Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm pretty sure I only gave birth three times, but...

^&%$#**&(%^#$% !!!!!!!


Pardon my French.

I never have time to just sit and do my usual routine (see also:  park my butt in front of my computer and enjoy my coffee) anymore now that the man is home.  Not like I mind, but dammit, I am tired.

Also.....I seem to have acquired another child in the past few days.  He belongs to the neighbors, but I'm thinking he's going to take up residence here.

(Y'all don't think the full pantry I have has something to do with that, do ya?)


  1. Oh yes... I hear ya on this subject....I've had four kids here all day long on and off too....WHILE I'm working and cleaning and trying to relax a bit journaling... one just left peanut butter and jelly all over the blankety blank blank place.... dishwasher and the counter top.... I can understand the counter... but did he have to leave sticky piles of grape jelly for me on the dishwasher too???  Yikes?!  I just sent them back to the other house.  They go back n forth between houses all day making messes.  I called a while ago and was brave enough to ask them to all come back... SO THEY COULD clean up the back yard!!!  Geesh... a million toys are out there... and plastic cups... and all sortsa stuff going on.  I say we stop keeping snacks or food of any kind around.  Hugs,

  2. OH man do I hear you and GILR YOu ought to try having newlyweds in the house! GOD that really is excitment lol and yeah the man child we all inherit at marriage certianly can wera us down lol was that french your typing????????

  3. I hear ya, girlfriend.  We have had to boys hanging with Carrie all day.  Donnie always gets sore.  Hee........

    Love ya,


  4. I'd probably adopt myself into your family too if I lived next door.  How's your beer supply?


  5. You probably have such a welcoming and warm home he feels like he belongs there!  I always had a houseful of kids myself when my kids were growing up.  I never minded much for at least I then knew where my own kids were and that they were safe and staying out of trouble!

  6. My guess is the pantry being full does have something to do with

  7. Full pantry? I'll be right over ;-) Cin

  8. I have to much time on my hands and you have to little....LOL....June:)

  9. Oh you poor thing!  The MAN is HOME.  Not good.  So NOT good.  It's like having 2 extra children.  Whenever people ask me how many kids I have I always answer 4,  although I do think I finally finshed raising my husband.  (He just won't move out LOL)

  10. When my son was growing up, he always called to see what was for dinner, then showed up with his best buddy, who ate more at our house than his own.  He still calls me Mom! :)  Maybe Jesse needs an outdoor hobby, one that he can include ALL the kids-that way Amy gets a break!!!  Have a great day inspite of the crowd.
                                     Smiles,  Leigh  

  11. Just set up your Wiccan altar in the middle of the living room.  I can almost guarantee you'll never see that kid again, if your area's anything like mine.  I don't even leave my goddamn Ouija board (hello, I got it at TOYS R US!!) out because it creeps people out.  @@  



  12. Also, coffee sounds reeeeeaaallll good right about now.

  13. LOL to emily's comment..


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