Thursday, January 3, 2008

No sudden movements and nobody gets hurt!!

Day 3 of no Lexapro is seeing me fairly.....uh.....okay, maybe we should schedule all visits for tomorrow, mmkay?  Unless you're willing to stop by with alcohol and wait quietly til I'm intoxicated.  Anybody?  Heh....

Anyway....the Photo Shoot thang is a better entry than me and my here it is....

Your Substitute Monday Photo Shoot #1: What's New? In honor of the new year, show us something new. It can be a gift you got over the holidays, something you gave yourself, or even something that symbolizes the New Year to you. If it's new, it'll do!

Yep.  Thar she is.  Cool, yes?  Christmas present from the man.  (okay....probably my anniversary, Christmas, and birthday present all in one....)


  1. Snap!  I got a laptop from my husband too!  He also bought me two tickets to see Dolly Parton when she comes over here in July, I know I only need one but he's also paid for my daughter to come with me!  Lucky, lucky me!    Pat

  2. Awww you have a Lappy.
    Whats its name?

  3. I haven't posted in my journal because Ijust want to bitch and moan!

  4. Heh! Heh! You cheated too! Now I don't feel so bad <LOL>

    Cool present.... my actual Christmas present was a tablet for my computer... They say it makes working in Photoshop a lot easier, but since my laptop had to go in to the shop I'm still waiting to find out if that is true ;p

  5. did you get an acer we have three of them and LOVE Them. . girl if I was there I d come bring you a drink for sure

  6. Brandon just bought Carrie one too.  Hers is a Hewlett Packard.  He brought it to her tonite.  She grinned from ear to ear.  I tried typing on it.  I couldn't, lol.  Too compact for me.  I'll keep my PC.  She can have the laptop!~

    Not good to just go off Lexapro!  Take it from someone who knows!  It makes me nauseous and dizzy!~

    I gotta put in some pics of my new furniture!~  :-)

    Love ya!~


  7. Ohh excellent.  I think we are going to be needing one of those very soon now!
    Glad you are feeling better.

  8. oh yeah..I know what you mean with all the occasions roll into ONE present..
    but I gotta give it to your man..that was one COOL present.
    Happy New Year!
    Gem :-)

  9. Cool YES! So, when do you get more dru-uugs, girl? --Cin

  10. Your house says "hey" and the food in Tampa rocks.  The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.  ROFL, just kidding.  I heard that today and had to use it.

    Love ya,

  11. Life is complete once you have a lap top!

  12. Sweet laptop!!!!!!   He is a good husband!!!  I would love my laptop if I could figure out my modem.  LOL

  13. Ooh I miss this.

    Nice! He did a good job.


  14. What a wonderful present..I'm sure you will enjoy it.
    p.s. I could send you some of my


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