Friday, December 21, 2007

Because good friends are invaluable

My stress level this afternoon was a little on the high side.  I emailed my friend, Diana.  We all have a friend whom we can count on to help us calm down, laugh, or vent with...and she is mine.

As we were talking back and forth, I said "Why is it that the 'jackass gene' is so predominant in men, hmm?!"

She said "Yeah!  Wait.....we married them, what does that say?"

I said "True....."

Then she said "I got it!  We're Saints because we took pity on them and married them!  Yeahhhhhh...."

I said "You may get Sainthood.  Me?  Not so much..."

She emailed me back. "GIIIRL with what you put up with YOUR man and the advice you give me on mine (well except for the occasional MFERS and WTFH), I'd say you're a shoe in."

This is where I started crying, and emailed her back telling her I loved her.

Mental, much?  LOL


  1. ah no I have those days. I went to be kind of miffed at mine woke up and KARMA BIT ME IN THE BUTT!!!!!!! from five am to two I was dealing with no phone and no DSL OH MY GOD The horror no dsl  wires running all over the house checking every jack and line to get what ones would work to work when they would. yup I think I see your poiont buy my brain is fried. I thought GOD a friday before christmas I ll never get on but I was rewqwarded someohw becuawe I have had lousy dsl always complained 250 to 300 was all I could pull well now refdesk shows my service running 900's to 1000's so I gianed smoehting but waht a deal I wentthru. and all becuase I went to bed miffed saintly me miffed at my lowly jackass husband........ I should have been above that!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh yeah...I mental VERY much.

  3. oh it's so nice to have that one friend you can tell everything too.

  4. Sounds like we have both now had an official chance to get most of the pre-Christmas being mad at our men thing out of the way.   LOL maybe we will get a bigger present under the tree if they think we are mad at them?!  Many hugs!!

  5. A little mania at this time of year is normal, Amy.  


    Russ (doubly blessed with the jackass gene)

  6. You do that for me. :-)  S'okay to be mental now and then.  Hee.........

    Love ya,


  7. Aren't friends fantastic!  I love mine to pieces!

  8. Yes, we all have that kind of friend, or should have, any way.  Not sure venting to a friend is mental, if so, I guess I qualify.  I'm just glad you have someone you trust to talk to.  

  9. I'm so happy you have such a great friend who will let you vent and yet keep you on the right road too.
    That's the best kind to lucky woman!
    Happy Christmas...see you in the New Year as I have family coming to stay right up untill 5/6th Jan. I won't have time to come on line.
    Jeanie xxx

  10. Awww. (((Amy)))
    Everyone needs a great friend like that. Of course, I totally agree with are a shoe in for sainthood.



  11. Amy is a saints name, kind of.
    When she was young, Saint Amata of Assisi rejected God and rebelled against morality. Eventually her aunt, Saint Clare of Assisi, converted her and brought the girl into her religious order.

    Arent I clever.
    Well no. I got it from the interwebthing.
    Apparently Amy means Loved and you have a feast day on Feb 20th.

  12. I think you are very

  13. If your'e mental, I'm right there with ya! ;-)
    Happy Christmas Amy, to you and your family.
    Gaz xx

  14. I think -everyone's- stress level is high this time of year <LOL>

    I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Merry {{hugs}}

  15. I hope love finds you happy and comes easys this year.


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