Friday, March 7, 2008

I always think I've got nothing to say....

and then wind up talking on and on and on.  Crikey, I'm like Seinfeld.  It's a show about nothing, people.

I'm sitting here thinking I've got 5 hours before i have to get out of my pajamas because the neighbor kid will be over.  LOL  Is that pitiful or what?  Not that he hasn't seen me in my pajamas, so what am I worried about?  pfft.

Also, I should really clean up the house.....since yesterday (1) we watched Valencia, (2) I had to bring all my plants inside and now the cats are eating them and making a mess, and (3) uh....3....oh, who am I house is a terminal mess.  Or is that Extremely Lived In?

Speaking of cleaning, I called the city to ask for a recycling bin.  I've been waiting and waiting for them to give me one.  The very nice lady said I could expect one dropped off in 3 weeks.  ::blink::  Three weeks?  oooookay, then.  Not very worried about saving the Earth, are they?!  Anyway, I asked her if I could get an extra bin, since they aren't very big and this family goes through alot of garbage and recycleable packaging.  She says.... (and please note again that I called and asked for one long ago and never got one) "Well......the first bin is free, and then if you want another one, it's $6.00......but you can just use any plastic Rubbermaid type bin and write 'Recycling' on the side and they'll take it like that...."  ::blink::  Yeah....that would have been nice to know 8 months ago.  Tsk.

aaaaaand while I'm on the subject of environmentally friendliness.........I used my canvas totes to do my grocery shopping yesterday.  They hold considerably more weight than the usual plastic bag does.  However, Ryan didn't really take that into account when she pulled the bag out of the car and almost dropped it.  I would have been pissed if my beloved Diet Coke busted all over the street.  >:-O

okay, so I'm rambling aimlessly with no point......or did I have a point?  Maybe I did but I lost it.  Oh well. 

Enjoy your Friday, my peeps.  It's the weekend, but not really.  Jesse's work schedule now is that he gets off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and works the rest of the days....10 hour shifts.  It works out, actually......we get to go places when everyone else is at work or school. 



  1. Your house is not messy, it is extreamly lived in!  Oh did you get the picture of that add I sent you about the stripper pole?  I told you I saw one! LOL

    If no one has said it... Thank you for recycling.  It is so important.  I swear by my canvas bags.  Now I have a full set of luggage!!   The plastic ones were so gosesh. (spelling? anyone?)

    Write more, I miss you!


  2. Sounds like your average home, Amy. Why worry about being in pajamas until 4pm? If that's what you wanna do, that's what you do.

  3. LOL that's why we all love Seinfeld.  I like reading entries like this.  We have some of the same going on here.  I work in my jammies A LOT more than I let on, and getting dressed means I put on the old blue shirt with holes in the elbows... I think I might like that schedule hubby had too... We have folding folded into piles but it is all over the entire family room.  There is only one room that is sort of clean in this house... mom's living room... which I try not to let anyone in there too much... and it needs a terrible dusting badly.  The rest of our house is very lived in, and the worst room is the office.  But I think for the most part everyone here is happy and I suspect the same is true at your place.  Why, because they have wonderful mommies like us to keep everyone in sync.  Hugs,

  4. Where I live i UK they are trying to make everybody recycle.  They only give you a small bin though and the binmen will only take its contents witht the lid down and no extra bins or bags are allowed.  You have to take those to the tip yourself in the car.  And the recycle bin is only emptied every 2 weeks.
    Angie, xx

  5. I also resent paying to to be "green".  It seems like something we should be rewarded for!!


  6. My days off, if I ever get to start my training will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  At least I will get to watch American Idol.  I LOVE that show.  My two favorites this year are Michael Johns and Amanda Overmyer.  That is one thing I love about working from home, if I wanna stay in my PJs all day, I can.

    Happy Friday!~

    Love ya!~


  7. Well, Amy, just like Sienfeld, you held our interest to the end.  Terminal mess, extremely lived in?  Sounds like a normal household, LOL.  Dont get me started about city red tape and city employees not telling you the whole story.  Glad to hear you are using your canvas tote.  I have to get Paulette into the canvas tote mode, but I have a feeling it will take some coaxing, LOL.

  8. I always loved Seinfeld!  For a show about nothing, it always had plenty to keep our attention, as do you!  We have recycling over here as well.  They pick it up every second week as they do the regular garbage, only ever second week.  Todd and I have one bin for the garbage and one green tub for the recycling, and let me tell you they are both full to overflowing by the time they come.  I cannot imagine how a larger family copes.  Up at the big house they have three garbage bins and two recycling tubs and they are always filled to overflowing as well.  (there's only two of them living up there as well!)
    Have a great weekend,

  9. My fish and chips were lovely :O)

  10. Do you also have to pay for your recycling?  We do!  It's like 40-something a month, and they only pick up every other week.  We also have to pay for extra bins, but I don't think they let you use any but their own.

  11. I just love using those canvas bags for groceries.  I can overload them(less trips) and I don't have a large bag of bags in my closet anymore.  It's great when you're trying to sneak your private stash of candy by the troups, too!  ;-)   I like the idea of a non-weekend weekend.  Have a great one.
                                              Smiles, Leigh  

  12. I just love it when ya ramble!
    Gaz ;-)


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