Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Whodunit of Epic Proportions. Or Not.

While I am by no means, a neat freak....I try to keep the floors clean and pick up whatever has fallen or needs vacuumed.

Now, for the last few days, I have been picking up this pen.

I'm like "What the hell, people!!  Why am I continually picking up this pen!?!?!"  Of course, nobody knew.  "Not me!" they said...."...maybe the cats!"

The cats, huh?  Well.....I went on a mission to find out......

Guess it wasn't Rosalita.  She was busy loving on Gordo.

Not Cha Cha, either.  Sorry about interrupting your nap, there, Cha Cha....

So, I walked back into my bedroom where I found purple feathers all over the place.

Bella was just sitting there.  ::raises eyebrow::

and then she casually laid de da de da.....

Her tail wagged, as she glanced around.....

Until she could no longer contain herself.

She leapt up.....grabbed the feather pen, ran around the room with it in her mouth...jumped a foot in the air......did a flying roll....kicked the pen with her back feet....grabbed it in her mouth.....and then looked up at me like this was a completely normal occurence.

I need to get a life.


  1. ah I love your cat play pics........ but yes you CSI Ed the culpret lol you got em book em dano

  2. You know what?  You have a life!  A wonderful life, that you generous enough to share with us!  And you make us smile, and laugh, and cry!  (in a very good way!)
    Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


  3. Oh to be a cat without a care in the world.
    Gaz ;-)

  4. You have a life....and a cat with a feather fetish!


  5. Hmmm... I think you found your culprit!  Cat's and feathers, they just go together like peas and carrots!

  6. Inspector Jacques Clouseau had better watch out for his 'Laurels'.  Lol!

    Woooohoooo!  To your investigative stone or bed unturned until you got your 'Pink Panther' oops!   Sorry...Cat.  hahahahaha!

    Jeanie xxx

  7. lol...mystery solved..good job Watson! lol..

  8. one of my catsd loves makeup if you don't put them away, they become his!  LOL

  9. So, Bella is the culprit, eh?  She is beautiful, so I am sure you will let her by with it.  Cats are sooooooooo funny.  Fonzie was trying to do that with Carrie's quilt this morning.  Now THAT was a sight to see, lololololol.

    Have a great day!~

    Love ya,


  10. LOL......way to funny.....June:)

  11. Stop feeding your cats LSD.

  12. aha mystery solved. You need to get on an episode of law and

  13. Anything with feathers attached to it can just be considered a cat toy and left at that. --Cin

  14. LOL, glad the mystery has been solved....

  15. aww..that was cute LOL!
    Gem :-)

  16. Cats are usually the guilty one but then a house is not a home without one or two or three. Found your journal over at People Connection. Hope you don't mind that I looked in on you. Paula

  17. if it make you feel better my cat doesnt dust either, but she has a myspace account.

    you can link to it from my blog

  18. She looks like my old familiar, Pagan. :-)


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