Monday, December 10, 2007

'cause my brain is slow....

Because I have been doing so much lately that I can't even remember what I've done..... I offer this picture instead.


Those chairs are the new set.  Did I mention that I had to get another new dining room set because when they went to replace my 2nd table ('cause it had a gouge in the leaf)....they discovered that set had been discontinued, so I had to pick out a whole new table and chairs.  I like this one much better than the first....

Oh!  and just for the sake of documentation.....we went to this pizza place called Incredible Pizza Company for dinner.  They had go karts and bumper cars and video games and bowling and mini golf aaaaaand a pizza buffet.  By the time we came out, we walked into this FOG.  We don't get fog that often here, and is THICK.  I'm easily impressed, aren't I?

also.....I'm noticing this is not the most cohesive entry I've ever written.  I'm on meds.  Heh....



  1. loveto see the whole set. love the kitty pic. man we been having fog like crazy. im so glad to hear from AMY

  2. Well, fog IS very impressive. And a pizza buffet...OMG! --Cin

  3. Yeah, we had fog today, too.  I drove home through fog, knowing that it was fixin' to turn into freezing rain.  (fixin' to.  That's a hick thing.  You have to live in rural MO to say "fixin to" properly.

  4. Love, Love, Love the green eyes! Also would like to see a picture of the whole set as the color/finish of the back of the chair in this picture is stunning!

  5. Awwww, you always get pics of your fur babies in the cutest positions.  I want to see a pic of the whole dining room set. I gotta get me a whole new dining room set.  The one I currently have is too big for the place I just moved into.  We need a really, really small one.  I am thinking about buying a breakfast set so it won't take up so much room and some wooden TV trays cuz we are getting new LR furniture and I can sit on it and eat on a TV tray and be comfy!!!  Hee...........

    Love ya~


  6. Three cheers for good drugs!!


  7. Lovely chair, and beautiful kitty cat!

  8. The chair looks very nice from what I can see and your cat is adorable!

  9. You just reminded me that I need new chairs too!  We went out and had a look at some just the other week and still haven't made  upour minds...sigh!
    I'm sorry your brain is fried from your meds.   I will say a wee prayer for you. It can't be easy for you some days.  Here's a cuddle winging your way too. It's freezing over here in the lakes I an sitting on top of the radiator, well just about..Lol! (((((hug))))))((((((hug))))

    So glad you were able to find some time to show us your beautiful cat and your shiny new chairs.   They are lovely!!!
    Stay well and don't do too much!  Take it easy angel...o.k.?

    Jeanie xxx

  10. Have a good Tuesday, Amy, hope it's more coherent than Monday :-)

  11. pretty kitty as well as the chair

  12. Yummy, now I'm hungry for pizza!!!!!  Those chairs are beautiful!!!!  You have great taste in furniture!!!  Hugs,

  13. Beautiful chair (and cat) :)

  14. Well, welcome to the club ;-)
    Gaz xxx

  15. can I have some of your meds? Please?  I can mix them with the wine and all will be well and right with the world!

    Hugs rosemary


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