Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No job-havin', achy, breaky family

This is the last week of work for Jesse at his job.  The company he works for will be going into privatization, and so the guys will all be laid off. 

I'm not worried about it though.  I'm actually happy that I'll be seeing more of him, since he decided to just take time off before looking for another job.  Maybe all of my pictures will finally get hung.  LOL

We have all been battling some kind of 'this hurts' or 'that hurts' for a week or so.  Jesse called me today saying he had chills, so I wonder who will be playing nurse come 5:00.  ::pause::  Yes,'ll be me!  I like taking care of them all when they're sick.  Couldn't be a nurse full time, mind you.....but I like taking care of my own family. just totally blanked on anything else I was going to say.  Crimeny.  My brain cells are slowly imploding.  I've got slow brain cells, grey hair, and my joints are all creaky.  I may as well find a rocking chair and learn to knit, for pitys sake!


  1. you just have Mommy brain...we all get them from time to ...ummm time to ....time to something or other

  2. Please, I'm 27 years old and when I get out of bed it sounds like I'm stepping on packing peanuts!  So, you shh!  :)  -Dawn-

  3. ah fight that aging tooth and nail girl. get some color and soak in a tub but dont let it get you.
    hope he finds a job he likes soon and hope you get yoru pics all hung and do a video show of your new house

  4. It's nice to hear a wife say she is glad that her husband is going to be
    Glad you're not concerned about the lay off.
    If you play nurse tonight, I think you should wear the white outfit and little
    I hope you won't be next in line for being sick....Drink orange juice.....

  5. Well... umm... I have a few snow white hairs, but they're not too visible since I'm blonde.  I have a rocking chair and know how to knit.  I also took my middle child to the orthodontist yesterday, only to find out that her appointment was, in fact, on Monday, and we'd missed it.  *sigh*

    Mommy mind-melt.

    Also, I feel like crap.  I'm pretty sure my sinuses have plans of world domination... ugh.

  6. As long as Jesse doesn't start sporting an achy-breaky mullet -- you'll be okay.


  7. I always liked taking care of my family as well.  Praying that Jesse gets a new job soon, and one that he loves!  In the meantime enjoy your time together!

  8. So glad you will have the man around for a while.  I am glad business is slow this month for us and having Rob around here too more... well, until lastnight that is....  LOL.  You don't even wanna read my entry from this morning.... it's just a complaining session.  Hugs,

  9. LOL I'm putting my rocking chair right next to yours
    luv ya!!!

  10. Ooh, a pretty Black rocing chair to match your new furniture! --Cin

  11. I'm right there with ya, Amy Lou, with the slow brain cells, gray hair, and creaky joints.  ::sigh:: Growing old sux.  Hope you all feel better real soon.  My internet has been down for four days.  I didn't fall of the earth.  Grrrrrrr!~

    Love ya,



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