Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAA - rinse, repeat.

Hey y'all.....I'm just popping in to say I haven't finished with all the pictures, but since we have two birthdays this week in my family that need some planning.....everything else is taking a backseat.

My sisters' birthday is on Saturday (she's going to be 18) and Jesse's birthday is on Sunday (he's gonna be 37!)

aaaaaaaand.....on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I'm babysitting the beautiful Baby AAAAAAAAAAAA

So, with all the running around and what have was perfect timing to see this blog:  The Sailor's Wife ........she's giving away stuff!  Pampering kind o' stuff!  Yes, please!  I need me some o' that!  I also need a pedicure, but I'll let that slide.

Anyway, after Sunday, I'll have more pictures - some of Jesse, some of my sister, some of me stalking the mailman (see, Stuart?  I'm on it!!), some of the stripper pole...(what?  You don't think I have a stripper pole?  Well, you'll just have to wait and see, huh?!)

I got stuff to do (like find a bakery that does birthday cakes.  Can you believe I went in to the bakery over by my house...and didn't see any cakes....I saw pies, turnovers, mexican breads....but no cakes.  wth?), so I'm off like a prom dress.  or a dirty shirt.  or.....okay, okay, I'm off.  we get it.  ;-P


  1. OK your excused.  I just think you are coming up with excuses cuz you don't want anyone to know you have a stripper pole!  LOL

    Enjoy the cake if you find it!

    Hugs Rosemary

  2. Just post when you can

  3. Don't forget my pics of San Antonio.  I need enticement if I am going to move there, lol.  Oh and Happy Birthday to the two birthday peoples.

    Love ya!~


  4. Happy birthday to jesse and your sister

  5. 37???  I keep forgetting how young you kids are!


  6. I will take the turnovers for my birthday... LOL Happy Birthday to everyone!!  

  7. Have a great week Amy.  Hope it all goes well!

  8. Stick a candle in each turnover....Lol! That would be different.
    Make mine apple and cinnamon.
    Enjoy the family get-together.
    Looking forward to seeing your photos.
    Jeanie xxx

  9. A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returnsies.

  10. Congratulations Amy on your award from Lori. Well done

  11. Off like a prom dress..LMAO!! I kept my dress on. But of course I was pregnant the next year soooo.....

    A bakery that doesn't do cakes? Strange.



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