Saturday, March 29, 2008

I lost it and I damn sure don't want to find it.

Okay, okay..... I slipped that 10 lb weight loss in the last entry all sneaky-like, didn't I?  I didn't say how I lost the weight, because everybody has an opinion on weight loss and opinions are  Family show....Family show.....  Atkins.  Low carbing. 

Just say it now and get it out of the way.  I'll wait.


::longer pause::

I.......have always had success with Atkins.  The last time I chunked up was when Adrian was around 2 or 3.  So, Jesse and I did Atkins and hello.....I was foxy!!  WooHoo....

Really, it stayed with me for a good long while, but what with the stress of moving, then staying at my moms for almost a year, and then moving into this house......eating what I should wasn't as easy as eating what I could.

Now that things have fallen into some semblance of normality, I decided those fat rolls had to go.  Besides, it's almost summer and all the cute clothes are coming out.

So, what am I eating?  Protein, right?  A dry hunk of beef with some bland cheese on the side?  Nahhhhh......y'all know I am way too much of a foodie for that.  Yesterday for breakfast, I had some scrambled egg and ham.  For lunch?  Chicken salad with some chile/lime almonds.  Dinner was chunks of chicken breast in alfredo sauce with some asparagus.  I'm well within the 20 carbs that is required for the first two weeks, and actually, I like to stay at 20 carbs instead of go up to the 40 that is allowed after week 2.  I'm not hurting for anything.....bread, pasta, potatoes..... and y'all know I love my good crusty breads.  I've just found ways to be inventive with our food while low carbing, I guess.  Couple days ago we had nachos.  The kids had tortilla chips, cheese, and ground beef.  We had pork rinds, cheese, and ground beef.  You can say 'ewwwww' but they were pretty freaking good.....  Pork rinds are a big thing is Mexican cooking, so that works out well anyway....

and the main thing that has really helped me with my water consumption is.........the Crystal Light ToGo packets.  The water is important to help your kidneys process proteins.......and to be honest, even when I wasn't dieting, I was lacking in my water consumption, so there's a bonus there.

There's the short version.  If you're going to tell me how awful low carbing is and how it's screwing me up, well, fine.  We all have to die sometime and I can say in the end that it was nice knowing you.  If you've had success with it, Rock On With Your Bad Self.  The main thing works for me and I can't ask for more than that.

(Y'all will notice I didn't mention exercise, because the truth is.....I don't exercise.  I'm up and down the damned stairs 20 times a I'm okay with that.  LOL)


  1. I always do good with South Beach...but then I get to missing the great carbs that I shouldn't be having and that ends it for me

  2. As you Americans put it, 'Lo carbing' works for me too and I DO NOT miss the carbs. I lost 16lb on the atkins diet. IT WORKS PEOPLE Ga zz

  3. the stairs is good for your ass

  4. Stair walking would count as exercise for me too Amy.  I have two flights in my house.  My computer is in the cellar room.   Huff! Puff!  Huff! Puff!  That's me on my way to!
    Well done with the weight loss.  That's fantastic!  I wish it were me.
    Jeanie xxxx

  5. congrats, Amy :) there are so many diet plans out there....and so many opinions for each. i say if it works for you, GREAT. i used to drink tons of that crystal light lemonade, then i dicovered 4C has the same little to go packets....and they have no calories. 5 calories in crystal light doesn't sound like much.....but since i drink it in every bottle of water, it adds up!

  6. I reckon the answer to keeping weight off is a good steep staircase. I had one before the move to this lovely bungalow. Can't say I miss it but have piled pounds on since we've been here. The pounds cause extra fluid rention, I hate water but am going to have to get used to it. Plenty of water. instead of tea sweet enough you could stand the spoon up in it (bit of exaggeration there lol). I transgressed tonight - sneaked in the kitchen and downed two butter scones, which I was very good about - just lathered them in some butter, but didn't add any strawberry jam.
    Tomorrow I'll lilkely have shed enough to wear a bikini - in torrential rain, high winds and massive rise in temperatures - 10 centigrade lol! I'm dreaming again - if I wore a bikini and walked down the street I'd get arrested. Not for being improperly dressed in a public space - worse, much worse than that: THEY,D LIKELY CHARGE ME WITH RUNNING AROUND WITH BALD TYRES - MINE ARE ON THE SCALE OF A LORRY WHEEL WITHOUT A TREAD. KEEPING LAUGHING: MAD WOMEN AND ENGLISHMEN MIGHT GO OUT IN THE MIDDAY SUN - That's probably what causes my midriff tyres to inflate a bit further, bloating through heat and lack of water.
    Keep up the good work. Take care - just in case you spot a mad Englishwoman in a bikini, trying to get her spare tyres deflated.
    Love                       and hugs
    Sylvia xx

  7. My doc put me on the South Beach diet.  Staying on it is entirely another thing!  I do love Crystal Light though and I do drink lots of water.  You go girl!~

    Love ya!~


  8. It appears Atkins is a very good way to lose flab, but I love carbs too much.  I'm adicted to so many things. SIGH


  9. Hey if it works it works!!!!  As long as you are staying away from tons of unhealthy fat, it really is a decent way to loose weight!  Good for you!

    Hugs Rosemary

  10. I had great success with it also & I want to go back on it! I have not eating McDonalds, White Castles, Burger King, Wendys etc burgers in 8 years. I have a Portilios or Culvers maybe a few times a year now. They are my favorite. It is easier when I get to exercise & they just got me back on the Total Gym. My doc said at first they thought it would be a problem but after many years of people being on it they are not seeing the bad effects they expected. She said as long as my numbers were good that is fine. Mine went down to excellent! I am going to try to start back up on it next week. Winter is always hard too...people just crave carbs more then.

  11. Kevin and I had great luck on Atkins, but we didn't tell anyone while we were on it.  I just don't like the lectures.  It works.  It really does.  I just wish I had the self control to do it again.

  12. Whatever works right!!!  Way to go Amy!

  13. Good for you!
    By the'll ALWAYS be FOXY, Amy.

  14. I just thought you'd maybe eaten some dodgy Chilli and had just had a massive dump

  15. Well done in shedding those pounds :-)

  16. Sounds like you are getting plenty of exercise just running up and down the stairs LOL... I think the diet sounds like a very healthy one when I hear your menu.  So glad you have made such great progress so far.  I hear ya on the stress, the moving, the staying with family, unpacking... I don't look anything like I did when we first moved here.  I just look like stress slapped me.  LOL.  This year will be better for both of us.

  17. Cindy wants to go on that diet...she's thinking of making me do it too ughhhhhhhhhhhh Hugz** Teresa  and congrats on the loss of 10 lbs. :)

  18. yay team you!  i went to a quince for one of my co-worker's daughters, i am sure your daughter must be sooooo excited!!!   i dont eat meat so my version of atkins is a little skewed to put it mildly...i dont eat rice or processed foods and TONS of cheese. i love the special k protein water packs and live on the ice tea ones.

    thanks for being an awesome random blog read!  stop by the rant anytime :D


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