Monday, September 24, 2007

a weekend from my weekend, please!

I.  am.  so.  tired.

I need a weekend to help me rest from my weekend.

Friday, we had Jesse's family over for dinner.  No small feat because we had at least 20 people here.  Grilled shrimp and fish and all other various side stuffs..... we didn't get to bed til 2 AM.  Jesse's family is a bunch of partyers.  LOL

Saturday was my brothers' gig.  at a bar.  He's 15.  Don't ask me how that works, but whatever.  He's in a band with some of his friends....and he plays bass guitar.  He's not bad for just having started a few months ago, and the lead singer, Enrique, is really pretty good.  All in all it was kinda weird to be at a bar with my there were 4 bands that played, and the 2nd band was really really good (because I like Industrial Screamo type music).  After I decided I had been there long enough to absorb 'funky bar smell', we took off to pick up the kids and then drive back to Jesse's parents house to say goodbye since they were going back to Mexico on Sunday morning.

Sunday.... we woke up late, but then....we had to go pick up some furntire that had come in and then go for groceries.  Now, I love to shop for groceries.  LOVE.  IT.  BUT......I don't mess around with a wimpy shopping trip.  No, sir.  I'm a shopper.  Three hours later, we had two carts full.  ::yawn::  I was ready to crawl onto a shelf in the bread aisle and have myself a nap.  (but Jesse said people probably wouldn't appreciate me squishing the bread.  tsk.  picky people.)  So then we drive home and unload and put away all the groceries.  In the midst of that, my dearest friend calls that she's gonna come over and pick up a walker for her amazingly gorgeous baby girl (see picture)


sooooooo......I hurry up and put the groceries away and cleaned the house and thennnnn got me some baby time (OK.....I really need a baby.).

After that, we had some boxed pizza, watched Dallas clobber the Bears in a very sad sad way, and then went to bed.




  1. You just take as long as you like to catch up on yourself dear girl!  You must be whacked!
    And what about your friends little gir?  She is adoreable!!!!!  What a little beauty she is.  I would have wanted to keep her with me forever.
    I don't know how it took you three hours!!!! to shop.  NO wonder you were looking for an available shelf to spread out on. You must have been on your last legs.

    And have to come home put it away and...cook it all....sheesh!

    Jeanie    xx

  2. oh my Gowad asfte rI went shopping friday adn today eac time Im so worn out. I tell you its very pathetic here of late I feel dragged out all the time and my people tolerance skills are nil in fact Iwould like to do without the wole race of humans for a while but alwasy I have so many things inbetween now and the wedding this sucks

  3. by the wya cut ebaby and I need one too but man could I even stay awake. yup love party faimlies mine are all in  bed by 8 todds dont party

  4. Love the new picture of you!  Very  nice!  I HATE grocery shopping, especially in the winter.  Around here the grocery stores deliver it for you.  When it gets really crazy I have them do it.  


  5. What a cutie! I could just hug her right up.

    Oh and I did not miss that new sultry, sexy Amy photo, either. HOT!

  6. entire house has a "funky bar smell" at times...combined with an "old German Shepherd smell".  Want to come over for dinner?


  7. Awwwww, what a little cutie.  Man, this entry made me tired just reading it.  I need som energy!~

    Mmmmm, shrimp.  Love it.  Why wasn't I invited?  ::sniff::

    Love ya anyway, ::wink::


  8. You and I shop just alike.  I usually fill up two carts.  Then we don't have to keep going back, right?  I figure every trip is mo' money.... so it works... one big trip, less money.  Hugs,


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