Thursday, October 4, 2007

Say hello to my (new) little friend

Last night, Adrian wanted to go to Taco Bell for his birthday dinner.  When we got back to the house and pulled into the driveway, we hear a cat just crying and crying.  Me and Adrian walked across the street and called it......and it came to us just crying in a way that was beyond pitiful.  So, we petted her and gave her some food because she was incredibly skinny. 

You all know where this is going, right?

Say hello to Rosalita, won't you?

Poor bony little baby...... she couldn't be more than 6-8 months old.  Or maybe she's just petite.  Either way, I know she needs a couple more pounds on her.  Luckily for me, that seems to be the trend when you enter this house.  Hee.......



  1. she is beautiful...
    and you are nuts!!!  and I still luv ya!!!!

  2. Lucky Rosalita, she IS incredibly skinny. She adopted you, mind you lol

  3. Rosalita do you do!  I'm your Auntie Jeanie from England.  You have fallen on your feet when you chose to adopt your new Mummy Amy and Adrian.  I want you to know that you have just arrived in 'Cat Heaven'.
    And...... I want to tell you that you are soooo beautiful too!

    Hugsies.   (Lol!)

    Auntie Jeanie  xx   hehehehehe!

  4. ah Im so glad you found her and she found you. I kjow you wil be great companions and how lucky for his b day dinner to come home to that

  5. How sweet of you to give that kitty a home.....June:)

  6. very pretty cat too.
    poor kitty is very lucky now

  7. Hello Rosalita! Yep, you've come to the right house. Enjoy your new family. --Cin

  8. Happens at my house too.  Hello, Rosalita.  Nice job finding Amy and her fam. Nothing but spoiled kitty cat sleeping on the big bed from here on in!  Just don't tick off Gordo.  If he finds you on the counter he might mistake you for food and try to eat you!  -Dawn-

  9. Well, doesn't she just look like a happy little camper....You would never know that she just joined your family....what a birthday

  10. She needed a family and you have given her one which makes you totally cool in my book!  You and the brood have a very sweet new member.


  11. She's beautiful and she looks very content laying there!

  12. Hello Amy...

    Its been awhile since I've been around. Never find the time to write anymore.
    it seems that were in the same boat with alot of things lol. My middle child,
    shes my first daughter turned 10 this august, and I have bought home three
    kittens they are only 10/11 weeks old (i will have to post pictures) and I did not
    know you were Wiccan ? So were. Have you always been into it? We just had a
    handfasting July 15th. I have pictures of that too I could post. well if you have the time I'd love to hear from you. Have a great weekend take care. Sara

  13. She looks so content.  Adrian looks very happy. That is how I got all of my cats.  I had four I had taken in, but sadly now I am down to two.

    Love ya,


    P.S.  How do your other fur babies like Rosalita?

  14. I have a friend who has 9 cats and she got them all the same way you did!  By the way, the angle of the shot in the picture makes Rosita look almost as big as Adrian!  LOL

  15. She's a wonderful addition to the family!!!  So glad you took her home!!! Love the name Rosita!

  16. Aww, she's beautiful.  Welcome to the family, Rosita!
                                  Smiles,  Leigh

  17. Congratulations on the newest addition to your household! They break your heart with that cry when they are hungry. She looks like a little beauty. (Hugs) Indigo


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