Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check me out...

The past week has seen me either running around like a chicken with its' head cut off....or passed out in a dead I forgot to even mention that I had done something.  Marie's (from Marie's Muses) entry reminded me.  I went and got my hair highlighted.  Might as well make friends with the grey instead of trying to color my hair every month to cover it up.

At first, I thought this one would show the color.....but all it really did was show me looking at Gordo with the "You drive me crazy but I love you anyway' look.

Then, I thought "Hmm....maybe this one...."

....which came out too dark (hmm...on my computer, anyway.  On Ryan's computer, the color is good...) and really only shows Jesse telling the dog to get off his woman.  So.....I figured..."Okay....this one has got to show the hair better...."

.....and it does.........but it's still kind of dark.  Oh well, you get the idea.  My grey isn't as noticeable because I have blonde in there now.  Yay.

and just because the last picture is get to see that one, too....


  1. I like every picture!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    You guys (all three of you) are just so darn cute!

  3. The pictures are great, and your hair looks great, too!

  4. Great pictures....I love the is the only way to go..Because having to color your hair every month is not fun..And yes,,highlights do work well with

  5. WOW!!! I love your highlights, seriously you look so much younger! But tell Chuy whatz up with the Harvard shirt?!? He should only be wearing PURDUE! Just wait until I tell his niece.  oooooo he's in trouuuuuble....I'm going to teeeellll ......

  6. Look how happy and beautiful you are! Like the highlights too!

  7. What happy pictures.

    Hasnt Gordo got a biiiig nose.

    Ewwww cold wet doogy nose!

  8. The highlights are very nice! I like.  I LOVE the way your dog and your husband are looking at each other. It almost looks like he doesn't know you had a dog.   I can just imagine the conversation that you could caption this with.

    Husband: HUH?  Where did you come from?
    Husband: Where the dickens did this dog come from.
    Husband: Hmmmmmm dog? I don't remember getting a dog.
    Dog: GRRRRRRRRR mumble mumble mumble
    Husband:  Will the dog be joining us in bed?
    Dog: GRRRRRRREAT!!! A husband.  She brings me home and she already has another man!  Now I will have to sleep on the floor!


  9. Hey Amy, Hope all is well in your corner of the world....(smile)

  10. I like the highlights, sweet pics!
    Gem :-)

  11. Your Hair Looks Great.  So does the handsome dog, and Jesse, too.  I've let the gray invade and have had people ask me where I get the frosting done.  I just smile and tell them Mother Nature!  :)
                                                   Smiles,  Leigh

  12. Love it and the pics are great too.  I been doing all my bloggin' on my Myspace these days.  We have a new pet, Candy.  Dunno how long that is gonna last.  Check out her album under my pics on my Myspace.  She is gorgeous (and did I say she is a pit bull?)  I always thought pits were ugly, but not Candy.  She is a buckskin, gorgeous, and a BIG baby, and VERY WELL trained.

    Love ya,


  13. Cute pics....and I think your hair looks good....June:)

  14. You guys are so cute!!!  I love your hair!!!!  The dog is bigger than you are honey!!!  I swear he looks like he is almost two of you!!!  LOL.  I hope you have a loud, authoritative voice and that he is adorably obedient.  He does look friendly as can be.  I would hug on him all day.  And your hubby is so darn handsome!!  I wouldn't let him go to any parties alone... someone will flirt with him for sure.  LOL.   Hugs,

  15. We are planning on getting another Goldie when the Greys are gone--we won't be able to adopt new ones since the backyard at the farm is not fenced in. I love the sweet personality of Goldies...our Belle Belle was a great dog..


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