Gaz ;-)

  15. im probaby not smarter than a third grader

  16. Who cares what a 5th grader knows anyway. Whats the point with all that stupid crap that you learn at school and never need again, ever, like the formation of geographical features located on the eastern coast of England, or quadratic equations, or friggin chemistry!
    What a load of shite.
    They may be smarter, but I punch harder!
    So there!

    he he.
    Statement: Beating cocky smartass 5th graders is neither clever, or funny.

  17. lmao,,,I don't have to watch the show to know that I am dumber than a 5th grader....ha-ha...
    Have a great day!

  18. You know, so much of the stuff they think fifth graders need to know is garbage and useless...we have wisdom and that only comes with age.

    But I do like that series of books!


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