Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm tired. I can't think of a witty subject title, okay?!

Alright then.  Back to some semblance of normalcy, eh?!

Sunday was Jesse's birthday - which was also the day of the Superbowl.  The highlight of it all for me was during the beginning of the game.....when they're doing random interviews and crap....and my living room full of men were glued to the television and.......

the power went out.



I thought there was going to be a riot in my neighborhood.

Then it came back on.  and went off.  and came back on.  and went off.  and finally came back on again.  hee hee hee....

Okay, so the pictures, I'm going to add them into the album so the entry doesn't end up super-long.......

Have I missed anybody's picture requests?!  (besides the stripper pole)  heh...


  1. I loved the pictures! Glad the power eventually stayed on. Your day would have been hell had it not. lol

  2. I loved the pics.  Your LR furniture looks a lot like mine.  We have good taste, eh?  Mine doesn't have the drink holders.  ::susan slaps head:: Now why didn't I think of that!!!!!  I do love how our sofa reclines.  It is so comfy.  I had something else I wanted to say and my mind goes blank.  ::sigh::  If it comes back to me, I will come back and post another comment, lol.  Have I said how growing old sux?  We had a superbowl party too.  I put the pics on my Myspace.  Nevermind that it had nothing to do with the superbowl.  Mwahahahahahaha!~

    Love ya!~


  3. I'm heading to Mission, Texas, Thursday to visit my snowbird sister.  It's cold, nasty and wet here.  It's in the 80's there.  Wooo hoooo!!!!!

  4. We had a mailbox like that when we lived in the townhouse.  It kind of sucked, but I can't remember why.  Why did I hate it so badly?  I guess I wanted the mail at MY door, not a whole 20 steps away.  Communists, all of 'em!

  5. Hi Amy!!  We had those community mailboxes in FL too... I have a whole theory on that.  In the hot popular states it is too hot for the mailmen to go to each box and so many people that they have to do the group mailbox thing.  LOL.  I dunno.  I'm just sayin' this cuz it was what came to my mind when I lived in FL.  It's a good excuse to go on a walk though... to go to the mailbox, as long as you bring something to carry back all the mail in.  LOL.  Loved the pictures!!  I miss some things about being in TX and sometimes FL too.  I am SO Glad the power came back on for the game!!  OH MY GARSH GULP that would have been really terrible if it had not.... we will not think on that!!  Hope you have a great day tomorrow and hope you found all the stuff you wanted from Avon!!  I put myself in a wee bitty order as eh hem the tax return is coming LOL so I can finally afford a little splurge right?!!  LOL.  Hugs,

  6. I can just imagine the tension in the room with the power going off and on like that!  I am not a football fan but grew up with hockey fans and during the Stanley Cup Playoff's that would have about started a riot!  Lovely pictures too.  You and your Jesse make a lovely couple.  May it always be so.  :-)

  7. LOLOL Great pics Amy :)  daaayum, TX looks the same almost all over doesn't it????? only difference is up here we've got trees, lotsa trees, many, much, grande' trees LOL oh, the hay bales? got those too - just think, last year (and the year before) we had such a bad drought they were having to bring hay in from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Southern TX... I hope you had a grand holiday hon. Your hubby "matches" you...and you all look so happy, it's a wonderful thing!  Hugz, Teresa

  8. Our mailboxes for posting mail are strategically placed around our village.  I am fortunate that we have one just a few yards away from my door.  
    Some people have mail boxes on their gates for their deliveries if they have dogs they don't want to escape, or dogs that like to go for the postman's leg. Most people's mail is delivered through their letterboxes in their doors here in Britain.
    I hope you were hiding when you giggled at the electricity going out on the 'big day'.  Otherwise you would have been a 'Dead Duck' hahahaha!
    Loved your photos of your district.  It looks very new where you live.
    Your sister is a beauty...it must run in the family.
    Happy Birthday to hubby and your sister.
    Jeanie xxx


  9. Hate it when the  power goes off, luckily, fingers crossed, it does not happen here often.  Thanks for sharing the pics.  Please check out my new journal, you will find the link on the usual one.


  10. great pictures thanks for sharing!
    I hate when the power goes off! usually when it does though it's not for long!

    ~~~Make it a Great Day~~~

  11. Great Pictures!!! I love when you share pictures of your family.  It makes me feel warm and happy.  I can tell from them how much you love one another.

    As for the power failure, there is when you could have used the stripper pole for back up entertainment! LOL  

    Hugs Rosemary

  12. Love those photos! That sweat made in Mexico, looked like ya could get two of Jesse in it!
    PS, Ya don't need to diet, yer fab as you are!

    Gaz x

  13. Thanks for showing us where you live.  Your housing estate looks a lot like new ones in England do but the ut-of-town pictires, no Engand's completely different.  You have sunshine!
    ove, Angie, xx

  14. Great pictures hon! Happy Belated Birthday to your sis and Jesse. (Hugs) Indigo

  15. Your sister is TINY, but oh-so-cute. :) Y'all do look alike to me. I see some resemblance.

    Your husband looked happy for his b-day. I loved his shirt (and proud that I knew what it said...LMAO)

    I like your 'hood. I was suprised over the flatness of Texas. We are hilly, everywhere. Nothing is flat.



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