Thursday, April 10, 2008

little bit of this....little bit of that...

I know I left off with Jesse and a hospital visit, so lemme finish off that business by saying he's fine.  Divo that he is, he couldn't just complain and take some meds, right?  Noooooo.....gotta go to the hospital.  It was the beginning of apendicitis......and luckily, it was caught right when it was starting to they were able to pump him full of antibiotics before it got bad........aaaaand he came home just fine.

Then, came my mom's birthday.  She turned 60.  I told her to come over and we'd take her out for dinner.  When she came in the door, she saw we had decorated.  Heh....

I had a lei and grass skirt waiting for her.  Luckily for her, I didn't make her wear the grass skirt out to dinner.  We came back for cake and ice cream (I had some, too.  I know I'm on a diet and all, but special occasions are excluded...hee hee)


(Uhmmm...yeah, I didn't inherit her 'skinny' gene.)

Moving on to today.....I went to take a shower.  That in itself isn't really worth noting. all know me.  I'm a walking accident.  There I water naked....and I think 'razor!  I need a razor...'  Of course there are none in the damn bathroom.  Then I notice Jesse's electric razor on the counter.  'Why not...' I think.  I lift an arm, turn it on, and HOLYMOTHER......AURGH......  So, in case you've thought about using an electric razor on your armpits at any point in your life, let me serve as your warning.  Don't do it.  I'll be scarred for life, I tell you. really freaking hurts.

To end the entry on a not so deranged note, today is Thursday - which is Baby Day for me...... Now, I'll admit....I shop for Valencia.  Clothes, baby snacks, name it.  I just can't resist.  We had bought a baby pool and a Little Mermaid swimsuit a week or so ago and we were just waiting for a warm day.  Well, today was the day.  Can you stand the cuteness?

Luckily, we were able to keep Gordo out of the kiddie pool, but it was killing him.

and then.....the end of the day.  I had also bought a t shirt for her.  I knew Diana (her mom) would love it.




  1. OMG! Geez and I thought my life was chaotic. Anyhow, thanks for sharing all those awesome pics.  Did Gordo finally get to cool off in the pool after Valencia used it?

  2. definitely not having a problem with a men's razor in THIS house ROFL ROFL  Cindy has her's and I have mine... but we do share sometimes <weg>  the little one is so pretty!!! love those cheeks...Hugz** Teresa

  3. Hey...that sorta looks like a FLORIDA birthday party...minus the grass skirt.

  4. Amy- the party sounds like a blast! of course, i used to live in i'd think so. Besides the razor thing, sounds like a fun day....and that little girl, what a doll :)

  5. "Divo" heh heh....yeah.  I got one of those too.


  6. Wonderful catching up with you this morning Amy!  I am glad Jesse was ok!  You lead such a wonderful life. I love reading about it.  I am glad you didn't electrocute yourself with Jesse's razor!  
    PS Your mum looks a lovely lady and so happy.  You did such a great job of celebrating her birthday!

  7. hehehe silly lady.
    You should go continental and not bother shaving them.

  8. It's so much fun to buy clothes for little girls.

    About the armpits:  Maybe you'll get lucky and be like me.  I no longer grow armpit and leg hair.  Nobody told me that would happen, but I like it.  Of course, let's not talk about the stray, 2-inch-long hair that grows from my neck now.  I never know it's there, but Cliff will see it and pluck it, at great pain to me.  And great glee for him.

  9. love this entry!  the pics are are all so darn cute!

  10. love the t shirt!!!!


  11. Er, 'scuse me, I must be looking in the wrong place, but if you're the pretty dark haired one smiling over mum's shoulder, where's the one who didn't inherit the thin gene?  Never mind dieting - you're fine as you are.  Now - be said will yer!
    love, Angie, xx

  12. Awwww....who could resist shopping for that little cutie?

    Your party decorations rock. And I'm glad that Jesse still has his appendix.

    I sunburned an armpit once. Fell asleep with an arm slung over my face. I can relate to armpit pain. Not fun! --Cin

  13. Awww... Poor Gordo, he looks like he needs to join the fun.  Your Mom looks pretty darn good for 60.  Yeah there are definitely times to exempt from watching what you're eating, birthday parties fit the bill.   What a little cutie is Valencia?  I can see why you go into spoiling mode.  Have a great weekend!
                                                Smiles,  Leigh

  14. I'm sorry, I am trying hard not to laugh about using the electric razor under your arms (I have actually done that and it didn't hurt soooooooo Jesse's blades must need sharpening!!!!!).  As a matter of fact, an electric razor is all I used to use cuz it didn't give me razor burn.  I love the birthday pics of your Mom and her grass skirt.  That is a really good one of you and she together.  I might just have to snag it.  I am so glad Jesse got off with just antibiotics.  He is a lucky man!  My nephew wasn't so lucky back in the day.


    No, I can't stand the cuteness of baby V in her pool.  She is too adorable and Gordo.  He is sooooooooooo funny.

    The T you bought for V is funny too.  This whole entry is full of funny ('cept for Jesse's appendicitis).  You go girl!  Oh...and tell your Mom I said Happy belated birthday.

    Love ya!~


  15. awww those are great pictures.  Would have loved to see the one of the armpit though!  Would of been the icing on the cake!


  16. An electric razor under running water? Now I've heard everything lol

  17. lol love the shirt...shes a little doll.
    Love the photo with gordo

  18. Oh my!   I can feel the pain!  Excrutiating!  Plucked I would say.  I can just picture the scene.  You don't do things by half.  Do you?   Lol!
    Glad Jess doesn't need the op'.
    Happy Birthday to you Mom too.  What a lovely surprise for her.
    Valencia is the most beautiful child!   Gord is so protective of her ...isn't he?
    A lvoey family scene to make us all smile.
    Thanks Amy.

    Jeanie xxxx

  19. Come to think of it, a lot of my "I wish there was a baby around to play with" comments have been fueled by your entries featuring Valencia.


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