Wednesday, January 23, 2008

more pictures....

more from Casa de Amy.....

Angie wanted to see my bathroom.  She just had hers redone, and I said 'Hey!  Where's the tank for the toilet?!'  In England, they hide the tank and have usable counter space over it, which is a really good idea, I think. is my bathroom.....and you know....we have three farking bathrooms in this house, yet all the kids use mine.  ????????

You all see the tub?  Gordo has claimed that as his bed.  If we push him off the bed, he goes and sleeps in the tub. 

and then Linda wanted to see my bedroom....

(The pink blanket at the end is Sophie's.  It says Princess all over it.  Would you expect any less?  LOL)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............laundry!  You didn't see that.

Notice the dog bed against the wall, there.  Yes, the dog has pillows and blankets.  (and Gordo at the doorway.  Heaven forbid I go anywhere that he can't see me.)


  1. You have a lovely big bedroom Amy.  
    My old dog Guy followed me everywhere too.  Even to the toilet.  He would sit on my foot with his back to polite...not!  If I didn't let him in he would scratch at the door and try the handles.  Lol!
    I wish my bathrom were as big as yours too.
    Spoilt he was...just like yours no doubt...and why not?   Eh?
    Thanks for letting us have a peek around.

    Jeanie xxxx

  2. Amy, your house looks lived in and loved.  I love the touches of red in the bathroom.  
                                          Smiles,  Leigh

  3. Thanks Amy!  That was a lovely little peep around.  3 bathrooms?  Your house must be huge.  Our toilet was the same as yours but it's not a very big room so we wanted to make the best use we could of the space.  In fact you'd probably laugh at how small our house is.  We lke it though.
    Love, Angie

  4. Ooooo, I can see why you love the house.  Love that big master suite.  Carrie had a large room at the A-frame.  She is not happy at all with her cracker box room here in the modular.  I am thinking we are going to remove her chest of drawers and put it in storage so it will open the room up more.  Your bedroom suit is gorgeous.  Love that master bath too!  I took pics of her messy room and threatened to post them.  She was horrified.  Hee.......maybe that will make her get busy, eh?

    Love ya!~


  5. Some house you have there, Amy, wow

  6. WOW thats a huge room. I love the furniture. thx for acomodating my

  7. Very nice decor!


  8. *sigh*  You want to see LAUNDRY?  I got your laundry right HERE!  LOL

  9. Love the furniture. With the exception of the color of the wood (ours is oak) you and I have similar taste in furniture styles.

    I like your bathroom too!

    Thanks for sharing all of it with us!


  10. oohh....I LOVE your bedroom furniture set!
    Gem :-)

  11. Eh? What do you mean about the toilet? Mine looks no different than yours. I have never seen one that looked any different.

  12. Not everyone hides their cistern (tank to you) behind the wall, but it's becoming more popular.
    I think I want to play this game too.

    Gaz xx

    PS That bedroom furniture is fit for a Queen......... When am I moving in? lolol ;-)

  13. Gorgeous bedroom furniture and now I know who to call when I do a flower arrangement!!  Gorgeous flowers in the bathroom!!  I like the dog bed idea!!  Your house is beautiful!!


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