Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's 'That Time'.

A conversation from yesterday:

Adrian:  Mom!  The Tooth Fairy forgot to leave money under my pillow last night!  I lost a tooth, remember?!

Me:  Uhmmmmmmm  ::looks at Jesse::

Jesse:  Is it 'that time'?

Me:  I think so.

Ryan:  Oooh!  Oooh!  I wanna tell him!

Adrian:  Tell me what?

Ryan:  Adrian, how do you think the Tooth Fairy is able to give money to all the kids that lose teeth on the same night?

Adrian:  Uhhhh....she flies?

Ryan:  You don't think it's our parents?  Maybe?

Adrian looks at me at this point.  "Mom?"


Adrian:  Hmm.  Well, do I still get a dollar?

An hour later....

Adrian:  If there's no Tooth Fairy, then I suppose you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny, either....?

Me:  Uhhhh.....sorry, son.

::Adrian thinks::

Before he starts to think too much, I go into how every holiday had a start with a real person or event.... St. Nick....Holland....wooden shoes....the Pagan holiday of Oestara....St. Valentine.....yada yada yada.

After all that, he says "How can they fit all the gifts into those small wooden shoes?!"

::Amy bangs her head on the wall::


  1. ROFLMAO!  Maybe it wasn't "time" after all!  ::giggle::

    That Adrian is just tooooooooooooo cute!~

    Love ya,


  2. Careful, don't give yourself concussion ;-)

  3. lmas ... when my son found out he said with disgust " you lied to me!", I told him santa clause was the spirit of xmas that was in all

  4. I was never fond of the idea of letting some fat dude in a red suit get credit for what Kevin and I worked for.  We tried, for a while, to keep up the lie, but it never lasted for long.  Brett asked one time, since some jerk in day care told him the truth.  I told him the "spirit of Christmas" stuff.  He sighed, nodded, then said, "NO! NOT THE EASTER BUNNY TOO!"  I had to fight the laughter.  Now, I think the girls are pretending for our sake.  I need grandkids, without any of MY kids having a baby.  Is that possible?

  5. LOL!!!  Smart boy!!!!  I want to know how all those gifts fit into those shoes too!!  
    I was thinking that myself the first time I heard of that shoe thing.  It's hard enough getting things into a stocking let alone a shoe!  I guess you could just stack everything ON the shoe maybe?!  Don't ya hate when they grow up and ya have to tell them finally?!!  I think this may have been about the last year for Aaron and Courtney to believe in Santa.  The thing is, once Aaron finds out he will surely tell Courtney....

  6. oh gosh, another milestone reached.  *sniff*sniff  . . . they grow up far too soon.  (((HUGS)))

  7. awww..cute conversation, sweet!
    Gem :-)

  8. My son and I had a similar conversation...he didn't believe in Santa but still thought there was a tooth fairy! LOL, I think I really burst his bubble that day.

  9. I am so not looking forward to those days.
    Adrian reminds me of my youngest, he would say the same thing. LOL

  10. It's strange but in many ways having Austin and Collin has restored some of the magical qualities of the holidays.  Of course the bills are huge.  I think if you want some of that magic I'll pass it on.  Can I have your address so I can forward the credit card bills over to you?  Lol.  I could use the help!  -Dawn-

  11. LOL! The inquistive nature of our kids. (Hugs) Indigo

  12. Aww... the pains of growing up.  The last vestiges of innocent youth.  The time comes for them all, and then can the talk of the birds and the bees be far behind?
                                 Just a thought......        Leigh

  13. Oh no the day the truth was revealed! I remember the day so well. Don't you ever wish you didn't have to tell them?


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