Friday, November 30, 2007

"Better you than me"

I had originally shared this little snippet with my dear bud, Cin.... but then I thought 'You know....this is too funny not to share.'
This story here is about Homeland Security at its' finest.
My nephew, Cody, is learning how to drive.  He has his permit, so my BIL is letting him drive here and there, etc.  Well, they had to go on base for something (BIL works on the Air Force base), so every car pulls up to the guard gate, shows their ID and is waved along.  When it's Cody's turn, he pulls up slowly, rolls the window down, the guard steps forward, and then.......Cody slams the gas instead of the brake.  The car lurches forward, the guards all rush forward, hands on their guns......Cody sticks his head out the window to look back.....while the guard is giving him a dirty look, and motions him to back up.  He backs up, looks at her, and says "My Bad."
She looks at him, while my BIL is frantically trying to say "He's a student driver!  He's got a permit!  He........"  The guard looks at Cody and says "Okay, can I have all the IDs of everyone in the vehicle?"
ROFLMAO - it's hilarious, but moreso because it didn't happen to me. 


  1. Yes, it is funny until someone loses an eye...and then it is STILL FUNNY as long as it wasn't YOUR eye. --Cin

  2. I have to say, this is the funniest "student driver" story ever!  Poor kid!

  3. oh my yeah long as it does not happen to us its funny when its someone else.

  4. I failed my driver's test twice.  Just throwing that out there.


  5. Lmao I am picturing it now.
    I remember a very scarey moment with my oldest when he had his permit.

  6. LMAO That's the kind of stuff that happens to me. And I have been driving for slightly longer...



  7. lol...that was funny

  8. This is funny.......
    I guess its a good thing they didnt shoot first and ask questions later ......

  9. Are these the same people that are protecting America? God help you all! LOL
    Gaz ;-)

  10. This cracked me up and totally something that could happen to me. lol


  11. Dammit Amy!....what happen to giving me a heads up?  I spilled coffee all over my computer screen!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

  12. I have learned not to be eating or drinking anything when I read your entries, lol.  I find this hysterical.  How did I miss this entry?  Could be cuz I have over 300 emails/alerts.  ::snort::

    When we moved to CO, I was following Donnie in our van.  He was driving the Ryder truck pulling our car behind it on a trailer.  He took a wrong turn in Colorado Springs and got onto the AF base there.  They were having a football game that day on base so lots of traffic.  Have you ever tried to turn a moving truck pulling a trailer around in those conditions?  I was soooooooo mad at him cuz my ass felt so numb I was just prayin' to get out of that vehicle.  Men!~


    Love ya!~



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