Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas programs, babies, and an insecure dog

all sorts of randomness and pictures from me tonight.  (today?  eh.  whatever.)

First, a few pictures of Gordo.  Seriously, I cannot do anything without this dog 5 inches behind me.   I walk to the bathroom, and he must come in with me.  I go to take a nap, and no sooner do I lay down than he is right there with his head on the pillow next to me... emotionally needy animal......

aaaaand a picture or two of my new purse.  Don't hate.  You know you want one.

Then, the gorgeous Valencia looking as photogenic as can be with Santa...... 

and finally, some pictures of my niece's Christmas program.  You're not going to find this kind of .....ummmm.....celebrating (?) in any other Christmas program.  Why?  'cause this is Texas. 

Hopefully I can figure out how to add some video in here, too..... okay, maybe not.  AOL is being disagreeable tonight.  I'll try again tomorrow....



  1. Great pictures Amy!  I love the colourful presentations and concerts!  Just wonderful and Gordo is so precious.  How wonderful!  I absolutely adore your purse too, and YES I want one too! boo hoo!  I love anything to do with chickens.  Looking forward to the video!

  2. Looks like some wonderful events and a great time by all!!!  I love that chicken purse!!!  That is very original!!  I want the red dress!!!  Baby V... just precious!!!  Look at Gordo... I bet he types!!!  

  3. When Sadie wants attention, she lays her chin on our knees like that.  And if she REALLY wants attention, she brings her pull-toy over and lays it on a knee, THEN lays her chin on the knee beside it.

  4. OH AMY I LOVE GORDO and yes that baby is preety cute. now that is a different program that you wuld see here. wed have no shoes and bibs for a dance lol I ove these pics and share some more home decora pics iwht holiday lights. I lvoe GORDO so sweet that face says it all. I bet you cant say no to him either. Please I Hope you get the video on  her. If you have questsion I ll try and help but I know aol was being weird lastnight. I would have had an entry done then but it wont show mypcs up

  5. That chicken purse is too cute!

  6. I think Gordo deserves a 'cuddly duddly' from his Mom...and I'm sendin him one there!  What a patient friend you have in him.
    I am 'clucking' with envy at your new bag.   You are definitely a 'hip chick!'.  hehehehehe!   Couldn't resist that!
    Shame the photos were a bit dark on the stage but it looked like a great performance.
    What a super photo of Valencia and Santa!  She is a little beauty!
    Thanks for put a smile on my face again.
    Jeanie xxx

  7. Great Photos, love the dog and love the purse.

  8. That is the coolest Christmas program EVER! And the high school mariachi band is way cooler than those marching bands.

    Awww...Valencia is a sweetie. Look at that smile.

    And I DO covet your chicken purse! Gordo, fetch me one of those, please.

  9. almost forgot ....cluck  that is a riot

  10. my doberman does the same

  11. A chicken purse?  Was that imported from Kansas?  Please don't turn hick on me!


  12. HA! I took pictures of those in the windows downtown in Chicago to show my students. I haven't seen anyone buy one yet or have one. What is next cows?

  13. my pomeranian Alexander is the exact same way...Everywhere I am?  He must be if I am not home?  He lays in my bed on my pillow waiting for me to get home


  14. Lol Make Gordo Blk and he could pass for Pickles, she's the same way with me. A wonderful foot warmer while I'm at the computer. She gets the added bonus of being a working dog and going everywhere with me, restaurants, stores.....why yes, she's spoiled too. (Hugs) Indigo

  15. I do love the purse....LOL.....June:)

  16. Carrie wants to know if it is painful to be that awesome....hee....I do love that purse cuz I love farm animals.  Mary Jane is just like Gordo, lol.  OOOOOO, I wanna go to a Christmas program like that!!!!  Looks like fun!  Such pretty colors.

    Love ya,



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