Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Convent is sounding better and better every day...

To preface this entry, my daughter is 17.  She's gorgeous, witty, and reasonably smart when she wants to be.  Okay?  Okay.

Ryan comes over to me and plops down.  "I need a boyfriend." she declares.

I raise an eyebrow.  "I don't think Santa can leave a boy under the tree." I said.


"What?  You want me to mail order you a boyfriend?  Search the personal ads for you?"

"No.  Gross.  I want to travel and go find my own.  I saw that guy at the mall you said was cute and he was SO not."

"Yes, he was!"  I said.  "He was totally my type!"

::Ryan clicks her tongue::

"Okay..." she says... "I don't need a boyfriend.  I just need a cute boy with an accent so he can talk to me."

"As long as talking is all you're doing.  No dates for you til you're 30."


  1. Have you seen that commercial where the teenage girl gets a pony for xmas? Yes....Ryan needs a pony. A PONY!
    ;-) Cin

  2. In England a "pony" is slang for having a bowel movement.
    Just thought I'd let you know.

    I dont feel too well.
    I got the train home from work, walked from the station all the way up passed my house and to the Chip shop where I bought a portion of Chips, a jumbo sausage and a pot of curry sauce. I quickly walked home and ate it. Then ate half a Mandarin Cheesecake.
    Now I feel a bit ill.

    Maybe I need a pony.

  3. Oh my my the itch is coming :<{

  4. Is every commeteer on crack today? I have a nice nephew with a dashing English accent, would Ryan like him?

    Gaz xxxxx

  5. Good luck with that.

  6. lol....let me know how that works out for ya!


  7. Yes, 30 sounds like a good age to start one with an accent. lol, Sheri

  8. When I was her age I seemed to pass by all the ones that would have made really nice husbands ultimately.  Of course 17 is far too young to be thinking about husbands, but sometimes they do end up getting married young.  That is the scary part.  I liked all the boys who were bad!!  I wanted  the adventurer hard to get types!!  I would date a nice boy and even if he showed me an engagement ring I would run the other way.  LOL.  I could not pick out a good guy if my life had depended on it.  Herb.  He was so hot.  I will never forget Herb.  He looked sort of like Matt Damon.  The preacher's son.  Yep, on drugs, played the drums and wanted sex NOW.  The preacher's sons are the worst.  LOL.  Okay, I'll shut up now.  You don't need to hear this when thinking about your daughter dating.  Or maybe you do?  LOL.  Hugs and that is good if she is taking her time.  Hugs,

  9. Monica already worries about not having a boy friend...and she's 12!!!!  I am NOT ready!  Some  of her 12 year old friends are SUCH hoochies.  I swear!

  10. Someone once gifted me with a little man that you could add water to and he grew.  If you could get one of those to stick in her stocking it would be quite funny.  I think it was called grow your own date or something like that.  Why are girls in such a hurry to grow up . . . sigh . . . I wasn't all that different when I was sixteen and seventeen I suppose.

  11. never sounds like a good age to start dating...oh,,,3 girls here with raging hormones...yikes!!!

  12. Aww, jeez Mom, 30?  Good luck with that, Mom.  They grow up and each day gets scarier and scarier.  Then they turn out to be the adult that you always hoped.  Patience Mom.
                                              Smiles,  Leigh

  13. I remember those worrying times well.  Sitting up waiting for her to come home from the nightclub with her friends and then me slinking upstairs before she saw me sitting there waiting and worrying.
    She will be wont be.......when she does find a nice young man.
    It will all come back to haunt!
    Growing up....sigh!  Good times and poignant ones too.
    Jeanie xxx

  14. LOLOL, I told Carebear 45.  I am stricter than you!  Yeah, you know better in light of recent events with her, right?  ::wink::  Since JA broke up with her she hasn't wanted another BF.  Tell Ryan to talk to Carrie.  Her saying is, "Boys suck.  Let's throw rocks at 'em!"  Hee..............that's my girl!!!!

    Love ya,


  15. lol  I like an accent too.

  16. Oh, if only you could enforce the "No dates until 30" rule!  Are you sure Santa can't leave a boy under the tree?  This was a cute entry!

  17. hahahaha! what a great conversation. she may break the 30 rule, though ;)

  18. I know a few boys who talk with an accent!


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