Monday, April 14, 2008

'cause I know you want to know allll about me

Rosemary tagged me and ran.....hee hee....

and since you all know how I love to talk about's the meme that's been making the rounds....

What was I doing ten years ago:
The same thing I am now.  Stay at home mom.  I know.....I live a wild and crazy life. 
What are five things on my list of things to do today (tonight?).
1. Medicating my poor baby who is coughing and barfing 
2. Eating
3. Brushing the dogs
4. Talk Jesse into rubbing my back
5. Sleeping
Snacks I enjoy
I know you're all laughing at this one.  Not much food out there that I don't enjoy, okay?!  I would never turn down....avocado dip, brownies with nuts, brisket, frijoles a la charra.....uhmm....okay, maybe we should just list what I don't like instead?
Bad Habits
Oh, Lord.  My bad habits are many.  I'm not a good housekeeper.  I drink too much coffee.  I have a book addiction.  I eat too much.  Those are just the ones off the top of my head.
What would I do if I were a Billionaire.
Set up my kids for the rest of their lives.....then set up me and Jesse with mutual funds and some investing.  Then I'd open a shelter for animals.  Wait.....I'd just buy a really big house and house all the animals there.  Or maybe I'd buy a house with a barn attached and.......okay, you see where this is going.  Also, I'd be paying off the mortgages of some of my dearest friends. 
Five Places I have lived
1. Oglesby, IL
2. San Antonio, TX
3. Lancaster, CA
4. Edwards AFB, CA
5. Tampa, FL
Five Jobs I have had
1. Spencers (yes, that 'dirty' store at the mall)
2. Wife
3. Mom
4. Pet Mom
5. Best Aunt On Earth
.............and so ends another episode of 'Stop talking about yourself, PLEASE!' 
(oops.  as an add-on, I was supposed to tag people.  Has anyone not done this?!  Jenny?!  Cin?!  Cathy?!  Lurker person?!  Random blog jumper?!  mmkay....that's 5, right?  LOL)


  1. Amy- this entry made me laugh. never stop talking about yourself....your answers were great!

  2. Hey, we have the same (okay, 'cept for the coffee) bad habits! now I have to do this? Can I see how the Lurker Person does theirs first? --Cin

  3. LOL...I love the way you put things.  Always witty and entertaining!!  I sure miss being a stay at home mom . . . you're so lucky!

  4. I did this one..loved your answers..Spencers is baaaaad these days...LOL

  5. dang it Rosemary got you before I could  :(  I had started a new entry to add more people that I wanted to tag and you were on the list... (pout)  well, I found out aboutcha anyway  lol ~  thank you so much for sharing!  Hugz* and Bright Blessings, Teresa

  6. I hear Edwards AFB is really nice.  LOL   How did you like it there?

  7. U slay me, girlfriend.  I needed that pick-me-up.  Thanks!~

    Love ya,


  8. I guess I haven't been in a Spencer's for a couple of years, they're bad now?  I used to go there and get the coolest cards.....
    Who's lurker person?  Did I miss somehting?
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with too much coffee, book addictions, or eating-nothing!
                                      Have a great Wednesday,  Leigh

  9. Hi Amy,
    I like your billionaire plans ... here's hoping they come true!

  10. LOL I was reading the part about the brownies and because I saw the most to die for brownies at the bakery this past Monday with walnuts on top and thick layer of chocolate fudge frosting and very rich looking brownie part.... reading this entry has made me very hungry and now I am thinking I gotta make me some brownies this week soon.  LOL tagging the lurker.  
    Okay, girl.... did I send you a free shipping coupon for Avon lately?  I hope so.  Lots of sales goin' on.  I ordered another blush stick and I am loving it.... and I can't stop buying this stuff.  I am addicted to the everything.  They put the tiger eye necklace AND The matching earrings on sale from $19.99 to $7.99 in C8 LOL.  And now I want me the big bottle of the Today perfume because it smells sooo good and I used mine up all ready.  I don't want to just only wear it necessarily; but I need to smell it all day long.  LOL.  Hugs,

  11. I want to know if "Random Lurker" responds, okay? lol  Enjoyed your answers.


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