Thursday, September 6, 2007

New furniture and varying degrees of Barfitude

Alrighty then...

the past few days have been....umm....

well, Tuesday I got most of my new furniture.  It got delivered and set up - for the most part.  The sucky part about that was that the delivery time they gave me was 'between 7 AM and 10 PM'.  ::blink::  Uhhhhh right.  Try not to narrow it down too much, okay people?!?!

Anyway, after the delivery guys left.....Alex was going up the stairs, slipped and twisted his ankle.  There was crying, bruising, swelling, etc....but he could still move it so we put him in bed with some pain reliever and he fell asleep.  At that point, Ryan said 'Hey....since Alex is asleep...why don't you guys go see if you can find a TV stand that you like....' (because we hadn't found one yet).  So, we did.  Then we called to check up on the kids a couple hours later and Ryan was crying....I'm like "WHAT'S WRONG?!?!"  She had such a bad headache, she was crying.  So we headed home and babied our babies.

The next day?  Ryan and Alex were throwing up.  People, I ask you....have you ever cleaned up undigested macaroni 'n cheese with hot dog that's been thrown up in the bathroom sink?  It's not the most pleasant thing.  I was hoping nothing went downt he drain and clogged it.  Would that just be the end all or what?  At the very least, my bathroom got a good deep cleaning.

I've been up and down the stairs so much over the past three days that I should have an ass of steel.  Should have.  Sadly.....yeah....not so much.  Heh.....oh well.....all that late night ice cream isn't helping me, I'm sure.

Anyway, the kids seem to feel better today (although Ryan has been having dizzy spells for the past week or two....I'm not sure if it's crappy eating habits, dehydration...or what), and my mom and brother and sister are coming over for dinner and to check out the new furniture, so I should get to cleaning up.  I'll post some pictures once the dust settles.....


  1. I was just about to ask where the pictures are, but sheesh!  You have had your hands full, girlfriend!  Can't wait for the pics.  Hope your babies are better now.

    Love ya,


  2. Tracy had a headache that she cried and cried and could not breath and felt like crap and is having withdrawals I said honey that is a migarain!!!!!! she cant taste food well either. the chirpractor adjusted her and it made a huge improvment so she could go to the concert. I m sorr yu all have been sick so sick lately. that sucks. I hope everyone is well. I do want to see lots of pics of your new home now you got furniture. you take it easy cleaning up those messes will make you sick too taking care of everyone. GO BUTTS OF STEELE GOO GO G O GO

  3. Hope the degree of barfitude reduces to zero pronto, Amy

  4. Ewwwww, I did that with melon in the sink once. At least you can squish it down the plug hole!
    Gaz ;-)

  5. Oh Amy!   What an awful time you all had that day.  I hope yor babies are on the mend now?  
    Yuck!  To the undigested macaroni in the sink.......gross!    I can imagine how it smelt too.....I don't feel so good now.   Lol!
    Looking forward to seeing your new furniture and home soon.  (Said she ..changing the subject..Lol!)

    Mind you don't catch that 'bug'.  Take care.
    Jeanie xxx

  6. i bet she is dehydrated with headache and dizzyness

  7. I'm so sorry the kids were sick.  I'm glad they're feeling better and hope everyone stays well.

  8. You have a new home!! I have been away during summer, I am trying to catch furniture means new home?!

    Hope all is well, and that his ankle is feeling better!

  9. Hope the kids feel better soon. You can skip the macaroni descriptions from now on, okay? Thank you! --Cin

  10. awww...poor kids!!!!!!  
    hope you stay well!!!

  11. YAY new furniture!!!!  I KNOW you are a happy camper about that!!  Can't wait for pictures and details!!  I love hearing about new stuff.  And oh the barfitudes we moms go through!!  I hope everyone is feeling better over there!!!!  Is it time for our night time ice cream snack?  We've been going through the chocolate flavor very quickly over here.... have you tried it with sliced bananas on it?  I am so hooked on that.... then I can tell self it's at least partly healthy.  Hugs,

  12. Hey Amy,

    Just wanted to update you where I am

    Hope all is well in, Germany wasnt it? or England!



  13. Ps Amy I add you to my sidebar ^_^

    dont forget to see my comment belowww


  14. Were the delivery guys cute?  ;)


  15. Oh gosh, sounds like an awful couple of days.  Hope the kids are feeling better now!  It seems all go, go, go in your house at the moment!  That's what moving is like though!  things will settle soon, hopefully!

  16. Ah, but the Late Nite Ice Cream tastes SSOOO good.  You keep going up and down those stairs and you will have a butt of steel, just under padding, sculpted legs, too!  
    Cleaning up the bathroom ::shudder:: brought back a recent (YUCK) memory.  thanks for that. :(
    Hope everyone has an accident and barfage free weekend.
                                 Smiles,  Leigh


  17. Why couldnt they throw up in the toilet.
    Dirty children.

    You should've dragged them out into the street and let them puke outside a nieghbors house.

    Hope they are both ok.

  18. ughhhh don't you hate other's timetables?  I mean "we" don't have a life, yet if we weren't there the exact minute they showed up they'd leave with no qualm lol. Just like Sears ROFL - and the cable co. the pest control people, the telephone person etc. etc.
    I'm sorry your children were ill :(  I'm glad they are feeling better tho :)

  19. Next time have them barf on the floor. Do you have a dog? Mine would eat the hot dogs out.

  20. I'm with Kas, even without the dog, you don't have to worry about clogged drains! Hang on, this too will pass. Margo


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