Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...and here we go...

You all were pretty easy on me with requests of what you wanted to see, and I think I've finished most of them, but I'll be doing a couple entries just to draw it out so I don't have to think of something to write tomorrow....LOL

Brainwhispers asked to take a picture of my favourite thing in my house - that wasn't alive.  Now, I thought about taking pictures of all of my prescription bottles, but I couldn't fit them all in the frame, so I went on to the next favourite thing.

I could have picked special trinkets, or knick knacks.........but really.....the things in my house are just....things.  Most of them are replaceable.......and those that aren't are in my memories..... so there you go....

I should note that Mr. Brainwhispers will not be doing an entry like this because he's tired of all the women asking to see his package.  of sugar.  ::muffled giggling::

Moving along, Rachel wants to see the worst piece of furniture in my house.  It's a round table.  I like it, even though it has seen better days.  I just need to find a pretty tablecloth for it.

Then she asked to see the room of the messiest child.  It's the boys room.  They share a room, and while Adrian can sometimes have flashes of OCD, they are few and far between.

I'm still trying to find a bedroom set that I like that has a full size bed (for Alex) and daybed (for Adrian).  Since they're in the same room,  I'd think it would be good for them to match....

More to come in the next entry.....


  1. that was a messy room???  gee, that is spotless compared to my kids rooms!!!

  2. Great choice of photos and I have seen messier rooms than that


  3. Ummm.......you call that messy?  You should see my Carebear's room!  Drives me nuts to walk in there.  My bathroom compared to her bathroom?  Mine is pretty spotless.  Hers?  It is pretty clean, just strowed cuz she doesn't know how to put things away!  I want you to take pics of San Antonio.  Entice me to move there!  Don is looking for a job!

    Love ya!~


  4. I think we have the same coffee pot...lol

  5. THAT'S the worst piece of furniture in your house?  THAT'S the messiest room?  Oh, honey, we gotta talk.  Check my journal later.

  6. WOW they are not that messy at all!!  Very nice and organized.  That table looks so useful!!  I wouldn't throw it away either!!  A beautiful table cloth and voila.  I can think of many uses for it.  And LOL favorite thing is the coffee pot!  Amen to that!

  7. Oh my! This is a tidy room!  My daughter's room never looked this good when she became a teenager....Lol!  I remember those days well!
    I had a round table too but my husband didn't like it so chopped it up for firewood for the log burner when I had to go away for a few days.  He does that sort of thing as he knows I hang onto everything...hahahaha!
    Coffee for me is instant and out of a jar.  I rarely use my caffetiere.
    Can't wait to see the picture I requested....xxx
    Jeanie  xxx

  8. This is fun seeing your house and stuff!

  9. Very nice, but you forgot something... The S T R I P P E R pole!!  I wanna see the stripper pole too!  toonguykc asked to see it and I wanna see it too!!  Like I said, I'm thinking of adding it to my decore, but if you have already done it I don't want to reinvent the wheel!  xoxox

    :D Rosemary

  10. Ah, the favorite thing in your photos is mine, too.  That and the  mugs it goes in.  Cute.                             Smiles,  Leigh


  11. This was fun to look at Amy.  I think my favourite thing in the whole house is my computer.  lol  It's my lifeline to my family and to a whole lot of other things and friends that I really enjoy.

  12. lol....that aint a messy room...lol....i got a messy room for ya...lol...my 16 yr old daughters! ughhhhh!!!


  13. I wouldn't mind seeing Brain whispers package either ;-)
    Gaz xx
    PS Loved the coffee filter.


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