Thursday, September 27, 2007

I said the 'S' word

It was bound to happen.  I said the S word.  I should have known better, but I said it anyway....and


He came home early on Wednesday afternoon looking like something between Death Warmed Over and Something The Cat Drug In, headed straight for a hot shower and climbed into bed under my electric blanket shivering and shaking.  He was getting sharp pains everywhere.  His temperature was 102.  Sooooo.....I gave him DayQuil, motrin, Gatorade, and rubbed his scalp til he fell asleep.

When he woke up, he wanted ice cream.  He said it made his throat feel better.  Did I mention we have a two story house?  Yeah...well.....I got him whatever he wanted with a smile.

He was having trouble sleeping that night, I guess because of all the sleeping during the day, but as soon as I went in there and cuddled behind him, he was out.

This morning, he woke up feeling pretty good.  However, it was a slow decline.  By 5 PM, he was waiting for Certain Death to come pay him a visit.  So, he went to bed again.  I warmed him some soup and kool aid, and he's 'resting' with his eyes closed and the remote clenched in his hand.

We were planning on having a party for Alex this weekend (remember?  His birthday was in August.) - but maybe not.

At any rate, I'm thinking all this tender loving care I'm giving him is good for a little shopping trip here or there.  Honey, are you reading this?!  Didn't I take great care of you?!  I think we should go get me a new lap top.  or a vehicle.  either one is good.  hee hee...



  1. yeah amy go for it all. But I do hope he feels better soon cuase climbing all those stairs for him will give him a wife wiht buns of steel so he gets maid service and a sexy wife so yes you do deserve something lol

  2. AAAAAAAAAawwwwwwwwwww  hope he feels better.  Your husband actually reads your journal?  The only one my husband reads is the one he isn't allowed to!

    Sending healing thoughts your way
    hugs Rosemary

  3. I thought the S word was going to be sex...ha-ha...Just kidding,,maybe.
    Hope Jesse is feeling better tomorrow..With such good care, I think he will be.

  4. Carrie's homecoming at school is this weekend.  We went shopping tonite and bought her homecoming dress.  You should see her, Amy! I am her mother and she took my breath away.  Wish the ex could have seen her.  OMG.  She has had several guys ask her to date them since they found out she and JAB are no longer an item.  So far she has turned them down.

    So sorry to hear Jesse is under the weather, but I know your TLC will bring him around soon.  He definitely owes you a shopping trip, ESPECIALLY if he shares his sickness.  ;-)

    I really hope you don't get it or the kids.

    Love ya,


  5. Maybe stress over the job situation was what made him vulnerable to whatever bug is going around.  I've never gotten severely sick without some sort of stress (usually jo-related) coming a few weeks beforehand.  Good vibes to Jess, you and the whole brood.


  6. I hope Jesse feels better soon.  Myself, I'd hold out for the laptop... Macbook if possible. with all the bells and whistles.  :-)  They're fab!

  7. You are just THE perfect wife and mother!   Wearing yourself into a shadow.  Why shouldn't you enjoy a few perks that go with the job.  hehehehe!   Go for it!  And let's know what you chose.

    Jeanie   xxxxx

  8. Get well soon to all unwell in your house, Amy!

  9. You are the perfect little go pick out that laptop. --Cin

  10. Hope Jesse feels better and I pray you don't get sick!  That's usually what happens.  -Dawn-

  11. Honey take me shopping too....

  12. Hope you guys are feeling okay!  enjoy your week-end..


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