Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...and a partridge in a pear tree....

Ryan:  Sooo....are you going to blog any time soon or what?

I'm thinking 'what the hell, kid...you live with me...you know about all of my goings-on!'  But, she continued with ".....it's just funnier when YOU retell things that happen."  ::raises eyebrow::

"Alright, kid.  What do you want?"

"Two teddy bear hamsters and a turtle.  The hamsters will be named Agador and Spartacus.  I haven't decided on the turtle's named yet though."


Now, let's add to the fact that I've been hinting at the fact that I want some birds.  Canaries or finches.

The pet food bill is going to be higher than the people food bill around here.   Well.....not really, since we were recently able to wean Adrian off his obsessive chicken nugget thing.  The child is eating most of what we're eating now.  He had a croissant sandwich for breakfast yesterday.  Now, sure, that may seem like no big deal to most of you, but this kid has been BY FAR the pickiest eater out of the three of them.

Speaking of croissants.  <insert annoyed face here>  We all went out and about yesterday to do some errands and go to the movies.  When we got back, my beloved bag of croissants that I had left sitting onthe counter were gone, and I had one very flatulant dog.  Flash forward a bit and he is out there with diarrhea.  Looks like Gordo will be enjoying some outside time.  Damned dog.....those were really good croissants!  ::sigh::

Oh....so the movie we saw.  Well...actually, this weekend, Jesse and I went to go see The Mist by ourselves on Saturday evening.  I actually liked it, til the end.  Are we ready for a rant, people?  Prepare yourselves.  Now, I KNOW it was The Dollar Movies.  We paid $2.00 to see it.  BUT.........listen up, you movie producers/directors!!!  When I pay to see a movie, it damn well better havea happy %*&$# ending!!!  SERIOUSLY!  I was never so mad in my life!  (Okay, that's an exaggeration, as I am wont to do, but anyway...)  Really good movie until the LAST FIVE MINUTES!  Are you SERIOUS?!  omg.

::cough::  mmmkay....done with that outburst.  Monday, we went to see Enchanted with the kids.  Monday is 50 cents day.  Ryan loved the movie.  Alex loved the movie.  Adrian was not that impressed.  Jesse said it was cute.  Me?  Um.  I....well....Ryan asked me what I thought of it and I said "Ryan....you're asking the bitter old woman with no romance in her life?!?!?"  I said that last part loud enough for Jesse to hear.  Heh...  So, meh.  I five it a 5 out of 10.  It wasn't horrible, but.....

Oh....and while we were out.....I did some baby shopping.  Unfortunately, there were no babies to be found, so I had to settle for baby clothes.  (ba dum dum.  thank you...I'll be here all week.)  My trademark Baby Shower gift is a diaper bag crammed full of all sorts of cute stuff....so I can justify my wild pink baby shopping to Jesse.  LOL  OH!  AND....I found THE CUTEST.....SOFTEST.....adorable little pink suit....winter-ish thing ON SALE for $9.00.  Those things are usually triple or more of that price, so I just bought it.

Um.  okay.    Maybe it's a good thing I don't have one of my own or I might end up in the poorhouse.  hee hee...


  1. hmmm you don't think the cats would consider hampsters and birds appetizers do you?

    :D Rosemary

  2. Hahahahaha to funny.....LOL.....June :)

  3. Hi Amy!  Lovely to see you dropping by my journal for a vist on the 'pier'.  Lol!
    Shame you paid that money at the movies then ended up disappointed at the ending.  I hate that too.
    Baby clothes...I know how you feel when you see them all.  the only thing that stops me buying them is the fact that my taste is never the same as anyone else's.
    Pets bills do end up higher than ours in the end but they do give us lots of love in return.  bless 'em all!
    to you
    Jeanie xxxxx

  4. Ummm....I don't recommend birds or hamsters with cats.  Cats think those kinds of things are for them to eat.  Hee........hamsters are excellent escape artists, so most likely they will end up as cat food for Cha Cha, Bella, and/or Rosalita.  Of course, the cats won't mind, but Ryan might! :-p

    I was gonna ask you about the movie.  I hate when that happens.  That is how I felt with Interview with a Vampire.  Ending S-u-c-k-e-d!!!!!!  So did Tom Cruise as Lestat.  Where was Stuart Townsend when this was being filmed??????

    Well....at least it was croissants that Gordo got.  Scottie's dog, Rambo, got a whole plate of steaks after my Dad grilled them.  Dad left them on the kitchen counter and Rambo had eaten every single one of them before it was noticed.  My Dad was furious (I miss those days.  I no longer have my Dad, Scottie, or Rambo.  ::sigh::)!  And the moral of the story is, "Don't put the good stuff where the fur babies have access!"

    Love ya!~


    P.S.  I'm already in the poorhouse, but I start training for my new job tomorrow so maybe it won't be for long.  Woo Hoo!~

  5. My youngest son was the pickiest of all my children when it came to food.  He took on all the older one's dislikes and then some of his own.  I used to despair of him ever eating a regular healthy diet. He went from only eating hotdogs, white bread and mashed potatoes, to only eating pale toast, corn and rice.  Then the teen years hit and he age everything in sight!  I then despaired of ever filling him up!!

  6. its so much fun looking for baby clothes.

  7. ROFL  I love it when you get on a rant!!!!  I'm sorry about your croissants, the movie with a bad ending and the so and so one. ::inserting sad face here::: LOL  Great names for the Hamsters <g>  glad that the little one is off if the chix nugget thing, C's nephew is the same way about things, won't TOUCH beef in any form, it's chix, chix, chix... Have a great day :)  Hugz, Teresa

  8. you are so funny. Love to hear what is going on with you and the kids.

  9. Well, I'm laughing, even though the movie ended badly. I miss you when I am away from the i nternet for a while. Margo

  10. Oh that is terrible that the movie had a not happy ending.  I am glad you warned us all because I think they should all have good endings too.  LOL the names your daughter has picked out for the pets she hopes to have are just so cute... maybe she will settle for some stuffed animals?  LOL.  Our highest pet count so far was one fish, one rabbit, two dogs and a cat and her litter of four kittens.  Yep, this past summer we had everything going on here.  LOL.  Hugs,
    Lisa  PS I didn't really like Enchanted that much either.  Too much singing... LOL

  11. Oh dear.......... Remind me never to see that movie ok?
    Gaz x


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