Monday, November 26, 2007

Conversations in the van....

Since today was Jesse's last day or freedom for a while, we ran errands and went out and about.  As we were driving up the highway, a conversation ensued:

Me:  I need to go to Babies R Us.

Jesse:  Honey, I've told you a million times, they don't sell babies there.

Me:  Tsk.

Jesse:  If you want another baby, we may have to go to China....I read they adopt out girls because of that whole 'one kid' rule....

Me:  Awwwww.....I want to adopt another baby girrrrrrrlllllll

Adrian (who is sitting in the back):  Another?!  Which one of us was adopted!?!?!?!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaahaha...sometimes, I think that kid is off in his own world.....and other times, he catches on so quick that it takes a second before even I realize what I said.

Oh!  and I have an announcement to make.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?


Ryan passed her tests and now is the proud owner of a driving permit.

Everybody run for your lives.....


  1. Way to go, Ryan!  Congrats, and I'm soooo very happy that I live in Missouri.  You aren't traveling North, are you?  No?  OK, then, congrats!

  2. Ooooh, remind me to stay off the roads in Texas, lol.  Just kiddin' Ryan.  Congrats!

    That Adrian.........what a hoot!~

    Love ya,


  3. I feel so safe across the pond...hahahaha!
    Congratulations to Ryan on passing his test.  Well done!

    Jeanie xxx

  4. Oh gosh, what a special milestone for Ryan!  And kind of scary for you as a mom.  Tis so hard to watch the fledglings venture out of the nest and assert their independance . . . driving . . .  I suppose it has to happen sooner or later.  They can't stay small and safe forever.

  5. I'll bet Ryan will be a great, safe driver.  You just watch.

  6. oH i want ot adopt one so bad but the costs are so high. I cant understand they got all these babiesthey need to get adopted and why should it cost more than plane fare , lawyers fees for name change and a few things I cant see that it should be over 1000 bucks. I get so upset in a place in africa if a woman gives birth to a baby girl they bury it alive in the hot sand in the dessert WHY cant some red cross workers go there take babies and bring them back for fees above. Its sickening and I get so angry.
    CONGRATS RYAN wow Im glad she livesin another state. YOu wont be letting her head up this way will you ???????? LOL Just kidding now your real worries begin I ll pray for momma and daddy most.

  7. ROFL You are so funny LOL  Adrain just blindsided you LOL - to repeat myself that is so funny... hey, Ryan will probably be an excellent driver!  don't give up on her yet <g>  Hugz, Teresa

  8. LOL Amy, there are easier options for getting a baby ;-)

  9. my kids have been told when they help pay of insurance, they can get their permits...I don't see the oldest one getting a permit any time soon!

  10. What a cute conversation.  I would have laughed so hard.

  11. funny.....June:)

  12. Ryan is driving!!!! WHOOT!!!


  13. Hurray for Ryan!

    Surely someone would sell you a baby. Try Ebay:

  14. I am glad Mandy has never tried to get her permit. Especially now with the windy roads we will be living on!

  15. Well done to Ryan. I cant drive and she is half my age!

  16. Babies... girrrrrl, you and I have no trouble acquiring kids one way or another.

    (You know that you could totally blindside Jesse, right?  "Uh, honey?  Guess what?!")

  17. Im running Im running

  18. Running..... LOL!!!!!  And my husband runs from the mention "baby!"  LOL.  I want another one too!!!  Hugs,

  19. aw geez
    that's why i'm afraid to have kids, soooo cute, first one, then two...then they're taking your car! EGADS! when i think of what I was like at that age!!!!!!!!! good luck, yours sound responsible at least  :p

  20. You never have to drive again if you don't want to!

    Congrats Ryan! Be responsible and all that crap.

    Adrian? Right on, son. LOL!!

    Amy, you've got a gorgeous family.


  21. Yep, when my oldest got hers...............
    I alerted the radio and tv stations...

  22. LOLOL at the driving permit. She's the other side of the Ocean, so I'm ok!
    Gaz ;-)

  23. Way to go safe!
    Kids sure do pick up on what parents are talking about..too funny..


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