Friday, January 25, 2008

More of what y'all wanted to see

So, the wedding ring.

Okay, the truth is........

I don't wear one.

hee hee hee......actually, I did wear one long long ago.....but through weight loss, weight gain, bathing kids, and other random workish stuff, I would take the rings off to do my work, and then forget to put them back on......and then it got weird wearing them.....the feeling on my hand.  So, I don't wear one.  I don't think I need to wear one in order to prove I'm married.  The kids behind me yelling "MOOOOOOM" should scare away any potential suitors, eh?

On to some more pictures!

My favorite coffee mug:

While I love my cafe au lait mug, this mug is huge, holds plenty of coffee so I don't have to get up and refill as much.

My favourite earrings?

I like that pair.  But I can't wear earrings, myself.  My ears swell up and get all red.  It's unacctractive.  So, those of you looking to buy me jewelry - let's go for a necklace or bracelet, ok?!

Jeannie wanted to see my garden.  or backyard.  It's rather sad and undecorated since we haven't really been inthis house long....and also because it seems that every time I try to make something pretty, it explodes or a natural disaster occurs and then.....okay, I'm being dramatic.  My point's nothing special yet. 

See?  not very much 'wow' to that, but eh.....some day!!

Russ and Ro.....the stripper pole is next!!!   Muaaaaahahahaha


  1. oh, is it a Barbeque.

  2. Thats not a mug, its a friggin bucket!

    Whats that barrel thing in the yard?

  3. Garden looks fine to me.  We're lucky here cos we get snow sometimes and then our garden looks as good as anyone else's!
    Angie, xx

  4. Thanks for showing the pics! I LOVE huge coffee cups like that. Those earrings are nice too.

    You know, after I hit 'save' in the comment asking for  the various items, I had a thought that it sounded like I was trying to case the joint-steal all your jewels and whathaveyou. I can promise you that I am not!

    It's a shame you can't wear earrings? Nothing? Not even the nickel ones?


  5. You have a very nice sized back yard!!!  Now THAT is a coffee mug!!  And I am so glad it is not a lost wedding ring!!  Can't wait for the next entry!!!  LOL Hugs,

  6. I don't wear my wedding rings very often anymore either.  My weight has gone up and down in the last 30 years and they often are too lose or too tight.  Unfortunately, lately it has been the latter.  ::sigh::  I can see why you like the earrings, but I am sure you LOVE whose wearing them.  :-)  

    Gordo seems to like the back yard.'s a nice-sized back yard.  Way bigger than the one I had in Colorado!  I could cut that whole yard back and front in 15 minutes!  It was a big old house for such a small yard (2350 sq feet).  

    I have a similar coffee mug that is big like that.  A friend in Colorado gave it to me for Christmas when we lived there with several flavors of delicious hot cocoa.  I love mine also cuz I don't have to get up and refill it every 10 minutes, lol.  However, mine is more apt to have hot chocolate cuz I don't do coffee!~

    Love ya!~


  7. I can't wear earrings either.  Although I don't care for jewelry, I would love to be able to wear earrings.  I tried Black Hills gold and surgical stainless steel and everything in between.  Pus isn't pretty, so I stopped trying.

  8. I'd like to see what is hanging on the wall behind you in the coffee mug picture.  Looks like plates and something.


  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has problems wearing earrings. Once I get them in my ear, my lobes swell and get bloody and pusy. Yeah I know that is a little tmi. It takes me 5 minutes to get one earring out and I cringe while doing it. Believe me, I've tried every make, model and type of earring out there too. It's such a shame, because I used to wear earrings all the time with no issues. I just don't get it. Pfft.

  10. I do not wear a wedding ring either.  I have had two but they both became too small for me and like you, I have gone without for so long that it feels strange if I put rings on.  Thanks for sharing your photos.

  11. nice size and well groomed yard so what more can you ask for this time of year.

  12. Bryan bought me a new wedding ring for Christmas as my other one is three sizes too small for me now. I had to keep taking it off as it hurt.
    Your garden is a wonderful blank canvas.  I would love to get my planning teeth into this one.  
    You already have the important part which is a patio to sit out on.  
    I can't wait to see how you transform it in the future.
    Looking forward to that day...thank you for sharing these.
    Jeanie  xxxx

  13. Wow.  Your dog is a HAM!  LOL  Love the yard.  I use a huge coffee mug, too.  I'm a bit of an addict, but I think you have an even bigger problem with it than I do.

  14. Amy- i am loving these pictures. you learn so much about a person just by seeing the every day things in their life. thanks for sharing them all :)

  15. oh yeah i feel weird if i dont have my rings


  16. I haven't worn my wedding band for 17 years. Your backyard looks nice, you have a lot of space there.

  17. Just *one* stripper pole??  I am very anti-jewelry myself.  I wear a watch at work and take it off as soon as I get home.


  18. That dog looks pretty special! I love dogs.  When I had teenage girls I never had any jewelry!  They had it all!  Good thing none of it was worth much.  Actually I've never had any jewelry that's worth anything really except for my wedding rings.  R
    Any robbers would be very dissappointed if they broke into my house!

  19. That garden is hugeeeeeeeee, not as big as that coffee mug though. If I drank that much coffee, I would be going like a race horse and I don't mean galloping either ;-)

    Gaz xxx


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