Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Real Life....

I'm a slob.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me.  Sure, those pictures in the previous entry were all nice, but my bed gets made once a week....when I change the sheets.'s some pictures of the cleanliness that is my existence.

Yep.  That's my pantry.  What a freaking mess.

What's that?  You want to see the garage?  Uhhhhhh.  Welll.....uhmmm.....

Hope you didn't want to park your car in there when you come to visit!!!

Heather wanted to see the inside of my refrigerator.

aaaaaaaaand she wanted to see my wedding ring.

ooops?  LOL

more later....


  1. Now see, I don't think your pantry is a mess at all. However, your garage is something totally different.

    Wedding ring missing? I can't wait until you tell us that story.  Incidently, my husband lost his wedding band a day after Christmas.  He has no idea where it fell off. Lovely.

    Take Care,

  2. Amy
    I enjoyed these glimpses into your world.  Thanks for posting them.

  3. Ah, its not THAT bad and at least you can walk in your pantry!  I hate how my dryer has to stick out about 6 inches farther than my washer cuz of the way the vent was put in.  Big dummies.  Oh, and the garage at the A-frame soooooooo beats that one, lololol.  Ummm............what about that wedding ring?  I found mine on the floor of my bedroom recently behind the night stand.  That was very disturbing, as I could have vacuumed them up!

    Love ya!~


  4. well at least it looks lived

  5. wow..big walk in pantry..can I have that? LOL....
    great pictures...maybe we should have a contest of whose house is more lived in?
    Yours is a home sweet home!

    thanks for a glimpse of your real! :-)


  6. First things first:
    When I decided to be "real", I worried about my mess.  Although yours is MUCH less, I am still glad that you were real enough to show some clutter.  Your pantry ROCKS.  My kitchen is tiny, and I wish I had a pantry.  I bet $100 I could have it messier than yours in a week...or less!
    Thanks again.  I can't say "thanks" enough.
    Oh, and the ring?  When we got married, I got a sterling silver band (under $100) and wore it proudly.  When I lost some weight and was going to college, I was washing my hands at school and mine went RIGHT down the drain.  I never got it back.  I have a new one, but it's still just a band.  I've said before that jewelry means nothing to me, just so I wear something to show that I'm married.
    Love ya, Ames!

  7. I have a cupboard in my house where if you open the door you will have to catch and hold whatever pops out first.  And a drawer of no return.   Lol!
    I don't own a pantry but it would be tidy as my husband tidies my kitchen cupboards his height of 6ft.  Mine is 5' 1"  He likes to be in control there when we come home from shopping.  I've just given in and use a step ladder to get to stuff.  hahahaha!  (I can send him along to you to give me a break if you would like...hahahahaha!)
    We don't have a garage but I notice neighbours don't seem to use theirs for their car either.
    Nice to see that you are normal like the rest of us.

    Jeanie  xxx

  8. I'm a bit of a slob too, but thank goodness I have my Todd to clean up after me!  Yes, I know . . . I'm a lucky woman!  Love the size of your pantry!

  9. Not as bad as my cupboards or our garage and no, I am not putting on pictures lol

  10. :::: is Amy Ignoring me:::: :P  toonguykc and I wanted to see the stripper pole!

    Love the furniture and I have you beat in the "slob" department, and I love your bedroom furniture.

    Hugs Rosemary

  11. We all have our corners-from-hell, but yours aren't half as bad as some I've seen lol

  12. What a wonderful topic....if I had a digital camera I could do the same one...LOL....June:)

  13. Our house is so small it always looks messy,  You only have to leave a newspaper lying around and you almost have a hissy fit if anyone knocks at the door!
    love, Angie, xx

  14. Your refrigerator is huge!
    I could climb in that and hide.

  15. Your fridge looks so nice and organized.  Your garage looks less cluttered than mine.  Yes, we have more clutter than anyone I know LOL.  Well, almost.  And that pantry is HUGE and I want it!  Hugs,

  16. Ahhhh... did you lose the ring?  OH NO!  I won't tell.  I hope not.  I would cry.  Oh no, now I am in suspense.
    Many many hugs,

  17. P.S.S.  Okay, you get three comments from me today.  LOL okay I read the comment a few below mine... something about show us the stripper pole?  LOL.  Yes, we want to see the pole.  LOL.  You should be getting the catalog today or tomorrow.

  18. oh holy cow...I would have to clean before i posted pictures of my not all of im a slob too :)


  19. Glad to see theres a bottle of wine in the fridge ;-)
    Gaz xxxx


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