Thursday, September 13, 2007

a 'what makes me happy' meme

Dawn has tagged me.  With what, you ask?  Wellll.....she says I must list 10 things that make me happy.

1.  Food.  I love to shop for it, buy it, cook it, eat it, smell it, look at it, watch other people cook it, etc.

2.  My fabu family.   I couldn't ask for a more awesome family. 

3.  My computer and internet.  This one needs no explanation.

4.  Pets.  They make me laugh, soothe me, give me a reason to baby all know how I feel about my furry babies.

5.  My home.  It was a long exhaustive search for this house, but I love it more and more with every day that passes.  I still need decorating help, but bit by bit, it's coming along.

6.  Medications to make me forget and/or deal with my pain.  'nuff said.

7.  Good friends.  My online friends and my real life friends.  I love you all.

8.  Flowers.  Come on now....who doesn't love flowers.  I love to look at them, smell them, touch them....if I could actually grow any, that would be nice, but I won't hold my breath....

9.  Shopping.  I used to not like to shop for anything other than groceries, but I have really discovered the benefits of retail therapy, much to Jesse's chagrin.

10.  Books & Magazines.  The pictures, the words......I devour them.  Don't ask me how many magazine subscriptions I get because I couldn't tell you.  It's quite a few.  and Amazon?  Yeah....they know me well.

We are supposed to tag 5 people, but I won't.  If you do it, let me know so I can come read, ok?!




  1. Loved your happy list Amy!  We all need a happy list.  It can help remind us of our blessings when we get to feeling down!

  2. I see we have very much in common Amy.  I could tick most of these boxes.  Lol!
    That's probably why we all gravitate towrds each other and choose our on-line friends.  We recognise similar traits.
    Flowers?  Now you know ME and flowers!  Pets?   My dog was my baby too.

    Shopping...if I had endless copious amounts of money?  I could shop for England!  Lol!

    Books?   I devour them!   See?   What did I tell you!  And there's more......hahahaha!  But I'll stop here.

    Jeanie xxxxxx

  3. OH I got hamberger waht should I do with it today :?????

  4. I love you too!!!!!!!!  I hate shopping for food it means dealing with humanoids but I wish I had more prep time to cook it seems like everyone has to head off some place sometimes

  5. Gee, I knew there was a reason I enjoyed you. I'm with you on all but # 1. Margo

  6. I knew we were Soul Sisters. Is there a 12-step program for addiction to --Cin

  7. Thanks for the plug and I love your answers.  Guess you're like me.  You love your fur babies, in my case baby, when she's whizzing on the rug or the floor.  

  8. I'd say my answers would be twins with yours.... these are great!!   I am so glad you like your new home.... and yay for shopping and for food and family and books and of course, our internet!!!!!  I don't even wanna think about life without my J Land friends.  Okay, back to my donations.  Glad to see you are alive and well and no hurricane stopping you from journaling!!  Hugs,
    Lisa : )

  9. 11.  Peyton Manning

    You forgot that one, Amy!!



  10. Great answers, Amy Lou!  I might hafta play along when I get a minute.  Yeah, I am really dreamin' now, eh?

    Love ya,


  11. What makes me happy:  Blue Diamond Almonds in the Wasabi and Soy Sauce flavor.  OMGGGG... I can eat a whole can in a day, easy.  So. Good.

  12. You know, I could just about copy your list. :-)  but I would add sex and chocolate and horses.

  13. I like a lot of the things that you do - food, books, my family makes me soooo happy!!! And I love my new home. :) Great list!!

  14. Maybe I need to do this, to remind myself how lucky I am.
    Gaz xxxx


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